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Luxury Boiserie

Luxury Boiserie

Boiserie is used to represent the wall decoration distinguished by enchantingly ornamented, carved, or engraved. Boiserie is an everlasting eco-friendly replacement that will make your interior wall entirely fascinating. Choose the boiserie that perfectly fits the idea in your head. For that, you might have to take the help of the right professional who may be a designer or an architect so that you can have the right boiserie for your space and it might suit the project you are going to execute. The project can be any of the following: private, public, administrative, or residential.

A luxury boiserie can add a lot of grace to your home. Boiserie can be available in a wide range. It is important to get the highest quality boiserie for your home that reflects your ideas and vision. It should be in harmony with the materials, layout, and finishes that you desire. A few times, it might be embellished with decorative details, luxurious frames, valuable fabric, and sometimes even wall panelings. It is usually up to what the client would prefer in his house. A boiserie can totally modify the entire interior of your home. It brings a lot of uniqueness and authenticity to how your house appears. The furniture is fixed so it can be considered the best choice for people who are looking for the customization of the wall surroundings without distorting the furniture complements.

History of Luxury Boiserie

If you want to give a refined and classic finishing touch to your living space, the  boiserie of 18th-century France can be your inspiration. It has a colorful and interesting history. No interior design home can be complete without the boiserie which has a considerable significance in interior design furnishings. A high-quality boiserie is made by professional craftsmen utilizing the top-notch species of food along with the finishings. You can choose to customize your boiserie. You can be as creative as you want with the boiserie. It is a plus point if you are living in a period house so you can gladly own the boiserie wall decor.                                                                                                                

In those times, walls were covered with inlaid wooden panels that were embellished with stuccos, frames, and luxurious carvings. Classic luxury boiserie combined with modern design items can be used in neoclassical style houses that are going big these days. We are going to deeply dive into the world of unique coverings: boiserie. Boiserie was derived from the French word bois which means wood. Wood paneling can add to the styling and atmosphere of your home. It depends upon a lot of factors like what is the configuration of your choice whether it is full, middle, or low, and the chosen material, and finishes.

Ancient Egyptians were the first to use wooden panels for the decoration of their homes. This can be dated back to the 3rd millennium BC. The architecture has the baroque architectural style, is effort-intensive, and is giant. Palaces of pharaohs along with the tombs’ walls were adorned with art pieces like paintings sculptures, and beautiful metal coverings. The imported wood from different regions of the world is embellished with paintings and carvings.

The wood panels had an origin in medieval Europe. A lof its traces can be found in French history. Palace of Versailles, and the Château de Chambord is full of luxury Boiserie.

Wooden embellishments further developed due to domestic heating. Using the iron chimneys would reduce the fire risks to a greater degree. In the 18th century, Boiserie reached new heights in this heating age. The panels were utilized to protect from heat and moisture but later on, they were also used as a decorative material. The panels were not only used for walls but frames, mirrors, cabinets, shelves, and fireplaces also used these panels.

Boiserie was promoted by Louis XIV. Due to the promotion, it soon became a sign of luxury, power, and triumph. The wooden panels are complemented with the artworks, tapestries, ornamented leather along with beautiful fabric and metals. Classic Parisian residences and Louvre preserve the first boiseries. It all started in France and then the trend moved to Britain, Russian and German homes. After a while, it also became trendy in the rich estates in Spanish colonies in Mexico and Cuba.

This was the beginning when the Britians were introduced to the wooden panels. The Britain people put the English filter to the French gloss which created the wainscot paneling. Wainscot style is a kind of wall embellishment that is used to cover up the lower third of the wall with oak panels. This was really affordable. Even the poor people could buy this sort of cladding. Wainscot paneling was not used for ornamental purposes but practical ones as well like it delivered additional moisture and thermal insulation.

The styling of the boiseries modified according to the preference of the country. Italian folks decorated the ceilings with wooden paneling, Americans simplified the interior paneling and French ornamented the original panels.

Luxury Boiserie

First Examples of Boiserie

The very first examples of boiserie were found between the seventeenth and the eighteenth centuries. The luxury boiserie was utilized as a unique embellishment in many luxurious mansions. For instance in Versailles, there are a lot of different examples of partitions, doors, and walls that are decorated with the help of wooden frames.

