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Special kitchen, where luxury and customisation come together for unique environments

Special kitchen

The thousand variations of a special kitchen

Unique in design, perhaps even custom-designed for that space and therefore not adaptable to any other home, with fine materials and luxurious finishes: with imagination and good taste, special kitchen can be created for luxurious and absolutely unique interior design. Whether one wants a classic ambience that recalls the splendour of the past, with plenty of room for the refined and luxurious, or whether one wants something absolutely luxurious but with a modern twist, it is possible, with the help of experts, to play with aesthetics, materials, lines, colours and technologies in an infinite number of combinations.

Because truly special kitchen need the help of an expert

Kitchens in the most modern conceptions of homes are places to share space with family and guests while preparing sophisticated meals like the best chefs in restaurants and hotels. This is why designing special kitchen that speak to the people who commission them requires the help of an expert, be it an interior designer or a kitchen studio, capable of translating customers’ ideas and dreams into unique designs that speak to the heart. In the field of luxury interior design, kitchens are therefore often tailor-made, starting from the needs and also the size of the available space, in order to make the most of it. We at Piccolo, for example, have been designing and producing custom-made furniture and furnishings for forty years, also acting in the field of art to help customers make their home or business truly unique and classy.

Special kitchen

Special classic kitchens: harmonious and luxurious

But what characterises kitchens that are truly special, i.e. luxurious, exclusive environments that really add a touch of class and technology? Granted that if you work with craftsmen and custom-made furniture, every kitchen will be inimitable, there are undoubtedly common traits that characterise luxury interior design in this fundamental room.

When it comes to a classic environment, kitchens are built around the concepts of symmetry and harmony. They are characterised by premium materials that combine undoubted aesthetic beauty with durability. Use, for example, solid wood, with which you can never go wrong, preferring oak, cherry or walnut. Marble and glass are also perfect for inspired classically special kitchen, often in combination with wood or between them, for worktops. As far as design is concerned, one can abound with wall cabinets and shelves, because utensils such as pots and pans or tea sets should be displayed and displayed and themselves become an integral part of the furniture, true design complements to be chosen with care. The hob should have a retro look without neglecting technological modernity, which indeed must be present, and the appliances should preferably be built-in, taking care to give a harmonious, balanced and symmetrical final appearance. Special attention should be paid to details, finishes and fine decorations.

Special kitchen

The characteristics of a special modern kitchen

If the goal is to have a custom-made luxury kitchen that is absolutely modern, minimalism is the watchword. Among the most popular materials are modern ones such as stainless steel, which thanks to machining, finishes and colours can be declined in a thousand effects, or Fenix. Also in this case we go on the safe side by focusing on solid wood and inserting glass or marble, but playing with clear and minimal lines. In contemporary special kitchen, luxury also lies in not showing any excess element: everything must find its place in the cupboards and not be shown, there are no purely decorative shelves, often not even handles. Every element is geometric and clean, and elegance also lies in the simplicity of the lines, as well as in the fine materials and advanced technology.

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