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Kitchen island in switzerland: best tips for choosing the right model for you

Kitchen island  switzerland

In today’s post, we talk about the kitchen island in switzerland. An interesting topic, on which it is good to give some insights and, as is our style, some useful tips for choosing.

Installing a kitchen island in switzerland is a brilliant idea for furnishing your home in a modern style and creating a cosy space in which to cook and spend time with your nearest and dearest.

Thanks to their versatility, kitchens with islands  can be adapted to various types of space and can take on many different configurations to meet a wide range of needs. Let’s see why this happens.

Why decide to design a kitchen island in switzerland?

Even in Switzerland, kitchens with an island have been the most popular choice for most consumers in recent years. This furnishing solution is particularly popular because of its ability to create a flexible and functional space. Indeed, a kitchen with an island can be designed in various types of homes, starting with open spaces and lofts, and ending with flats and villas.

Kitchens with an island can also adapt to various types of furnishing styles and can be made from a wide variety of materials. The warm-coloured wood and natural stone that characterise Swiss furniture, for example, can be perfectly integrated into a kitchen with an island design.

The fusion of traditional Swiss furniture elements and modern design solutions results in kitchens that combine design and practicality. Through careful planning, it is possible to create a beautiful harmony between the different components of the kitchen. The balance created between the furniture and the floors, walls, lighting systems and hood gives the room an elegant look.

More generally, by balancing empty and full spaces and designing the layout of the kitchen according to the needs that have emerged from the discussion between the interior designer and the client, it is possible to create a room that can meet various needs.

Kitchen island  switzerland

How do you choose your kitchen with an island (in Switzerland as elsewhere)?

One of the first decisions to be made, when deciding to install a kitchen with an island in your home, concerns the role you want to give the island. This element can be used as a worktop or snack surface, or it can become the operational heart of the kitchen, housing the cooker or sink.

In larger kitchens, the island can even replace the dining table. The central island can be designed as a space around which to sit, to eat, or as an element that acts primarily as a work surface and then integrates a space to be used as an extra top, where breakfast or a quick meal can be eaten.

Once you have defined what role the island should play, you can move on to choosing its position, size, style and materials. Where to position the island is one of the questions that most torment Swiss interior designers and specifiers. The two prevailing orientations are to install the island in the centre of the room or at the side. Both options are valid, as long as it is verified that there is enough space to move around the room and that the island does not obstruct the passage.

As far as the styles and materials to be used for your kitchen island in switzerland are concerned, it is your personal taste and the type of atmosphere you want to give the room. 

Kitchen island  switzerland

The best projects solutions for your kitchen island in switzerland

Kitchens with an island are very popular in the Swiss cantons because of their versatility. Indeed, anyone can configure this type of kitchen as they wish, to ensure that it reflects exactly what the client wants.

It is possible, for example, to install a kitchen without wall cabinets with a large central island, or to choose a large corner kitchen with a small island in its centre, to be used as a bar counter .

If you are thinking of choosing a Kitchen island in switzerland for your home, you can rely on Il Piccolo Sagl. Thanks to more than 50 years of experience, Il Piccolo is able to follow even the most complex projects. Through the creation of made-to-measure furniture or modular solutions of the best kitchen brands, a unique and customised result can be achieved.

The many ideas of kitchens with an island are able to satisfy the needs of everyone, from those who are looking for a traditional model to those who want to give an original touch to the room where food is cooked, choosing to insert a design solution.

In its showroom in Lugano, Il Piccolo suggests various furnishing proposals, from which you can take inspiration to create your own kitchen island in switzerland. The showroom staff is at the complete disposal of the public to answer the curiosity and questions of consumers from the Canton of Ticino, other parts of Switzerland and even Northern Italy. 

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