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Durable, elegant, hygienic: all the whys of a ceramic table

Durable, elegant, hygienic: all the whys of a ceramic table

The symbolic and aesthetic importance of the table

A table is the place around which people gather. We eat, of course, but above all we spend time together, in friendship and family, with conviviality. At the same time, in addition to its symbolic significance, it is an important design element. In some modern flats with a new conception of space and kitchen, it is replaced and integrated into the kitchen island, but if it is retained in modern interior design, it must be chosen with care. And after all, it is not only the kitchen island, but also the living room island, intended both as a table where one can eat and as a table to place telephone, remote control and newspapers in front of the TV, or the one outside. Among the various options, it is undoubtedly the ceramic table that gives a feeling of elegance.

Ceramic in the world of furniture

It is a choice that suits every type of table, from kitchen tables to outdoor tables, thanks to its structural characteristics as well as its aesthetic ones. Ceramic, in fact, is nothing more than an inorganic, non-metallic material, very ductile in its natural state and rigid after firing. It is used for floor and wall coverings because of its attractive appearance and strength. So why not also a ceramic table?

In recent years, ceramic has been rediscovered by many designers, who use it to create tables suitable for every context. While an association of ideas might make it seem perfect especially for a table in a modern setting, thanks to modern processing techniques and its use in modern interior design, this is no longer the case. It is the perfect choice for every home and every room!

Durable, elegant, hygienic: all the whys of a ceramic table

A ceramic table will create unforgettable plays of light

The main aesthetic feature of a ceramic table is its brilliance. In itself, this is already an atout that gives an impression of elegance and brightness, thanks to the light that is captured. If it is combined in the workmanship with the use of colour and glazing, priceless plays of light are achieved, capable of making the furnishing accessory the centrepiece of a room. At the same time, ceramic, unlike other materials, does not tend to fade over time: no, its effect will remain, with a little maintenance, unchanged over the years, turning the table into a long-term investment.

Easy to clean and hygienic, two important characteristics of ceramic tables

Ceramic is a perfect material for a table not only because of its outward appearance, but also because of the intrinsic qualities it has. Firstly, at a time when the world of furniture also has a focus on sustainability, it is a completely natural and environmentally friendly choice.

Moreover, it is hygienic, which is by no means to be underestimated when dealing with a piece of furniture that will inevitably come into contact with food. A ceramic table is easy to clean and sanitise using the most common detergents. Due to the qualities of the material, it does not absorb water, so there will be no mites and bacteria, which are then difficult to eliminate.

Durable, elegant, hygienic: all the whys of a ceramic table

Why a table made of ceramic resists over time

Ceramic is also extremely resistant to thermal shock. It will therefore not be a problem if, by accident or otherwise, a pot or a plate is placed on it while still hot. And this also makes it perfect for outdoors, because even if it is exposed to the sun, perhaps in an area where there is no shade or umbrellas, it will not lose its characteristics and will not warp.

A ceramic table will last for a long time, because it not only withstands thermal shock and is easy to clean, but will not be scratched. No problem if something falls on the surface or dishes are dragged around. It is therefore perfect for the whole family, because it will keep over the years without needing too much care, except for timely cleaning.

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