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White kitchens: what are they? How to furnish the white kitchen of your dreams?

White kitchens

In today’s post, the protagonists are white kitchens. Let’s see what they are and how you can design such a kitchen (and when this is necessary).

Let’s start by saying that one of the main tasks of a kitchen design should be to create a room that catches the eye. Specifically, it strikes the eye for the right balance between style and functionality. In this sense, white furniture proves to be an important resource at the disposal of interior decorators and designers.

In particular, thanks to the versatility of white kitchens, beautiful designs can be created in very different spaces. Projects can also be realised with a high degree of customisation.

What are the main advantages of white kitchens?

The adaptability of white kitchens is probably the main advantage of this furniture solution. Indeed, white furniture fits perfectly in small and large spaces, in flats and villas, in classically furnished rooms and in contemporary styles.

White can be seen as a neutral colour, which can be enhanced by choosing coloured accessories and details or left pure, to emphasise the clean and simple design aspects of the furniture.

White kitchens are a solution often resorted to when furnishing a small space or one with little natural light. Using a bright colour such as white, perhaps opting for furniture with a glossy finish, gives the room a bright and airy look, which gives the illusion of being in a larger and cosier space.

There is also another very good reason to invest in a white kitchen. Its elegant and simple style resists the passage of time and is not affected by fashions or passing trends. Choosing designer kitchen furniture, perhaps made to measure, therefore guarantees a long-lasting result and an aesthetic that retains its charm, even after many years.

White kitchens

How to furnish white kitchens?

The most common choice, when furnishing a white kitchen, is to offer white furniture in combination with counter surfaces and coverings in modern materials or natural stone.

A white kitchen with steel worktops is a classic example of a contemporary kitchen . On the other hand, the presence of technical ceramic surfaces is a good compromise between tradition and modernity. The combination of white furniture and marble is probably the most elegant result of all. For the design, one can use a white marble with barely noticeable veins or a dark marble to emphasise the contrast with the furniture. If you want to create a warmer, more rustic ambience, you can choose to install worktops made of granite or quartz.

What else to say about white kitchens? Those who choose to design a kitchen in this colour can resort to modular products that can be adapted to their space, or they can request custom-made furniture. In both cases, it is possible to define in detail what configuration to give the kitchen, to create a space that is welcoming and well-structured.

While in small spaces a linear configuration is almost a must, when you have the opportunity to furnish a spacious kitchen, you can think about a more articulated kitchen layout. In modern interior design, it is common to design the kitchen with an island or a central peninsula. The presence of an additional space dedicated to preparing meals or eating them helps to fill the room intelligently. It also creates a cosy multifunctional environment.

White kitchens

When should white kitchen furniture be preferred?

White kitchens are an option that should be given due consideration whenever the customer requires a kitchen that is stylish and has a bright appearance.

The clean lines of white furniture and its sober look immediately convey a sense of order and simplicity, which is well suited to minimalist and contemporary settings.

The natural elegance of white is not the only reason to favour this colour for kitchen furniture. White worktops, sideboards and wall units are also easy to clean and resistant to moisture, heat and grease.

There is more. Installing a white designer kitchen or one made of selected materials also protects against yellowing. And it also protects against damage from scratches and wear.

For kitchen furniture, you can opt for a glossy, matt or textured finish, depending on the result you want to achieve and the atmosphere you want to give the room. A glossy kitchen emphasises the brightness of the space, for example, while the use of matt furniture allows the design of the furniture and the architectural choices to take centre stage. A textured finish, finally, is ideal to stimulate the senses and to intrigue and engage guests with an original solution capable of giving the room a unique look that is never the same.

Our guide to white kitchens ends here. Now it’s your turn: put yourself in the hands of an interior designer who can turn your furnishing ideas into a successful project!

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