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Small kitchen island: a step-by-step guide to making the ideal furniture choice for your project

Small kitchen island

A small kitchen island is a practical and functional solution for those who have to furnish a small room but still want to maximise the available space.

Specifically, installing a small kitchen island allows you to increase the functionality of the room, because a dedicated work area is created and additional space is available. With the latter that can be used in many different ways.

What are the main benefits of small kitchen islands?

Defining the furnishing of a small kitchen is a great challenge for interior designers. In fact, there is a need to create a cosy and functional space, even if only a few square metres are available. In this sense, a small kitchen island is a brilliant solution to provide the location with practical and functional furniture that optimises the use of space and gives the room an elegant look.

Installing such an island offers numerous advantages, both from an aesthetic point of view and from the point of view of day-to-day kitchen management. One of the most obvious benefits is better space management. In fact, thanks to the presence of drawers, storage compartments and shelves in which to arrange utensils and objects, the kitchen immediately appears more organised and tidier.

Kitchens with an island  also have the advantage of additional work space. This can be a simple work surface, where ingredients can be prepared or the various preparations assembled to make up the finished dish, or a functional space if the island houses the hob or sink.

There are also other configurations to choose from: islands with a snack top , for example, are ideal for creating a convivial environment. On the other hand, islands with many open compartments and storage spaces are perfect for balancing the search for design solutions with the need to keep the room tidy. All these benefits can, of course, also apply to a small kitchen island.

Small islands are also ideal in rooms with special dimensions, such as elongated rooms or kitchens in attics or studio apartments. Thanks to the small footprint of these solutions, islands can also be installed in very small spaces and, if you have specific requirements, you can request the creation of a made-to-measure model.

A small kitchen island has many other features and advantages, because they certainly do not end with what we have described so far. So let us see what they are.

Small kitchen island

What to consider when choosing materials and design for a small kitchen island?

When choosing materials and design for small kitchen islands, there are several factors to consider in order to be able to find the best solution, i.e. the one that perfectly meets your needs.

First of all, you have to choose a material that is strong, durable and also easy to clean. Materials such as granite, wood and stainless steel are among the most suitable for kitchen islands, as they offer a durable and hygienically safe surface. Marble is also an excellent material for a small kitchen island. However, compared to other materials, the latter is more delicate and more prone to staining, especially if it comes into contact with water or greasy substances.

The appearance of the kitchen island should also be considered carefully. The island, however small, should have a design in harmony with the rest of the room’s furnishings. In a room furnished in an industrial style, for example, one could go for an island with a rough metal frame and solid wood shelves. If you want to create an environment in a minimalist style, on the other hand, you should consider an island with an essential design and clean lines, perhaps in stainless steel.

If you want to give a more classic and traditional touch to your kitchen, you can consider installing rustic-style furniture. In this case, the ideal solution is to install a small kitchen island made of wood or natural stone.

Finally, if you love the original lines of the modern style, it is a good idea to choose a design island, which is characterised by the combination of original shapes and materials.

Small kitchen island

How best to design a small kitchen island?

Often, an island is installed in large kitchens, in lofts or open spaces, which extend to include the living and dining area. In short: designing a small island for a small kitchen is a stimulating challenge, because it forces you to find original solutions to hit the target.

In particular, when designing a small kitchen island, it is important to pay great attention to the needs and preferences of the client. If the room does not offer sufficient space for storing kitchen utensils or pots and pans, for example, it is advisable to opt for an island with storage space and drawers.

If, on the other hand, you prefer an island that can also serve as a table for quick meals, you could choose an island with a snack top or peninsula. In any case, it is essential to design the small kitchen island with care and due attention, in order to maximise the use of space and to create an environment that is both functional and pleasant.

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