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Dream kitchens: what are they? How to create your dream kitchen?

Dream kitchens

When we talk about dream kitchens, we think of exclusive rooms that are made with fine furniture and that are characterised by a stately and elegant atmosphere. The presence of furniture with a refined appearance and rich details gives these spaces a unique look. It also conveys attention to design and great care in the selection of individual elements to be used in the furniture.

One should not, however, think that these dream kitchens are merely cover spaces. In reality, it is possible to realise truly exclusive furniture designs that are capable of creating cosy locations in which to cook and share mealtimes with loved ones.

What distinguishes a dream kitchen?

In a dream kitchen, aesthetics, functionality and sociability should go hand in hand. When you are called upon to choose the design of the kitchen and select the furniture to be used, you should therefore bear in mind the detail we have just mentioned, so that you can make the right decisions.

As far as functional aspects are concerned, the configuration one chooses to give the room and the general organisation of the kitchen is very important. In large spaces, a kitchen with an island is more practical to use than a corner kitchen arranged on two sides , for example. On the other hand, having many different spaces in which to distribute utensils and textiles makes dream kitchens very practical spaces to use.

Taking care of the functional aspects of the kitchen also has an indirect advantage. Indeed, when the kitchen always appears perfectly tidy, the beauty of the furniture and the elegance of the materials chosen for the wall units, worktops and upholstery are enhanced.

In dream kitchens, then, the sharing spaces must be carefully designed and maintained. Whether it is a simple snack top that extends the central island or a large dining table, it is essential to provide the opportunity to share time with guests and family while preparing meals. 

Dream kitchens

How to realise your dream kitchen?

Almost always, dream kitchens are built using customised designs. Adopting such an approach allows you to design a customised kitchen based on the actual space available. It also allows you to select exactly the materials you wish to have in your home.

When designing a customised kitchen, it is necessary to start with the dimensions of the room, and then move on to assess its brightness and layout. These are evaluations and considerations that influence both the structural and stylistic aspects of the kitchen. If the objective is therefore to obtain dream kitchens, it is necessary to select the most suitable configuration, colours and materials to bring out the strong points of the rooms to be furnished.

The coherence of the furniture design is another aspect to keep in mind. A high or very high level kitchen is only such if it is in harmony with its surroundings. Let’s take a few examples. If the kitchen overlooks an outdoor space or the living area, it is worth thinking of a unique design or one with elements that demonstrate a certain continuity.

Dream kitchens

Which dream kitchens can be inspired by?

When designing a dream kitchen, it is crucial to balance the design choices and wishes of the client. When defining the look and feel of the room, one can take inspiration from the great designs of the past or the most modern contemporary furniture solutions. This is not the end of the story: one can also take inspiration from a particular furnishing style and drop it into the specific reality in which one is moving.

Along with the style, one must carefully consider what needs the kitchen must meet. If you want to emphasise the social role of this space, it would be advisable to provide a large table around which you can gather for an aperitif or dinner with friends. If, on the other hand, one wanted to convey more of a sense of elegance and cleanliness, it would be necessary to provide a sufficient number of compartments in which to store pots, pans, dishes and textiles. 

To complete the furnishing of dream kitchens, one should never underestimate the importance of furnishing accessories, decorations and lighting. For example, in kitchens of high and very high quality that have a classic look, it is quite common to find boiseries, which give a unique and elegant touch to the ambience. More modern kitchens, on the other hand, are characterised by clean and simple lines, with a large central island and alternating full and empty spaces.

One last piece of useful advice. Lovers of minimalism can also consider installing a kitchen without wall cabinets, while those who love natural furnishings can take advantage of the view of the garden by creating a large window, which allows light to enter and admire the greenery outside.

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