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Island, linear or corner: which kitchen composition to choose?

kitchen composition

Island but not only!

While a kitchen with an island is very often used in more modern flats, created in a single open space that joins the kitchen to the living room, it is not the only kitchen composition possible. In fact, there are several shapes you can choose from, either with kitchens on the market or by having your own custom-made one designed, perhaps with the help of experts in a studio kitchen, with different combinations depending on available space, needs and tastes. Adding that you can also play with materials and colours, the possibilities for a room that has returned to being the heart of the home, capable of combining meal preparation and conviviality, are truly endless.

What to take into account when deciding on the kitchen composition

An important piece of information to start from is that a kitchen should ideally be built around what is known as the work triangle, which allows you to work comfortably when you are at the cooker while also protecting your back. It is composed of the cooking, washing and storage spaces, i.e. hob, sink and refrigerator, which must be on three lines forming a triangle. Hence the freedom for the kitchen composition is really wide: island, linear, corner, each with its own advantages.

kitchen composition

The various functions of the island, for a dynamic space

An island kitchen has the advantage of being absolutely versatile for different needs. The first advantage is that it is particularly suitable for an open space. If you choose to place the hob there, you can cook while looking towards your guests sitting in the living room, perhaps with double-sided sofas. This is not the only option, however. You can decide to create a snack top, where you can have aperitifs and quick breakfasts, or even add a bar area that is no less than a cocktail area, or even set it aside for lunches and dinners, making it a table that replaces the classic in a modern and dynamic kitchen concept.

kitchen composition

Classic but not only: the linear kitchen

Traditionally, a linear kitchen composition was chosen, with all parts, from the cooker and sinks to the hob and worktops, set against a wall. And although it is a less modern concept and more tied to the past, it still appeals today and suits every style of home. It is particularly suitable for not very large spaces, even if it does not give the possibility of creating the ergonomic triangle. However, good planning can also make this form of kitchen functional and practical. The linear kitchen gives a feeling of order. All its parts are visible, as was the custom in more classic interior design, where nothing was hidden, as is the case with modern, minimalist style, but rather the various utensils were highlighted on wall units and shelves, becoming themselves part of the furniture. By the way, wall units and shelves are essential in narrow kitchens, to make the best use of all available space in height. For convenience, in these cases it is advisable to keep the sink and hob as central elements.

kitchen composition

The corner kitchen composition, to optimise every centimetre

Another possibility is the corner kitchen, which even more than the linear kitchen is a true kitchen composition that allows you to optimise every centimetre: and you know how much space you need in the kitchen, because it is never enough, between worktops and pantry! In addition to making perfect use of the room’s dimensions, a corner kitchen also furnishes walls that would perhaps remain uncovered and risk clashing. If you want even more surface area with a nod to more modern forms, you can extend one side and turn it into an island, with the various functions listed above. From the point of view of the ergonomic triangle, it is an ideal kitchen composition because it puts everything you need at your disposal in a small space. To make it more dynamic you can play with contrasting materials and colours.

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