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Interior designers switzerland, past and present: from Bauhaus to… chairs

Interior designers switzerland  

Switzerland also has its interior designers!

Every culture and every nation has its own cultural and traditional style, which influences various areas, not least interior design. Think of the Nordic style, for example, with lots of wood and an extreme sense of domestic warmth and brightness, in the style of hyggie, or the Japanese philosophy of Zen, with low tables, comfortable beds and chairs for eating practically off the floor. And Switzerland? Although it may appear to have little standing in the world of interior design, it boasts a number of outstanding artists, from the present and the past.

Le Corbusier and his living machine

Who are the Interior designers switzerland   ? The best known, who not everyone knows was of Swiss origin, is Le Corbusier, even cited as one of the most influential architects and designers of the 20th century. He was one of the first to revolutionise the concept of the home, seeing it as a machine for living. For this reason, he designed a series of furniture made of steel tubes, characterised by sobriety and aesthetics. Among them are the famous chairs.

It is not known to the general public that one of the architects from Ticino who has become a symbol of the canton throughout the world is also a Swiss interior designer: we are talking about none other than Mario Botta.

Well-known Interior designers switzerland   : from Max Bill to Hannes Wettstein

In general, Interior designers switzerland    throughout history have been largely influenced by the Bauhaus school, literally ‘house of building’, which aimed to unite the growing industrial world with artistic creation, i.e. combining the aesthetic value of an object with the technical and functional component. Several design objects still used today derive from the German school’s own concept, and several were created by Interior designers switzerland    who were inspired by it. Examples are the Ulmer Hocker, which is a versatile piece of furniture that can be used as a tray, a stool or even as part of a shelf, or the ‘Metro’, considered to be the first wire lamp.

The Ulmer Hocker was conceived and designed by Max Bill, who in addition to being a painter, sculptor, architect and graphic designer was also an interior designer in Switzerland and headed the most important design institution, the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Ulm. ‘Metro’, on the other hand, was perhaps the best known creation of another well-known industrial designer, Hannes Wettstein, who died in 2008, and who also designed and marketed the stackable Juliette chair, the Globe sofa or the tototo collection for Maxdesign.

Interior designers switzerland  

Häberli and his ultra-thin creations

Another designer considered to be a star in Switzerland and known the world over is Alberto Häberli, who has run his own atelier and, in parallel, worked for internationally renowned manufacturers such as Alias, De Sede, Driade, Georg Jensen, Iittala, Luceplan or Zanotta. He is now responsible for the Pfister furniture chain, where he has taken his concept of ultra-thin creations. His seats characterised by the superimposition of organic lines and symmetrical shapes are recent: in his opinion, when it comes to sofas and armchairs, an interaction between the material and the people who will use them is necessary.

But what are Interior designers switzerland    bringing to the furniture world at the moment? One answer comes from the 60th edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, where several Swiss designers were present. Chairs, seats, sofas and armchairs continue to dominate, although an important and historic company like Vitra, founded in 1950, was missing.

What the Interior designers switzerland    brought to the Salone del Mobile in Milan

DeSede showed a retro classic such as the DS-800 armchair by Ubald Klug, characterised by geometric patterns and ornamental references. Still in the world of chairs, there was the cork stool that Herzog & Meuron designed inspired by the silhouette of bottle caps.

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