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Living Divani is one of the best Made in Italy excellences. It is no coincidence that, in 2021, it was granted membership of Altagamma, the foundation that brings together Italian companies with an international reputation that operate at the highest end of the market.
Living Divani offers an articulated range of sofas, armchairs, beds and accessories. It stands out in particular for its upholstery system, whether for indoor or outdoor use, which offers discreet shapes and volumes.

Living Divani

The great architect Piero Lissoni is the company’s art director. It is he who has designed the most iconic pieces.
One example is the Extrasof sofa, a true masterpiece. It is a modular piece of furniture with an informal look and soft, gentle, malleable comfort. The seats are cosy and hospitable, juxtaposing one another in regular geometries with soft contours.

Come and discover the LIVING DIVANI collections!

The Rod sofa belongs to the family of upholstered furniture with a refined design and incomparable comfort. It is available in the armchair, sofa and bench versions. The shell-wrapped stitching, which can be textile or wooden, is stunning and gives the sofa a strong character, making it absolutely chic. It is also available in a bed version.

The NeoWall, on the other hand, is a sofa with an ingenious seating system that emphasises the proportions of the individual elements and the harmony of the whole.

Then there is the Dumas sofa, with its exquisitely bourgeois inspiration. This piece re-proposes, renewed, an idea that represents comfort par excellence, given by generous and enjoyable upholstered shapes.

Come and discover the LIVING DIVANI collections!

And here is the legendary Frog, the company’s iconic armchair, personally designed by Piero Lissoni.

And let’s not forget the beds which, always in keeping with the Living Divani philosophy, are discreet yet elegant, suitable for any home style. A representative example is the Floyd model.

Also interesting is the new collection of sofas, the Sumo. We are talking about furnishings that represent a true tribute to the essence of elegance. In particular, the Sumo lenticular sofa infuses dynamism, character and energy into the space, thanks to its slender and unique silhouette, rigorous yet fluid.

Super chic is David Lopez’s Kasbah outdoor sofa. This delightful piece of furniture brings out all the charm of open spaces, of the bond with nature, of convivial life, of thoughts that fly free. It does so thanks to a style that becomes relaxed and informal, without renouncing the delicacy of form and elegance.

Come and discover the LIVING DIVANI collections!

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Come and discover the LIVING DIVANI collections!