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From radical works to small changes, many ideas for kitchen renovation

 ideas for kitchen renovation

New concepts: why you want to renovate your kitchen

In recent years, the concept of the kitchen has changed a lot. It has once again become a central space in the home, especially when you have an open space that connects it to the living room. In addition, technology has advanced, making it possible to bring real kitchens into one’s own flat that have nothing to envy to those of professional chefs in hotels and restaurants. So, it is often the case that there are many ideas for kitchen renovation, starting with the need to make the kitchen more modern and up-to-date.

Certainly thinking about totally redoing such a place is a major job and requires an investment and time that is perhaps greater than building a kitchen from scratch in a new house. In this regard, it is advisable, if the changes you want to make are big and do not just concern details, to redo… everything, starting again practically from scratch. If you want to get more ideas for a kitchen renovation to create a modern and suitable environment, you can turn to the experts in a kitchen studio, who will design and implement the room of your dreams.

 ideas for kitchen renovation

Where to start for a kitchen renovation

If you are dealing with an existing house and therefore not designed from scratch, it is necessary, before giving life to your ideas for a kitchen renovation, to carefully measure the spaces and understand where the drainage and water connections are located as well as the electrical sockets to which the appliances will be attached. It would certainly be easier to start from scratch and decide where to place everything without being conditioned by something existing, but if you cannot, you can still, given the large number of solutions available, plan the ideal layout to bring your new kitchen to life. Once the technical information is clear, as well as the measurements of the space of course, you can try to place the various elements. You can choose a linear kitchen, leaning against the wall, which is certainly able to exploit the sockets and drains already present, using modern appliances and materials. Where possible, one can also consider changing the shape, opting for an island, for example. With this you can completely change the layout of the kitchen itself, placing the hob and oven on it, or you can decide to leave them in the part that will remain against the wall, using the island as a snack top or table.

 ideas for kitchen renovation

Some ideas for kitchen renovation without revolutions

It is not necessarily necessary, if you do not feel up to it, to completely revolutionise the entire space. There are in fact many ideas for a kitchen renovation that start with the modification of just a few elements, but are capable of totally changing the look. The most basic involve lacquering or painting the surfaces, in order to refresh the colour, perhaps ruined by time, or to give a new shade to the room and/or walls. It is then possible to change the worktop, inserting a new material: in modern kitchens, stainless steel, which is resistant and extremely functional, as well as Fenix, are all the rage. There are materials that combine perfectly, such as wood, which is an evergreen and can be used in any context, or glass, which adds a touch of elegance. If dosed wisely, material combinations are capable of appearing as design elements.

 ideas for kitchen renovation

From appliances to handles

Obviously, as ideas for kitchen renovation, more modern appliances can be inserted into existing spaces to increase performance and perhaps create a high-tech kitchen integrated with home automation. To give the entire kitchen a more modern look, an important detail are the handles: in modern kitchens there are none! So, it would only take a little to change the overall look without a huge amount of work; there are many ideas for kitchen renovation.

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