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How to choose your modern bar cabinet for a scenic cocktail corner

bar cabinet

A home bar, from the living room to the garden

What could be better than preparing a cocktail on the spot and enjoying it with friends or family after a sumptuous dinner or as an aperitif? Perhaps serving it in a corner that has nothing to send it to a real pub, with its own organised seating? More and more people when furnishing their homes want to envisage a bar-like area, and a key element in bringing this to life is the modern bar cabinet. One usually thinks of a similar area in one’s living room, where one can all move together after eating, but especially since many flats are now open-plan with flowing spaces, it is easy to see how one can place it anywhere, from the kitchen to the living room. And why not in the garden or, if you are lucky enough to have one, in the tavern?

Why you like the idea of a modern bar area in the home

Choosing to have a bar area in your flat, be it on the kitchen island or made up of a modern bar cabinet and other elements such as stools and dedicated tools reflects a new philosophy of life, especially since the Covid, where you want to relax and enjoy life’s little pleasures at all times. A wine cellar is added or replaced: it is not the same, being a bar cabinet designed more for cocktails and aperitifs than for bottles of wine. But enthusiasts can have both or divide the available space.

What is the modern bar cabinet

The bar cabinet is not the entire bar area, which needs much more to be attractive and design-oriented, but it is the heart of it. It can often have a dual function, that of a container and at the same time a counter where cocktails are served. In classic houses one can opt for a retro choice, winking at the bars of scenic settings, but if the décor is modern, it is correct to opt for something that is minimalist and functional. Linear and essential shapes will therefore be chosen. You can play with geometry, with square lines and distinctive shapes, for a touch of originality.

bar cabinet

From decanters to jars, all the elements for a true cocktail corner

In order to have more space, especially in a modern concept, shelves can be added above the modern bar cabinet, so as to place bottles on them, which in this way are within easy reach but at the same time become design elements, ready to capture the attention of guests. A corner bar, as mentioned, does not stop at the cabinet, which is also the heart of it. It is necessary to have a series of objects and tools for the preparation of delicious cocktails, such as decanters, small glasses of various shapes and sizes, dispensers, pestles or muddlers, cocktail skewers, jars, snack bowls. They can be used just as design elements or make up the perfect bartender’s kit. And if you want and have the space, you can set up a place to consume the mixes: a counter with stools or alternatively, even if it makes less of a bar, comfortable ottomans with a low table.

Materials and colours for a modern bar cabinet

Some of these elements mentioned before can be inside the cabinet itself and be seen. A modern bar cabinet can have display cabinets. In terms of materials, you can choose modern metals combined with glass, which allows you to see inside, for a minimalist and modern effect. What about colours? If, when it comes to classic bar furniture, wood is the dominant colour, dark colours tend to be used in contemporary settings. But there is nothing to prevent you from giving free rein to your imagination by choosing different colours that contrast with or blend in with the rest of the room.

bar cabinet

The trolley, an original and scenic alternative

It is not a real mobile bar, because it is not fixed but can be moved from one room to another, but a scenic solution to create a bar corner is to choose the trolley. It will remind you of atmospheres from the movies!

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