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Jewellery shop fitting: a guide on how to furnish the best jewellery stores (A to Z manual)

Jewellery shop fitting

The jewellery shop fitting has a precise task, that of being able to convey all the luxury and all the prestige of the jewellery on sale in the showcases.

When designing the furnishings of a jewellery store, one must also take into account the characteristics of the clientele one is addressing and, therefore, understand what they expect to find inside the shop. In this sense, a jewellery shop should enhance the beauty and design of the jewellery but, at the same time, it should also enhance the personality of the shop. To achieve this, it is important that experienced professionals in the contract world take care of the furnishing project.

The most important special features of jewellery shop fittings

The way a shop is furnished influences customers’ purchasing decisions. This is true at all times, but it is even more important to bear this in mind when buying jewellery shop fitting. When selling jewellery or luxury products, the context must be designed and cared for obsessively, because it is on this that the customer’s decision to go ahead with the purchase or not will depend.

In the contract project of furnishing a jewellery shop, one should start precisely from here and outline the idea one has of the shop to be realised. The space should be welcoming, but also structured to make the jewellery on display in the showcases and display cabinets stand out.

To increase sales in a jewellery shop, you will need to consider people’s buying habits and the way they move around the shop. Knowing, for example, that the areas people pay most attention to are those near the shop windows and those on the right-hand side of the shop is useful information for deciding where to place the jewellery you want to enhance the most.

In jewellery shop fitting, lighting and wall design also play a particularly important role. The right lighting can literally make the jewellery shine and entice customers, while the right shop fittings and decorated walls help to assert the identity of the jewellery shop and distinguish it from its competitors.

Jewellery shop fitting

What are the key players in a jewellery store interior design project?

Once all the objectives of the contract project have been defined, the next step is to choose the elements that will make up the actual furnishing of the jewellery shop and the final shop fitting.

Naturally, the right display furniture will have to be identified. In addition to this, it will be necessary to define the decorations on the walls, the flooring to be used for the particular piece of jewellery, what structure to give to the showcases and display cases and, last but not least, to design a lighting system that will be able to enhance all the jewellery on sale.

With regard to jewellery display cabinets, several models can be arranged. The most classic choice includes several showcases, distributed throughout the shop, and a central table, where individual negotiations with customers can be conducted or the most exclusive pieces of the collections on sale can be displayed.

Those who want to make the space warmer and more welcoming can customise the jewellery shop fitting

 by adding armchairs and sofas for customers or design furniture, which are intended to emphasise the jeweller’s capacity for research and taste for beauty.

Those who do not like classic showcases can choose alternative solutions and display jewellery under small glass or crystal domes. Alternatively, a wooden display base or elements covered with precious fabrics can be used.

In any case, it is important to choose luxury materials and design custom-made furniture that is able to bring out the value of the jewellery and the value of the jewellery itself.

The windows of jewellery stores play a very important role, because they almost always represent the first point of contact with customers. The way the jewellery is presented is decisive in convincing people to enter or not to enter the shop. And it gives the perception of the level of service the customer will find once inside.

Jewellery shop fitting

The importance of the right lighting for a successful jewellery shop fitting design project

What makes the difference in a successful jewellery store? Often, it is the lighting system the jeweller has chosen. Indeed, jewellery should be illuminated from different angles, so that the light emphasises the line and enhances the beauty of the stones and precious metals used. As a general rule, warm lights are preferred to illuminate yellow or rose gold jewellery and cold lights for white gold, silver, platinum or diamond jewellery. This is the general rule.

Although intense, light should never be intrusive in the jewellery shop fitting. For this reason, recessed lights, integrated into display cabinets or integrated into the bases where the jewellery is displayed, are preferable.

In short, when planning the furnishing of a jewellery store, numerous aspects must be taken into account and attention must be paid to many small and large details. Entrusting the project to a company experienced in the contract world simplifies the work and allows you to obtain a project of the highest quality. All within the delivery schedule agreed between the general contractor and the jeweller.

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