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Do you need to renovate your home?
Do you need to renew your furniture?
Do you need to buy furniture for your new home?

Put your trust in an architectural firm specialising in interiors.

We at Il Piccolo know it well: renovating your home is a complex operation, which is likely to take you much longer and much more money than you had budgeted. Indeed, during a renovation, delays and unexpected expenses are always just around the corner.

The same can be said if you have to renovate your furniture or if you have to buy furniture for your new home. No matter whether you are the owner of a flat, a loft or a villa: delays, unforeseen events and additional costs are the order of the day.

These are very unpleasant situations, which do not allow you to conduct your room renovation or home furnishing renovation quickly.

What can you do? How can you have certain delivery times? How can you avoid any possible inconvenience to you and your family members?

The first and fundamental step is to choose a firm of architects that is reliable. That is, choose an architect’s office that has the experience and ability to design a turnkey interior design project and that can guarantee you speed of execution and a secure timeframe.

Since 1968, we have been realising complete interior projects for both new houses and renovations.

What do we do?

Il Piccolo is a company that provides you with the experience of its interior architects.

Whether you need to do a renovation, renew your furniture or furnish a new house, here is what we can do for you:

  • We design the interior of your home from scratch
  • We take care of space division and furniture layouts
  • We advise on materials: from floors and lighting to colours and coverings
  • We design the architecture of your interior and coordinate with your construction company and the various craftsmen involved in the work
  • We take care of the artistic direction of the building site
  • We carry out the executive design of all furnishings
  • We represent and sell the best of Made in Italy design
  • We also procure and install all soft furnishings: curtains, carpets, textiles, furnishings, etc.
  • We also design the outdoor furniture for your home
  • We deliver and install with our own workers
  • We give you the choice between pure design and integration with supply, so that you have considerable advantages over a traditional architectural office

We guarantee you an interior design project that is 100% turnkey and takes care of every detail of your furnishing.

Why choose us?

Il Piccolo is a company with over half a century of experience in interior design. In fact, we have been renovating, refurbishing and furnishing new homes since 1968. In over 50 years of history, we have furnished some of the most beautiful homes in the world.

We realise high quality, custom-made projects for all kinds of locations: flats, lofts, villas.

Before being craftsmen and retailers of high design furniture, we are designers and expert consultants: we always propose the ideal solution, the one that makes your furniture unique.

We specialise in attention to detail, representing craftsmanship excellence recognised throughout the world. We select and source the best materials to offer you the best solutions.

We take care of the relationship with the customer in a maniacal way: our customer care is active 7 days a week and directly involves the property.

Specifically, here are the benefits you will get by relying on our interior design expertise:

  • We professionally design homes and commercial premises all over the world
  • We combine the Made in Italy quality of the furniture with the precision and punctuality of a Swiss company
  • We take care of all aspects: from sales to design, from production to coordination with the various craftsmen, from shipping to installation. We have a perfect knowledge of all materials, for all types of furniture
  • We deliver throughout Switzerland and the world, with our own installers
  • We have a high level of carpentry, to integrate design furniture and made-to-measure furniture 
  • We have attractive costs, precisely because we are able to combine design with the supply of furniture, i.e. we follow the entire process and not just certain parts of it
  • We can advise you on design and furniture trends
  • We can accompany you to the company showrooms of the major design brands in Brianza and Milan
  • We can also supply and install light carpentry works, such as staircases and door and window frames
  • We can give you the best results within your budget and scouting for the best products
  • We adopt sustainability policies in the production and management of all furnishings

Since 1968, we are the interior designers who realise turnkey interior projects with furniture from the best Made in Italy brands.

Turnkey projects!

We follow you at every stage: from design to furniture supply, from shipment to installation. You will have the certainty of having a single interlocutor and the guarantee of a tailor-made project that is truly turnkey.

Since 1968, we have been realising turnkey interior projects with furniture from the best Made in Italy brands.

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