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Designer wine cellar: everything you need to know to choose the right model

wine cellar

A designer wine cellar is one of the objects of desire for all wine enthusiasts. Owning one allows you not only to organise and display your collection of bottles, but also to satisfy your desire to have design and aesthetically pleasing furniture in your home.

The design models, in fact, interpret the concept of a wine cellar in an original way and become pieces of furniture capable of uniquely furnishing a particular corner of the kitchen or even other spaces in the home.

How to furnish your home with a designer wine cellar?

In designer wine cellars, aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand. Before being a design object, the winery must be able to store wines in the best possible conditions. Inside wine cellars used in the home, temperature and humidity are controlled and differentiated to accommodate red, rosé, white and sparkling wines. In addition, to prevent UV rays from damaging the products, glass walls that have been treated with special filters are used.

The designer  winery is a piece of furniture available in a wide variety of styles. Various materials can be used for its exterior, such as wood, metal or natural stone. The same model will therefore look very different if you choose marble cladding or if you decide to encase it in a cherry wood structure. The visual differences between one cellar and another can really be remarkable. 

Designer cellars are also able to furnish the space in the home thanks to their lines. In addition to the models that recall the classic column structure of cellars, there are design cellars with original shapes, which can become one of the highlights of home furnishing.

Choosing a design model and taking care of the placement of the cellar within the room are actions that allow you to create a real cellar space in your home. Such a space can be used to continue cultivating one’s passion or to create beautiful moments of sharing with family and friends.

wine cellar

What should you consider when choosing the right designer wine cellar for your home?

One of the first decisions to make in order to be able to choose the most suitable cellar concerns how to install it. If the winery is to be installed in the kitchen, a built-in model is often used, especially if you have also chosen to have the appliances built-in.

While built-in models are ideal for bringing out the design of the kitchen furniture, the design of the wine cellar takes second place. Therefore, if you want to bring the design of the cellar into the foreground, you can opt for a free-standing model. This solution is also ideal when you choose to install the winery  in a different place in the house than the kitchen, such as in a basement.

Freestanding models give more freedom to the interior designer, who can construct a furnishing scheme that allows the beauty of the designer cellars to be fully enhanced. Through the combination of the cellar and the furniture, or through the use of special materials for the lining of the cellar, very elegant and equally refined solutions can be created. The possibilities for choice in this respect are truly manifold.

wine cellar

What are the most original designer wine cellar models?

A designer winery  not only offers a space in which to organise wines, but also allows you to create real wine-tasting experiences. Among the most original and complete models, there are cellars that also have a special space in which to store various types of glasses, corkscrews and other utensils dedicated to those who love the world of wine.

Other design models focus on technology. Thanks to sensors and smart devices, it is possible to remotely control the state of the winery and change its temperature and humidity with an app. In the most advanced models, even bottle selection is automated. Instead of approaching the cellar to select your favourite label, you can scroll through the list of available bottles on the smartphone app and indicate with a tap which one you want to open.

As a rule, a designer cellar also has an integrated lighting system, usually LED, which allows you to view the contents of the interior at all times. If you are wondering, the light does not harm the wine, but simply increases the functionality of the wine cellar.

It is also worth considering non-refrigerated designer cellars. These models allow for greater design freedom and can be installed in various places in the home. Between cupboard-like designer cellars and cellars  that can be hung on the wall, wine storage spaces can be created in living rooms, kitchens and lounges.

Some design solutions are so original that they also make it possible to enhance certain spaces in the home that would otherwise remain unused, such as the understairs or the transition area between the living room and the lounge, into an open-plan space.

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