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Modern living room furniture: how to make the best choices?

Modern living room furniture

When planning the modern living room furniture, it is necessary to make choices that will create a room that is functional, cosy and with a neat appearance.

These choices concern the furniture, but also the accessories, the walls , the floors and the lighting systems. Everything must be carefully thought out to create an elegant environment that fully reflects the personality of the people in the living room.

What are the guidelines to follow to furnish a modern, elegant living room?

A modern living room is characterised by furniture with simple, clean lines. In the furnishing project, there is no room for the superfluous: only a few pieces of furniture are used, only those that meet the customer’s needs, decorations are kept to a minimum and the design of the furniture is emphasised. This is the winning recipe for modern living room furniture.

Clean lines are also expressed by hanging furniture or slender structures. In this sense, to furnish a modern living room, one can use a suspended TV wall made up of independent modules. On the other hand, one can opt for a double-sided bookcase, which can also help visually separate different areas of the living room.

As far as colours are concerned, white and neutral colours are the most popular. If wooden furniture or decorations are used, models in which the natural colour of the chosen wood stands out and light colours tend to be preferred. Salons furnished in an industrial style are an exception to this trend, which is shared by many contemporary furnishing styles.

Those who choose to furnish their modern living room in an industrial style can include dark leather sofas, deep-coloured wooden furniture and metal structures painted in black or other dark shades. He can make these choices without fearing that the end result will be unharmonised or unelegant.

Which pieces of furniture are the protagonists in the Modern living room furniture?

There are essentially two pieces of furniture that become the protagonists in a living room furnished in modern style: the sofa and the table. In both cases, by choosing design solutions , it is possible to create a very elegant environment ready to welcome the most distinguished guests.

Modern living rooms are generally larger in size than the living rooms of the past. Living rooms in flats and villas also tend to have plenty of space, which can comfortably accommodate sofas, armchairs and tables.

The relaxation area of the living room should always be taken care of with great care. The living room is in fact the space in the home where family members and their guests spend most of their free time, when they are at home. It follows that it is an area whose furnishings must guarantee high levels of comfort. In this sense, the choice of sofa becomes indeed crucial.

Modern designer sofas are an excellent idea for modern living room furniture. In fixed or modular versions, these sofas are indeed cosy, have refined lines and are made of excellent materials. In large living rooms, a sofa with a corner structure can be inserted, while in smaller living rooms a comfortable relaxation area can be created by combining a two- or three-seater sofa with armchairs or chaise longues.

Just as much attention must be paid to the design of the dining area. Through the use of a designer table, a twofold result is achieved. On the one hand, the room looks elegant and sophisticated. On the other hand, you get a well-kept space in which to spend pleasant moments in the company of family and friends.

Modern living room furniture

How to complete the Modern living room furniture? Some basic tips

The furnishing project for modern elegant living rooms should not be limited to the choice of furniture, but should also concern itself with the choice of flooring, the look of the walls, lighting and furnishing accessories. It is therefore an all-round job.

The materials to be used for the floors and the look of the walls, in particular, must be selected to ensure that the result is in harmony with the philosophy behind the choice of furniture. For the floors, parquet, marble or other natural stones can be used, which can then be enhanced with contemporary art carpets.

For walls, the choice is between using paint or wallpaper. In both cases, by choosing the right colour tone and decorative patterns, a very elegant result can be achieved.

Lighting also plays a central role in Modern living room furniture. Indeed, pendant lamps, floor lamps and wall lamps can be used to emphasise the lines of furniture, to emphasise strategic points in the room and, in general, to create a bright and welcoming ambience.

Finally, to achieve an elegant result, you can also act on furnishing accessories. Mirrors, curtains, vases and decorations give a personalised touch to modern living room furniture and bring colour into the room. 

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