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Interior design for luxury shops, the value of furniture and the fascination of designers’ imagination

Interior design for luxury shops

Showrooms must relive the magic created by the interior designer

The luxury sector has its shops, which must be furnished with care and attention: on the other hand, who better than an interior designer is fully aware of the importance of retail furnishings and visual merchandising? Even what makes up the furnishings has to be displayed, even if it seems a paradox, and interior design for luxury shops has to reflect the philosophy. Every detail must be studied in the best possible way.

Usually, luxury shops are boutiqes, i.e. locations where goods are displayed, where customers can see, touch and try them on. But it is not just that: those who enter must be able to have a real experience. An interior design for luxury shops must not only highlight the brands and the type of merchandise, but also convey the touch and the added value of the same that the designers themselves are able to give by using the layout, combining furniture, lights, decorations, complements, colours, fabrics and atmospheres in a skilful and original way. The art of furnishing, in fact, is not only that of choosing the best furniture, perhaps made to measure, but of finding the right formula to give life to a unique and fascinating environment.

Interior design for luxury shops

A true immersive experience in interior design for luxury shops

Furniture in interior design for luxury shops cannot be left to chance, even in the knowledge that the magic will happen every time a designer takes on a project and cannot be reproduced entirely in a showroom. Those who enter the shop must be able to admire combinations of furniture, fabrics and lighting systems that are original and enhance the space. If furniture and lighting have class and beauty, it is in the combination that really makes the difference.

Interior design for luxury shops must be able to provide an immersive shopping experience for the customer. Whoever enters finds himself immersed in sophisticated environments that are sometimes reminiscent of a domestic environment to put the consumer even more at ease where he can concentrate on his shopping. Spaces must be cleverly divided so that the customer can have an immersive and complete experience.

Interior design for luxury shops

The interior designer’s uniqueness must be immediately apparent.

On the other hand, boutiques’ spaces must be divided in the best possible way for better utilisation. The interior designer will create clearly separated product areas, placing each piece of furniture and each accessory in a realistic setting. In the way the shop elements are arranged, the customer must be able to perceive their beauty and uniqueness. The arrangement of what is inside the area must not only allow those interested to easily find what they are looking for, which is the basic rule of any retail establishment, which is why visual merchandising is such an important discipline in the retail world, but must also exemplify the way designers work. Each of them has a unique touch that makes them chosen by their customers. The showroom must make it immediately visible what it is or what features differentiate it from others. Not an easy mission, that of uniting the rationality of space and the evocation of brand magic, but on the other hand who better than an interior designer?

Fine furnishings, but which do not overshadow the merchandise

An interior design for luxury shops cannot, however, skimp on the quality of its furnishings. The high-quality materials that characterise the furniture on sale must be used. As soon as you enter the showroom you should be enveloped in the luxurious aura of that designer’s designs. The colours and shapes of the furniture in the showroom should not overshadow the goods on display. Green light to essential and linear shapes, with fine but not opulent decoration and neutral colours. Brightness will be very important.

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