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The custom rug: an essential furnishing accessory for modern interior design

custom rug

The custom rug is not a simple decorative element, but can become the added value of any interior design.

Taking care of the design of the carpet results in a product made according to the interior designer’s specific instructions . In addition, a customised design ensures that the product has a shape, size and design that is perfectly in line with the requirements of the project.

What are the strengths of a custom rug?

When people resort to using a custom rug, they often do so because they have specific requirements that standard carpets cannot fulfil. These can be space-related needs or stylistic requirements. In any case, requesting a custom-made model allows the needs and wishes of designers and customers to be taken into account, so that the result is as customised as possible.

The craftsmanship of the workmanship is another of the advantages of custom carpets. In fact, each model is made entirely by hand, based on the specifications provided by the interior designer. Depending on the desired end result, one can order a hand-knotted rug, a woven rug or a tafted rug.

Specifically, furnishing rooms in the home with a custom rug allows each space in the home to be unique. The carefully defined design gives the room an air of elegance and sophistication, while the care with which the colours, size and shape are chosen ensures stylistic coherence with the rest of the furnishings.

All in all, custom carpets prove to be great allies of interior designers who wish to give personality to their home locations and who want to achieve a harmonious result between furniture, decorations, floors and walls.

How to choose the characteristics a custom rug must have to be suitable for the individual room?

In order to define the basic characteristics of a custom rug, discussions between the customer, the interior decorator and the designer are essential. Through several interviews and meetings, it will be possible to mediate between the different points of view and design a carpet that will have a pattern and shape that meets the needs of each of these figures.

Any useful advice? When designing a custom rug, it is essential to start by studying the particularities of the room in which the product will be placed. Besides considering the type of room, it is also important to assess the exact location of the product. Once these decisions have been made, the dimensions of the carpet can be defined. Generally speaking, the piece should have dimensions that are proportional to the space to be furnished. On the other hand, in some cases, a different decision can also be made. If the custom carpets used to cover the stairs at home, for example, one can opt for a piece that covers the entire width of the steps or for a model that extends to the foot of the stairs. These are two different furnishing solutions, but both are successful.

The characteristics of the space to be furnished also greatly influence the shape of the carpet itself. In this sense, opting for an abstract or original shape is a good idea to add a touch of originality to the room. And this without having to resort to designer furniture with particular lines.

It is in any case the design and colours chosen for the custom rug that have the greatest influence on the appearance of the room. So what? To achieve a result that is both elegant and harmonious, it is very important to consider the style of the furniture and to have clear ideas about the type of room you want to create. The style of the furniture is a good reference point to understand if it is preferable to go for a Persian carpet or for contemporary or abstract models, while the atmosphere you want to breathe in the room is the element to refer to when choosing the colours of the artefact.

custom rug

Some tips for furnishing rooms in the home with custom carpets

Furnishing a flat, loft or villa with custom carpets brings interior design closer to the customer’s wishes and tastes, resulting in a customised and unique result. Thanks to custom carpets, every room in the house can truly fulfil its potential.

Depending on your objective, you can request a custom rug that helps create a relaxing or comfortable space, or a space that is primarily functional. Through custom carpets, it is also possible to create exclusive and refined interior design projects. How? For example, by using precious materials, such as silk, or by choosing a contemporary art model, one can make each room in the home unique and recognisable.

Ultimately, every room in the home can be improved when you choose to furnish it with a custom rug. Both interiors and exteriors can benefit from the use of a carpet created specifically for those spaces. And then… a custom rug can even be used to decorate the walls of the room! Especially small-format models with a design that makes them resemble works of art, are really ideal for hanging on the wall. It is an unusual furnishing solution, but one to be considered for its stylistic and aesthetic potential.

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