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Modern kitchen design: how to make the right choice?

Modern kitchen design

A modern design kitchen allows you to furnish your space in the best possible way and create a comfortable and functional environment available to all the inhabitants of the house and guests.

Through careful planning, which takes into account the way you will move around in the kitchen, and a targeted selection of the materials and finishes to be used, it will be possible to create a personalised and impressive piece of furniture.

How to design a contemporary designer kitchen?

Kitchens with a modern design catch the eye because of the particular lines of the furniture and the finishes chosen. They are often furniture with clean and essential lines: the kitchen fronts are smooth and an invisible and unobtrusive groove system is used for opening.

The most commonly used material for Modern kitchen design furniture is wood, sometimes accompanied by other materials such as concrete, metal or natural stone. In luxury kitchens, solid, machined and painted wood panels are used to give a more contemporary touch. Depending on the aesthetic taste of the homeowners, the wood can have a glossy, matt or even textured finish.

When designing Modern kitchen design, it is necessary to start by analysing the room that will house the furniture. The width of the room and its layout in relation to the other rooms in the house are important constraints that must be taken into account in order to understand the best configuration for the kitchen.

In a long narrow room, for example, the best solution is to install a linear kitchen, inserting more or fewer modules according to the needs identified. Conversely, in an open-plan room it will be possible to consider various alternative configurations, ranging from kitchens with an island and central peninsula to L-shaped or T-shaped kitchens.

Those who love contemporary style can also consider installing Modern kitchen design with wall-hung elements. This is a solution that offers great visual clarity and has a truly captivating design that immediately catches the eye of the beholder.

Which materials to choose for Modern kitchen design?

Design kitchens that are meant to last are made of the highest quality materials. Wooden structures are the most suitable, thanks to the solidity and ability of this material to withstand time, wear and tear and even moisture.

Wood can also integrate well and coexist with many other materials. The latter can be used for accents or unique details in furniture. Let us give some examples. For grooves and handles, versatile and safe metals such as aluminium and steel can be used. On the other hand, for worktops, the most suitable materials are natural stone but also resins that simulate the properties of stone.

When evaluating the materials to be used for Modern kitchen design, one should not only consider the structure of the furniture, but should also extend the reasoning to the materials and colours used for the walls and floors. In fact, making sure that the combination of walls, furniture and floors is harmonious and functional is the first step to achieving an excellent result.

Give your kitchen a special touch with modern design solutions!

Furniture design can easily be amplified with details and stylistic touches that help make your kitchen more personalised and unique. The presence of a fireplace, for example, is an interesting way to give the room personality.

It can be a masonry fireplace or a thermo-fireplace, which can also be used for heating the house. Alternatively, the choice can fall on a bio-fireplace, i.e. a piece of furniture that essentially performs an aesthetic function.

To give movement and character to Modern kitchen design, you can also consider inserting modules with an open opening in the room. Distributed between the island and wall units, these modules give a young and contemporary touch to the kitchen itself, and lighten the appearance of its structure.

The lighting system plays a very important role in defining the personality of the space and helps to enhance the overall look of the kitchen. By carefully studying the space and choosing the intensity and direction of the lights, it is possible to emphasise the line of the furniture and create an engaging and irresistible atmosphere for diners.

Finally, you can also act on the accessories in Modern kitchen design. Inserting a beautiful carpet, perhaps made to measure, will make the kitchen even more elegant and cosy. The carpet can be given the task of adding a touch of colour or the task of complementing the colours already present in the room. In either case, a contemporary art model is a perfect candidate.

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