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From space-saving to a real dressing room, some ideas for a walk in closet for different needs

ideas for a walk in closet

Why a walk-in wardrobe is so popular

Flexible and adaptable to hold everything from jackets and jumpers to shoes and accessories, capable, if there is enough space, of acting as a real dressing room and even highlighting the entire wardrobe as if it were a work of art: the walk-in wardrobe is increasingly popular and is a solution that often replaces, or complements, the classic wardrobe. You can place it in a residual space or have it occupy up to three walls of a room, it can be lit in various ways and it does not take away from the walkable space of the room, the ideas for a walk in closetare really many and adaptable to everyone’s needs.

ideas for a walk in closet

Walk-in wardrobe, an idea for every context, from large to small

The various possible ideas for a walk-in wardrobe make it possible to create one both for large rooms, where it can become the real centrepiece, and for decidedly smaller spaces, exploiting every inch of space intelligently and strategically, even in particular contexts such as attics or rooms with particular heights, using niches or hallways that would otherwise be wasted and would be difficult to furnish.

ideas for a walk in closet

Gathering ideas for a walk in closetfirst is basic!

Compared to classic wardrobes, walk-in wardrobes are real rooms within a room. In addition to containing the entire wardrobe thanks to supports of various kinds, they allow for more order. It is necessary, when you decide to create one, to gather some ideas for a walk in closet, to understand what you want and what clothes will have to find a place in it, taking some time in planning. It will be invested time that will make all the difference, because if you know exactly what you want to store and how you will create ad hoc drawers, linen department, shelves, shelves for bags and suitcases, hangers, shoe racks, and elements such as a full-length mirror and possibly a make-up corner if you want it, according to your specific needs.

As for shapes, you can use otherwise lost spaces such as niches or even spaces along a corridor or behind or above a bed, or choose a corner solution, or even, if you have a lot of space, opt for a horseshoe shape. There are various ideas for walk-in wardrobes that make creative use of the available space and are designed both for smaller contexts and where you want something truly original. For example, very special is the solution under a loft bed, creating a dynamic and unique piece of furniture.

ideas for a walk in closet

Corner or horseshoe, some ideas for a walk in closet

The corner walk-in wardrobe rests on two walls and forms a corner: it can therefore be deep enough to hold everything you need and allow you to move around with agility. You can also opt for a linear shape, resting the walk-in against one wall, while for something really spacious those who have the possibility can choose a horseshoe-shaped walk-in, thus using three walls or even using the walk-in unit as a double-sided divider between two spaces, perhaps day and night. In particularly modern and technological rooms, movable walls covering a walk-in space can be provided: this furniture is suitable for both classical and contemporary contexts.

ideas for a walk in closet

Take care of the details

To make it not only a functional but also a design element, highlighting the wardrobe, you can decide not to insert doors but to leave the space open. For a truly elegant and refined touch, ideas for a walk in closetinclude shelves or doors in special materials such as glass, in its smoky effect, or crystal, an option that protects clothes but also allows them to be seen.

On the material you can really range, from classic wood to metals. The important thing if you want something unique is to take care of the finishing touches and details carefully, perhaps inserting a boiserie, especially if wood is used, or choosing fine materials for the make-up corner, such as velvet, copper or brass seats. And pay attention to the full-length mirror, which is important for mirrors and as a decorative element: it should be carefully chosen and well finished.

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