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Sofa bed in Switzerland: which model to choose? Which interior designer to trust?

Sofa bed  Switzerland

Contacting a specialised retailer allows you to purchase a sofa bed in Switzerland that ensures a high level of comfort and quality.

Piccolo Sagl, based in Ticino, succeeds in meeting the demands of Swiss consumers and people living in northern Italy. The availability of designer sofa beds and made-to-measure furniture means that everyone can find the solution that best suits their needs.

Why choose a designer or custom-made sofa bed?

Going for designer sofa beds or furniture made to a specific interior design is not a whim of interior designers. In fact, this type of furniture must be chosen with great care, since it must balance both aesthetic and practical aspects.

Choosing a sofa bed made with a quality structure and materials actually ensures a long life of the furniture and a high level of comfort. This is true both when the sofa is used for seating and when it is used as an additional bed.

When evaluating different types of sofa bed in Switzerland, one must therefore focus both on the aesthetic aspects of the product, relating to its size and the type of upholstery used, and also consider the ease with which the sofa can be opened and closed or the quality of the integrated mattress. Taken together, these characteristics of the sofa ensure optimal and lasting comfort. They also enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the space in which the furniture is placed.

Is a sofa bed in Switzerland always synonymous with high quality? Yes, if it is handmade or designer . Which also often makes it the best choice for its versatility. You can, in fact, choose between furniture with a variable number of seats or opt for modular sofas, to be configured as you like, based on your aesthetic preferences and the size of the room to be furnished.

Sofa bed  Switzerland

What precautions should be taken when furnishing with a sofa bed in Switzerland?

When defining the look to be given to the room, it is a priority to consider the size of the sofa and the width of the space that surrounds it. In most cases, one chooses to place the furniture in the living room. In a large, open-plan living room, the sofa can be flanked by one or more matching armchairs, ottomans or tea tables, to create a very cosy and neat space.

In a smaller living room, on the other hand, it will be necessary to reduce the size of the sofa bed and carefully consider the size of its mattress. To avoid overloading the room too much, one could enhance the look of the sofa by adding a luxury rug in a complementary colour to that of the sofa covering chosen for it.

When constructing the design, focus on optimising the use of space and succeeding in giving the room an elegant look. In addition to precisely defining the dimensions the furniture should have, it is therefore important to select the right material for each room. Indeed, sofa beds can be upholstered in fabric, leather or faux leather, for example. And each of these materials provides a specific list of advantages.

A sofa bed in Switzerland, but not only here, we mean in general, is an almost obligatory choice when you are hosting relatives and friends, but do not have a guest room. At the same time, it can also be a good idea to have an additional sleeping place in the house, to be used if necessary.

Designer sofa beds have a very attractive appearance, which is able, in a way, to conceal the presence of a mattress. These furniture models suit all major furniture styles and can be placed either in the centre of the room or in a more secluded position. 

Sofa bed  Switzerland

Our tips for selecting the best sofa bed in Switzerland

In Ticino, and more generally in Switzerland, when choosing a sofa bed, it can be very useful to make a list of the desired characteristics, starting with the aspects related to the “sofa” component, such as the upholstery material, the number of seats, the composition of the furniture, and other features typical of this furniture. However, other elements can also be considered, from the presence or absence of armrests to the possibility of adding footrests or headrests, and so on.

Once all the characteristics that one’s ideal sofa should have have have been listed, one must move on to the analysis of the ‘bed’ component. Starting from the size and height of the mattress, passing through the mattress material, the type of bed base on which it rests, and the practicality of the sofa’s opening system, one can outline the qualities of one’s ideal sofa.

If you intend to use the sofa bed mostly as a piece of furniture, it is advisable to choose a model that guarantees an excellent level of comfort. Depending on the style you prefer, you could think of a Chesterfield-style sofa bed, which is classic and elegant, or a more modern piece of furniture, e.g. with a peninsula or corner structure.

Whatever your request, you can turn to our experts, who will be able to advise you on the sofa bed in Switzerland that is most in line with your needs or guide you in defining a made-to-measure design, which will be perfect to complete the furnishing of your home.

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