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Between tradition, modernity and elegance, Italian designer sofas always stand out

 Italian designer sofas

Because Italian tradition is unique

When it comes to furnishing style, by which we mean extreme refinement and elegance combined with a search for the best materials, Made in Italy always has an edge. Indeed, in the neighbouring Peninsula there are many companies with a long tradition, often occupying several generations, and combining craftsmanship and modernity, for truly unique furniture and accessories, without forgetting the numerous carpentry workshops ready to produce made-to-measure items. And when it comes to furnishing an important room like the living room, Italian designer sofas are no exception: they are always winning choices!

Comfort and innovation in Baxter sofas

 Italian designer sofas

Paola Navone has worked on Italian designer sofas faithful to tradition also for Baxter, with a line that stands out for its comfort and innovative lines, as well as for fine materials such as leather, wood for the structure and polyurethane padding, for a result that can adapt to the lines of the body with softness and comfort.

Zanotta, the inventor of the beanbag chair

 Italian designer sofas

Zanotta is a company from Brianza, born in the 1950s, which, as often happens, started with the production of Italian designer sofas and then expanded into other fields. But sofas and armchairs are still the core of creativity today, because the designers have not limited themselves to producing elements with an elegant design suitable for any environment, with fine materials, but have revolutionised the traditional vision of these important pieces of furniture. In fact, they went beyond the conception of a structurally rigid element, through deconstruction. Thus was born the Sacco armchair, which has become iconic and now forms part of the catalogues of many companies.

Gervasoni combines different materials for designer indoor and outdoor sofas

 Italian designer sofas

Another leader in the world of Italian designer sofas is Gervasoni. It is active in the outodoor field, which has developed a great deal in recent years with the greater care given to the outdoor space, and in the indoor field, with the use of materials that come from different backgrounds and concepts, ranging from the traditional to the most modern, always with attention to intrinsic qualities and respect for the environment, to create refined, unique, original elements. A very well known line is the one designed by Paola Navone and called Ghost, which is very versatile, and which is also declined in sofa beds, characterised by a solid structure and padding, including the use of many cushions, leading to absolute comfort.

The characteristics of Italian designer sofas

Apart from the brands, which are prestigious and important, what characterises Italian designer sofas? As mentioned, the elegant lines and high-standing materials, both in terms of beauty and comfort. When it comes to furniture, defining sophistication and design is not easy because there are often no one-size-fits-all characteristics but they vary depending on the style you choose and what you want for your home. But whether one has an imposing and classic living room or one that is contemporary and extremely functional in its essentiality, opting for sofas that come from the Italian tradition means going on the safe side, bringing home valuable elements destined to last.

Indeed, in Italian designer sofas, there is still the handcrafted component that makes them unique, despite the embrace of modern techniques. Each piece, as could be seen with the previous Navone-related examples, are created and conceived, with a precise basic concept, by prominent designers. They are pieces that sometimes focus more on comfort and sometimes on form, but always manage to unite the two components, becoming the centrepiece of the living room while allowing important relaxation. Leather is often used, but other materials, from traditional to more modern, are also sought after to create true Italian designer sofas suitable for every environment and style.

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