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Bathroom cabinet: how to choose the right cabinet for the style of your bathroom?

Bathroom cabinet

The bathroom cabinet plays a crucial role in interior design projects, especially those with a distinctly modern character.

In contemporary interior design – but not only in that – the bathroom is one of the most central rooms in the home and there is a need for functionality and organisation. In this sense, arranging a cupboard or cabinet in the bathroom makes it possible to better meet one’s needs and to make the room more refined.

 Why should a bathroom cabinet always be considered?

When furnishing a bathroom, there are two most common demands to be met: on the one hand, the search for solutions that combine functionality and practicality, and on the other hand, the creation of furniture that allows for effective space management. The bathroom cabinet represents the ideal choice for both these needs.

Indeed, the bathroom cabinet, beyond its function as simple storage, is very practical, regardless of its size and appearance. Adding one in the bathroom allows you to have space for storage, to organise in an orderly manner, and to have everything you need for the personal care of the family at your fingertips. In its drawers and storage compartments, you can place towels, cosmetics or beauty products, helping to create a cosy and refined ambience.

Furnishing with a bathroom cabinet also optimises space, allowing it to be used to its full potential. This feature of the cabinet is particularly appreciated in smaller bathrooms: there, inserting a cupboard, perhaps made to measure, allows all available centimetres to be used.

Finding the ideal internal organisation is just as important for a well-ordered and organised room. On the basis of one’s needs, one can envisage the presence of internal shelves and various compartments of different heights and sizes, which facilitate the subdivision of objects, speeding up the search and improving the accessibility of various hygiene and body care tools.

Entrusting the search for the right bathroom cabinet to an architect or interior designer allows you to identify the best furnishing solutions for your bathroom. Depending on your practical and stylistic preferences, you can focus on functionality, design or trendy materials and lines.


Bathroom cabinet

What should be considered when choosing a bathroom cabinet?

As we have already mentioned, choosing a wardrobe or cabinet for the bathroom requires balancing several aspects: above all, practicality, functionality and aesthetics.

Among the preliminary considerations to be made in order to find the right bathroom cabinet, one of the most important concerns the style you want to give the room. On this decision, in fact, depends both the choice of colours to be used for the wardrobe and the design to be preferred. Choosing lines for the wardrobe that are consistent with the overall style of the bathroom is always important to create a sense of cohesion and harmony.

To find the right bathroom cabinet for your needs, it is equally important to consider the size of the specific room. In smaller bathrooms, the wardrobe must adapt to the width of the space and respect its proportions, avoiding visually weighing down the location.

The position in which to place the cabinet should also be carefully considered. Installing the bathroom cabinet under the washbasin is a good solution to optimise space, for example. Another practical and space-saving solution is to place the cupboard behind the door. In more spacious rooms, on the other hand, you can use the wardrobe to visually fill a free wall.

What are the best tips for choosing a bathroom cabinet?

Bathroom cabinet

Once you have decided what the maximum size of the cabinet is and where to place the bathroom cabinet, you can move on to choosing the right model.

The structure of the cabinet is the first factor to be analysed carefully. Based on the objects you want to place inside the cabinet, you can decide to opt for a structure with drawers or with doors. If space allows, you can also think about a modular and sectional wardrobe, to which you can add items as needed or which you can configure in different ways if you feel like changing the style of the bathroom.

Finally, do not forget to pay attention to the materials and finishes of the wardrobe chosen to complete the bathroom décor. Wooden structures are the most common, but it is essential to choose a type of wood that resists humidity. In a modern bathroom, for example, you can choose teak, which is perfect for warming the atmosphere, or fir, which is more suitable for a minimalist or Scandinavian style bathroom. As far as finishes are concerned, one can think of a lacquered cupboard with a glossy or matt finish, or for a textured cupboard, which remains more distinctive and unusual.

Those who want to add a touch of modernity can turn to wood and metal bathroom cabinets. A black-painted metal frame, for example, is ideal in an industrial-style bathroom. On the other hand, those who want to focus on design can consider a bathroom cabinet with tempered glass doors.

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