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Kitchen island black marble: an elegant solution to make your home unique

A kitchen island black marble has a particularly refined look and is useful for completing the most elegant and exclusive projects.

Specifically, the high functionality of marble and its great decorative capacity make it the ideal choice for anyone who wants to create a kitchen with a contemporary style and made of high quality materials. The solid colour of marble and the striations that characterise its stone also give the kitchen an intense and truly surprising look.

All you need to know about black marble in the kitchen

There are many varieties of black marble that can be used to make islands and worktops for contemporary kitchens.

Depending on one’s preference and the needs of the interior design project, one can choose a black marble with obvious white veins or marbles with more delicate streaks and golden hues. One can also opt for a dark marble with small light speckles.

Among the most popular black marbles used in kitchens are Marquinia and black Calacatta. The former, of Spanish origin, is characterised by fine light-coloured veins and a perfect harmony between the dark background and the streaks running through it. Black Calacatta, on the other hand, is crafted in North African countries and features a sharper contrast between the dark background and the large light-coloured veins. And both are ideal materials for making beautiful kitchens with black marble islands.

The choice between one type of marble and another varies depending on the style you want to give your kitchen, the configuration of the furniture and the other materials in the room. When marble is the absolute protagonist of the room and is present both in the lining of the island and on the worktops or floor, finding the right shade of colour and the perfect veining becomes crucial.

On the other hand, in kitchens where marble is used as a useful material to give a special accent to the island, it is necessary to choose a type of marble that, in terms of colour and veining, is in harmony with the other materials used to clad the furniture and floors of the kitchen.

Some ideas for making black marble stand out to the full in a kitchen with an island

So, where do you start when choosing your kitchen island black marble correctly? Firstly, you can decide to use black marble to cover the island on the worktop only or you can decide to install a black marble covered island on one or more sides as well. Either way, this corner of the kitchen will be both a functional and decorative space.

To bring out the beauty of black marble, various alternative solutions can be adopted. The most classic and safe choice is to install a black marble island inside a white kitchen. The contrast between the brightness and clean lines of the white furniture and the deep, dark colour of the marble is sharp but well balanced. And it often proves to be a winner.

Those who fear that, in an all-white kitchen, black marble risks being too isolated from the rest of the room can choose this material for the floor of the room. In this way, the marble and the white kitchen furniture will reinforce each other and create a beautiful effect of light and shadow, which will certainly give the room a new look.

Furniture in neutral or light grey tones are good alternatives to white and are particularly suitable for those who like a contemporary, minimalist style. If you are looking for original and unusual solutions, elements in wood, steel or with a mirrored effect can be considered.

There are many possible combinations and configurations for a kitchen island black marble: when defining the interior design project, it is essential to consider all solutions that can help create a comfortable and welcoming room.

What style should be given to a kitchen with a kitchen island black marble ?

Marble can be exploited in many different ways: one can emphasise its more exclusive and refined sides, using it as a material to warm the room, or it can be interpreted as a practical and functional material. This happens for example in minimal and Nordic kitchen designs.

Generally speaking, black marble cladding works very well when inserted in rooms furnished with furniture with clear, decisive lines. A rectangular island with a black marble top will become the operational centre of the kitchen, regardless of where the island is actually placed. When defining the characteristics of the design, you have the freedom to configure the island as you wish: the versatility and resistance of marble allow you to always create a comfortable work surface, with a snack top or with a multifunctional top that also integrates the hob and sink.

Regardless of the style you choose, it is in any case essential that your kitchen with a kitchen island black marble is designed by a designer with great experience in high-level projects and who is a reliable professional.

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