Even in today’s age, the grace and the beauty of boiserie are very much relevant. Its elegance can be related to the great historical mansions, some of the classically made rooms, and apartments. Boiserie can be considered one of the most fascinating and captivating wall coverings of all.

Examples of boiserie are also found in Ukrainian architecture. You can see the illustrations in the homes of industrialists and aristocrats in the XVI-XIX centuries.

Versatility of Luxury Boiserie

The fact is very much known that the boiserie is very much versatile. But from where does its versatility come? Its versatility is derived from the factor that the wood has a wide range of variety with constantly changing materials. So this factor plays a huge role in determining the versatility of the luxury boiserie.

Modern Boiserie

You might think that the frames and the 3D wall cladding might not befitting for the modern age of minimalism. They might not fit but it is not always necessary. A  boiserie could easily be used in the modern age. It is lightened by a narrow frame along with neutral colors. Choosing the right boiserie can easily add to the uniqueness of your modern building.

On the other hand, it can be considered the central focus of the room as this adds to the minimalist furniture.

Sometimes, the boiserie can act as a separation in the household environments in which all the spaces are interconnected.

While they definitely add to the uniqueness of your room, they can also act as a common thread in the design of the home. They can work even better than a palette color guide. This is because of its property of being tri-dimensional. This creates a very artistic and scenic effect.

A Classic Boiserie or a Modern one?

It doesn’t really matter whether you own a classic boiserie or a modern one. A boiserie can never go unnoticed. A modern luxury boiserie has squared frames without any sort of distinct decorations or white, grey, or dusty tones. Although you can find some of the wooden panels in warm and bright colors. The goal is to have an expressive and visually sharp contrast.

Wooden Panelling for Different Styles

In the modern world, stucco and plaster are gaining more and more popularity. But the finest material for luxury boiserie remains the same, that is wood.

But the question still remains about the usage of wood. What wood should one choose? Is it preferable to make use of pre-assembled embellished panels or just go with the customization with the rough wood?

If you are looking to go for something shabby, using natural wood boards will be the best choice for you. You can do whatever you want to do with them. You can either whiten them, add different spatula or scratch effects or maybe even paint them with pastel colors.

However, if you are looking for something warmer and welcoming, the ideal choice would be the dark wood boiserie that can be obtained from durmast, walnut, and beech. It can be in contrast or even match the floor and the baseboard.

Benefits of Boiserie

What could be the benefits of boiserie? Well, these are not only limited to decorative purposes but have additional benefits like enhanced thermal insulation as well. Wooden panels can provide thermal insulation increasing comfort.  It can also provide acoustic insulation. Polypropylene is a modern material that can work best against humidity.

Wooden luxury boiseries add a distinctive attraction likewise the thermoplastic materials can be ornamentals as well. This is because they can be painted with every kind of tint.

Considering the design point of view, frames can be pretty useful especially if you have a space issue. Depending upon their positioning, they can aid in generating the optical impacts due to which the room can look wider or narrower. Using various colors and shapes can create an overlapping effect generating visually strong corners. It can also cover up for any expected imperfections of the walls producing uniformity.

In a luxurious bedroom, the walls use the French Boiserie technique which is obviously decorating the walls with wooden, plaster, or cement frames. A suspension golden light lamp with golden details in the furniture would definitely help as well.

Types of Wall Panels

Wall panels are used to decorate the space making it more exciting. Panels are used for different purposes like hiding the furniture, dividing the spaces into different zones, decorating, and covering the hidden rooms/corridors. Solid panels are made from walnut, ash, beech, or oak. They are positioned in dry rooms. The rooms may include living rooms, offices, and bedrooms. Veneer panels are comparatively lesser sensitive to temperature modifications and can easily fit into a budget. Modular panels are trendy among all. They are built from planks or tiles. They appear to be three-dimensional due to the toning, height, and thickness. Plywood panels are built from flexible wooden sheets and used for the embellishment of arches and columns.

Ways to Decorate the Panels

There are a lot of ways you can decorate panels resulting in unique designs. The decorations include:

  • Variety of lacquer finishing
  • Painting
  • Stain or a paint finishing
  • Intarsia which is a wooden inlaying
  • Patination
  • Fabric, leather covering, and tapestry
  • Inlathe is an ornate embellishment made from materials that vary from the surface material can be mother-of-pearl, marble, etc.)
  • Marquetry which is an inlaid work assembled from veneer pieces
  • Wood carving or gilded wood carving
  • Silver or ivory applique
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