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From materials to technology, everything is innovative in new kitchens

new kitchens

What is meant by modern kitchens

Tending to be minimalist, organised for all-round enjoyment in company, fully equipped for the preparation of high quality meals, thanks to modern technology: these are the watchwords that characterise the new kitchens, those that are increasingly in demand in modern flats, especially in lofts.

Forget, when it comes to a truly innovative and modern kitchen, the concept of the separate room as it was once understood, where the person who cooked was separated from the guests and then served the food to the other people sitting usually in the living room. Now time is shared: while the cook prepares the food, the guests are seated on the island counter, used as a snack counter, table or bar area, or occupy double-sided sofas. Modern kitchens are often open to the room, in a large open space, where spaces become dynamic and convivial.

new kitchens

The use of space in new kitchens

But the innovations in innovative kitchens are not only in the layout and where they are located. They involve the division of interior space, materials and even appliances. The kitchen is organised in such a way as to make it functional and if possible ergonomic, since there is a greater focus on the well-being of the back in general, with the ergonomic triangle between hob, sink and refrigerator. As far as shape is concerned, there are many choices for the new kitchens, from the linear one, an extremely minimalist solution, to the corner one, which makes the most of every centimetre since it rests on two walls, to the U-shaped one, perfect for large settings. The most popular conformation, however, is the island one, capable of integrating into open spaces, delimiting each area, while being very versatile (you can place the cooker there or create a top for eating, for example).

Materials for innovative kitchens: from Fenix to the return of marble

The materials used for new kitchens are those specially designed, capable of resisting over time, combining practicality with aesthetic beauty and at the same time being hygienic, in the sense of not contaminating food. One example is Fenix, specifically designed for innovative kitchens, but also Corian or Dekton. Also perfect for this type of premises are steels. Materials such as natural stones like marble and granite or quartz are making a comeback. Both marble and granite are able to give an effect of elegance and refinement, a truly classy touch in a minimalist and functional context.

new kitchens

With new technologies, one is spoilt for choice!

Of course, one can indulge in technological novelties! The new kitchens are designed to have every kind of appliance possible, starting with the hig-tec ones that can be controlled remotely and via home automation, from the hob to the oven to the dishwasher. Cabinets and even push-pull sinks and up-and-down hoods are popular. The market is constantly offering interesting new solutions. For example, very practical is the warming drawer, which allows food to be kept warm even if a family member is running late or while eating other dishes, also useful for defrosting and even rising dough. Conversely, to quickly lower the temperature of food there is the blast chiller, typical of professional kitchens. It is particularly suitable for fresh fish, but also for desserts and vegetables. Thanks to temperatures as low as minus 45 it is able to eliminate any bacteria in the food, without creating ice.

These are just examples, because the technological innovations are truly countless, including fully automated indoor mini greenhouses that allow the cultivation of fresh vegetables and aromas, and vacuum cleaners that regulate and improve air quality. Appliances can be built-in, thus hidden, or visible, while an important stylistic choice is that of handles: generally, ultra-modern kitchens are without them. 

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