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The right questions for choosing your swiss sofas

 swiss sofas

Comfortable but also beautiful: the characteristics you require from a sofa

Comfortable, spacious, for chatting, resting, watching TV, sharing time, interfacing with multiple spaces if one is dealing with an open loft space: these are some of the characteristics one requires from a sofa, the absolute protagonist of the living room. Precisely for this reason, however, in addition to “structural” aspects, great attention is paid to aesthetics and the effect it is able to give to the entire room, in relation to the other furniture and any armchairs. This is why choosing your swiss sofas correctly is not a foregone conclusion, but is essential to be able to create the living room of your dreams!

Il Piccolo recommends solutions from the best brands

Given that finding the perfect sofa, the unique one capable of giving an extra touch to a prestigious living room, tailored to the customer and his or her needs, is not self-evident, in order not to make a mistake you can turn to experts, who will be happy to advise you on the choice you consider best. We at Piccolo Sagl collaborate with prestigious brands, bringing swiss sofas from the best companies, Italian and otherwise. We will be able, if necessary, to have custom-made furniture made for you for your living room, completing it with works of art for a refined and absolutely unique result.

 swiss sofas

Many seats or even… an armchair?

If you do not want to rely on experts, but prefer to search among the sofas available in Ticino for the right one to place in your living room, what should you start from? As always when talking about furniture, one starts from one’s own needs, from what one expects from the object to be placed in the context, and from the style of the entire environment.

Do you want a sofa where all the members of the family can sit, side by side, to watch TV? Then it is advisable to choose something large, with several seats. If, on the other hand, you prefer to be able to face each other, it is better to opt for Swiss sofas with two seats, or even comfortable armchairs, for example those deconstructed ones called beanbags! Once the number of seats has been defined, one can move on to choosing the shape. Obviously, the starting point for everything must be the size of the living room: if it is small, it will be difficult to fit a large sofa in it, which would also risk becoming cumbersome. In fact, do not forget to leave some space for moving around and ideally also for a comfortable coffee table where you can place the remote control and telephone.

The shape: angular to save space or double-sided to make it dynamic

When choosing the shape, the first question to ask is where the sofa will be placed. Will it be leaning against a wall? To save space and create an intimate corner where you can spend some quality time, you can opt for corner Swiss sofas, which will rest on two walls. This is also a valid choice if you only rest it on one wall, because it can act as a division. And if you are dealing with an open space that combines living room and kitchen, a double-sided solution allows you to make the space dynamic and interface with both spaces at the same time.

 swiss sofas

Designer Swiss sofas, for materials and colours there are endless possibilities

When it comes to colours and materials, the choice is really wide. While leather is synonymous with elegance and fits perfectly not only in a classic context but also in a more modern one, it is not the only material for designer sofas. In fact, it is also very popular to use a fabric such as cotton or linen, or synthetic fabrics, which can resist stains and wear particularly well. The colours? It depends on the tones of the living room: the black sofa has personality and is undoubtedly demanding, the white or light-coloured one brings an aura of relaxation, the coloured one is an element that can bring cheer.

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