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Kitchen with island seating: how to choose the right model for your needs?

Kitchen with island seating

When we talk about kitchen with island seating, we can refer to all those kitchens equipped with a small snack surface , adjacent to the island, or to all those kitchens where the island acts simultaneously as a work surface and as a substitute for the dining table.

Between these two extremes, there are many intermediate solutions. Everyone can choose the model they prefer, to give their home a strong personality.

How to design a Kitchen with island seating?

To be able to design a Kitchen with island seating, it is necessary to start by making a careful assessment of the customer’s needs, and then move on to analysing the available space.

Before starting to think about the design, it is also important to check how much space the customer needs to store utensils and which and how many appliances are to be placed in the kitchen. In this way, the perimeter within which the interior designer can move to create a functional and practical island can be defined .

In addition to functional requirements, it is also important to consider the customer’s kitchen usage habits and the functions they want the island to perform. For example, if the client likes to cook in company, the island could become a place for conviviality. In this case, it is important to create enough space to sit comfortably around the island itself.

And what about materials? Here, too, there are many options to choose from. A few examples? They range from solid wood and stone to metal and stainless steel. When choosing the material, solidity and ease of cleaning should be considered, as well as the ability to resist wear and tear and the ease with which stains can be cleaned.

Those who wish to obtain a kitchen with island seating that is truly unique and highly customised can opt for a made-to-measure design. Such a solution can take into account exactly the needs and tastes of the individual customer.

Kitchen with island seating

What are the advantages of islands with seating?

An island with seating is a furnishing solution that stands out for its modernity and because it makes every kitchen more functional and elegant.

In fact, installing such an island provides a convivial area within the kitchen and immediately makes the room more pleasant and inviting. Furthermore, thanks to the great variety of styles, materials and solutions available, this option leaves each interior designer free to design the island with seating according to the customer’s preferences and wishes, creating a truly unique and inimitable environment for the customer.

Kitchens with a seating island have several interesting advantages. First of all, they are designs that transform the kitchen space into a cosy and convivial environment. In fact, sitting around the island with friends and family is ideal for those who like to socialise and spend pleasant moments with loved ones. Moreover, if you have enough space to install a large island, a table may become superfluous in the room.

Enriching the island with designer stools and chairs helps to make the location more elegant and give it an original look. For stools, one can orient oneself towards simple and inconspicuous models, up to refined stools or unique pieces.

It must also be considered that a Kitchen with island seating does not have a fixed configuration. This means that different solutions can be created, choosing the size of the island and the seating arrangement according to the customer’s needs and the available space. Depending on the different needs, L-shaped, U-shaped, circular or rectangular islands, for example, can be created. The possibilities are truly vast.

Kitchen with island seating

Some interesting solutions for the Kitchen with island seating

As we have already mentioned, the island with seating is an extremely functional and elegant solution for the kitchen. There are several design proposals to take inspiration from, so that you can find the perfect island for your project.

One possible solution is to create a seating surface that is perpendicular to the island. This provides a convivial area without sacrificing the space occupied by the island. This solution is ideal for large kitchens where an area can be dedicated exclusively to relaxation and socialising.

Another interesting solution is to create a seating area at the end of the island. In this way, a dining and conviviality area is created that blends perfectly with the rest of the room. This is the most common proposal and is easy to realise in both spacious open-plan and small kitchens.

If you want an elegant and original result, you can also take a cue from islands characterised by a mix and match of materials and furnishing styles. Islands with seating that combine marble and wood, for example, guarantee an original result that brings out the two souls of the room in which food is prepared and eaten.

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