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Where to buy furniture in Switzerland? Where style meets personal taste!

Where to buy furniture in Switzerland

Because furnishing is a choice of the heart

Furnishing is never a question of right or wrong, because for every room or every choice there are almost infinite possibilities and combinations of materials, styles and colours, and none of them is correct, but rather the most suitable for the customer’s needs and tastes. Everyone furnishes their own home or their own shop or even their own hotel with absolutely personal criteria, following the guidelines of a style but then choosing according to their own sensitivity. That is why choosing where to buy furniture in Switzerland is not just a technical question but becomes something more, a decision of the heart.

Every complement speaks of the inhabitants of the house

The home is in fact the place where one lives and where one must feel at ease, the place where one can relax at the end of the day on the sofa with one’s family, in the garden with friends or where one can cook an elaborate dinner for guests, the place where one can sleep in an environment that reflects one’s need for rest. When deciding where to buy furniture in Switzerland, one cannot disregard the fact that a table, a sofa, a kitchen, a bed and even what is apparently just a design object are actually objects that have to create that ambience and at the same time speak of the person who lives there. Through their interior design choices, a guest entering a flat should be able to discover who lives there.

Where to buy furniture in Switzerland

How to choose where to buy furniture in Switzerland?

The world of modern furnishing offers so many possibilities for furniture and furnishings that are already available and often modular, and can therefore be adapted to one’s needs in countless different ways. With curiosity and skill one can create one’s own custom-made home, playing with modular elements, colours and materials. However, if you want something truly unique and that combines personal needs and style, you often turn to an interior designer. His or her role is to guide customers in making choices that respect the guidelines of the chosen style (it is not easy, for example, to create a country kitchen, or if you opt for Nordic you cannot confuse it with Japanese), while taking into account the particularities and tastes of each individual, so as to personalise each room.

Where to buy furniture in Switzerland

Why we at Piccolo are a winning answer to where to buy furniture in Switzerland

Professionals must strike the right balance between the dictates of interior design and customer taste, even more so those who deliver a turnkey project. If the question of where to buy furniture in Switzerland is answered by us at Piccolo Sagl, we will be able to, thanks to the experience gained in over 40 years of work in the field, in Lugano and beyond. We represent many prestigious brands, made in Italy and not only: we are thus able to propose the best products on the market for any room in the house, from the living room to the bedroom to the kitchen and even outdoors. When you need something truly unique and not available on the market, we design and custom-build every type of furniture.

We combine extensive technical and design knowledge at the highest level with listening to our customers, so that we understand exactly what is the best solution for everyone, which is why we are a guaranteed successful option where to buy furniture in Switzerland. Because we believe that every space must be unique and represent the person who lives it, we also move into the field of interior decoration and art. In collaboration with art galleries, we offer unique pieces that act as a trait d’union between the worlds of art and design.

If there is any doubt about where to buy furniture in Switzerland, we at Piccolo Sagl design, produce and sell the best in design, guaranteeing a precise and professional service throughout the project and realisation. The result will be a home made to measure for everyone’s dreams!

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Il Piccolo, a second generation family business, opens its showroom in Lugano. With over 50 years of experience, Il Piccolo brings with it a wealth of technical and design knowledge of the highest level, thanks to the many interiors designed and furnished around the world. In addition, Il Piccolo represents many of the best international luxury furniture brands. We design, manufacture and sell the best in design. Also with regard to La Cornue kitchens, we follow the customer from the design to the realisation of the project, integrating the whole process with a precise and professional service.CONTACT US

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