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Modern bathroom furniture: how to create your dream modern bathroom

Modern bathroom furniture

Much more than in the past, modern bathroom furniture puts the well-being of the whole family at the centre.

In today’s luxury bathroom furnishing choices, more and more attention is paid to the selection of materials used for sanitary ware and finishings. Specifically, one tries to give the room a distinctive atmosphere.

Of course, the bathroom must be furnished with functional furniture and sanitary ware, but the eye also wants its part.

How has the way of furnishing the bathroom changed over time?

Until a few decades ago, the bathroom was one of the rooms in the house to which less time was devoted. The choice of furniture and sanitary ware was rather limited and customisation was limited to the selection of floor and wall coverings. Little more attention was paid to this.

Over time, people realised how important the bathroom was for taking care of their well-being and appearance. This growing importance of the bathroom has also been reflected in the choices of manufacturers. Compared to the years gone by, there are in fact many more choices for modern bathroom furniture.

The classic pedestal washbasin has been supplanted by wall-hung or countertop washbasins, which are often placed on a piece of furniture to optimise the use of space and furnish the bathroom in style. Instead, sanitary fixtures detached from the wall have been replaced by wall-hung or flush fixtures. The reason? They are easier to clean and look more elegant.

Showers and bathtubs have also changed face, thanks to the search for solutions that balance design and functionality. Between the use of innovative materials, such as resins and porcelain stoneware, and the arrival of technology, with shower columns equipped with chromotherapy or aromatherapy systems, the bathroom is increasingly modern and in step with the times.

Modern bathroom furniture

What choices to make with the modern bathroom furniture ?

Minimalism is the guiding principle that conditions choices in modern furniture, also in the bathroom. In this space of the home, minimalism is particularly reflected in the search for solutions that are as functional as possible.

Through the furnishing solutions adopted, the bathroom must first and foremost give a feeling of order and cleanliness. For this reason, simple-looking sanitary fittings and wall coverings are preferred in modern bathroom furniture. In this sense, white is the predominant colour. This is both for the sake of cleanliness and because this colour lends light to the ambience.

However, there is no shortage of opportunities to add an accent of colour here and there. It is mainly the materials chosen for wall and floor coverings and accessories that bring colour into modern bathrooms. Neutral colours are the most common choice: they are shades that give the bathroom an elegant, understated look and do not risk tiring the eye.

Those who want to make bolder choices can opt for decorated tiles, which can be used even if only to emphasise a corner of the room or a wall. Or they may decide to use them to cover and give personality to an alcove.

Equally important is the choice of furniture to include in the bathroom and, in particular, the washbasin unit, one of the main protagonists of the decor of this room. Indeed, the furniture gives character to the bathroom and reflects the tastes and preferences of the user.

In modern bathroom furniture, washbasins with integrated tops are often used. If space permits, solutions with double washbasins and spacious furniture are preferable, as they allow cosmetics and towels to be neatly stored and organised.

Modern bathroom furniture

Modern bathroom furniture: customisation and design are the watchwords

Between innovative materials, finishes and colours, the possibilities for customisation multiply. For sanitary ware, materials with a glossy or matt finish can be chosen, and for wall coverings, materials with a material effect can be used.

The use of designer bathroom furniture helps to create an elegant and sophisticated ambience. Washbasins with curved lines, and wall-hung furniture are some of the most popular technical and aesthetic solutions. How so? On the one hand, they contribute to the refined look of the modern bathroom. On the other hand, they often make better use of the available space.

Those who want to add a touch of design to their modern bathroom decor can also focus on lighting. The combination of designer mirrors with integrated lighting above the washbasin and a pendant lamp with modern lines in the middle of the room provides perfect brightness to the room. It also gives the bathroom a truly elegant air.

Even in the choice of shower cubicles and bathtubs you can make personalised, design-oriented choices. You can give a sophisticated look to the shower area, for example, through the use of high-quality shower curtains. Or through the use of a mirror-effect designer cubicle. Those who prefer a bathtub, on the other hand, can turn to freestanding models or models with original lines.

Our guide to modern bathroom furniture ends here. As the topic is topical and interesting, we will return later to the furnishings and styles of this important room in the home.

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