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Guide to the perfect kitchen flooring, from materials to colours

kitchen flooring

The floor, an important choice

When furnishing your kitchen, a very important choice that should not be taken lightly is that of the kitchen flooring. What material to use, as a first detail? What colour to choose and what effect do you want to give it, so that it is practical but at the same time fits in with the rest of the room? Questions to ask yourself before starting any work in the kitchen!

The must-have features of a kitchen flooring

In fact, apart from the aesthetic aspect, just like any kitchen element, the floor must have certain functional characteristics that make life easier for those who live there. The first detail to take into account is that a kitchen flooring must last for a long time while remaining beautiful to look at and in perfect condition: lifting and changing it would in fact lead to major work. So choose a resistant material! In addition, more than in other rooms in the kitchen it is possible for oil, butter or whatever is being prepared to fall, creating stains that if inadvertently stepped on can spread as far as the eye can see. A potential disaster, in short. Therefore, it is necessary that the floor is made of a material that can be easily washed, in just a few steps. Finally, another practical tip is to opt for something waterproof, because the kitchen, with its cooker, oven and sink as well as working pots and pans, is high in humidity.

kitchen flooring

Tiles and wood, timeless choices

It seems difficult to decide what to choose for your kitchen flooring? The possibilities are many, but there are just as many solutions that offer the listed features and are beautiful to look at, capable of blending into different environments, from classic to modern. In the collective imagination, we start with classic tiles, which are actually suitable for any room in the house, from the bathroom to the living room, or wood. There is no doubt that tiles are always a valid option, responding to the characteristics listed above and giving a feeling of order and cleanliness, especially when clear. Wood in turn, in its variations, is a timeless material, as is parqeuet. Possible woods to use include classic oak or lighter ones such as teak. An alternative option is laminate, which is easier to maintain.

kitchen flooring

Marble and terracotta for a kitchen flooring with a classic or rustic look

In addition to these, a choice that fits like a glove for classic kitchens is marble. It can lend elegance to the whole, making the room look majestic and refined. It lasts a long time, but attention must be paid to its cleaning: stains are washable, but it is necessary to intervene immediately when they form. Another material that goes well with spacious rooms and those with a country atmosphere is terracotta.

If you want a kitchen flooring suitable for a more modern environment, one of the materials in vogue these days is stoneware. It is a very versatile compact ceramic used in all areas of contemporary construction. In addition to its great aesthetic impact, it is also resistant to abrasion, trampling, chemicals, wear and tear and weathering. If you want wood or parquet but prefer not to choose it because it is delicate, porcelain stoneware can have a wood effect.

Another very modern choice, characterised by the absence of joints and therefore an extremely homogeneous appearance, is the resin kitchen flooring. Finally, a particular solution that is becoming increasingly popular in design contexts, where contrast is its characteristic feature, is the slate floor.

kitchen flooring

Colours for kitchen flooring

As far as colours are concerned, grey is a paper that combines perfectly with every type of kitchen and colour, from white to black to more daring shades and makes a statement on every material. If you choose wood or wood-effect stoneware, you can use the natural colour or go for a light colour, which will make the room more spacious to the eye.

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