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Don’t overlook style in a walk-in closet with a makeup corner. Details make the difference

walk-in closet with a makeup corner

The walk-in closet with makeup corner is perfect for the modern woman

Those who are about to furnish their homes now have at their disposal the walk-in closets that until not so long ago were considered a luxury piece of furniture, while today they are increasingly popular. Perfect for bedrooms, but in fact can also be positioned in other areas of the house, such as the entrance, are intended to contain clothing, shoes and accessories because choosing and finding them is extremely convenient.

They combine functionality and elegance. In the case of the walk-in closet with a make-up corner, it is dedicated to the modern woman, who maybe has to fix her make-up in a hurry, or who simply prefers to have a beauty area dedicated to her where to store lipsticks, blushes, powders and all the other products to make up and enhance herself.

A walk-in closet with a makeup corner, order and perfect lighting to quickly apply makeup

In the walk-in closet with makeup corner, nothing is left to chance. If the primary purpose of the walk-in closet is, as we mentioned, to contain clothing, footwear and accessories, this does not mean that it should be limited to this and the beauty corner, which can be furnished with drawers, shelves and shelves, is the practical solution for those who have many make-up products to keep in order.

It is also ideal for those who, thanks to the mirror, to which it is possible to combine artificial lights for perfect make-up, can apply their make-up in a few minutes, without having to resort to the bathroom mirror, where the light is perhaps not suitable, or wasting time because they can’t remember where they put their rimmel or lipstick.

Materials and design: from velvet to copper and capitonné

Order and functionality, therefore, are the key elements of the walk-in closet with makeup corner, but the choice of materials, colors and furniture is certainly not of secondary importance. This type of walk-in closet generally winks at elegance and luxury, and can range from a more classic style to an innovative one. The details can make all the difference, allowing you to customize the space according to your needs and tastes. Velvet-covered seats, copper or brass finishes, or even capitonné decorations, ensure that you not only create an efficient space but also an aesthetically pleasing and refined one.

The basics for a walk-in closet with makeup corner

Those who are going to choose this type of walk-in closet must take into account, in addition to the size of the room where they plan to put it, some essential furniture elements such as artificial lights, shelf or mirror. You can opt for a shelf already equipped with drawers in which to store many of the beauty products. Yes also to shelves, at least one capacious basket and small drawers.

You can choose a walk-in closet with a retro-style makeup corner, perhaps with a stool instead of a chair, or a modern one, with stylish and determined lines, or vice versa. Those who want to include a functional piece of furniture for makeup in a room of small size, should not despair. It is logical that, in this case, it is not possible to have many accessories and furniture elements rather challenging in terms of size, which would be bulky, but it is still possible to devote a corner to beauty.

To insert a walk-in closet in general is sufficient a free space of 2.00 x 1.30 meters, with a minimum depth of 1.30 – 1.50 meters. In this case, it is also worth considering a walk-in closet with a makeup corner in a minimalist style, without doors or with transparent glass doors. Those who opt for this option must be a person dedicated to order, to avoid that the space dedicated to makeup is a confusing set of products: not very functional and definitely not aesthetic.

Walk-in closet with make-up corner it is dedicated to the modern woman, who has to fix her make-up . Details can make a difference, allowing you to customize the space according to your needs and tastes. Take into account some essential furniture elements such as artificial lights, shelf or mirror.

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