Frequently asked questions about our company.

Covid 19 and design: a new way of working alongside the traditional way of working also in the world of design and furnishing

We imagined a series of questions to tell our clients and those who do not yet know us, how we work and how we should behave until a definitive remedy to this pandemic is found.

Below are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


In which countries do you deliver: we deliver and install all over the world. the haulier can also be procured by the customer if he has one he trusts, otherwise we will make more estimates with different transport companies and the customer will mark the best with us.

Use Covid 19 emergency safety equipment: absolutely yes. We equip all our employees and fit them with masks and gloves and instruct them to respect distances and safety regulations both for the well-being of the customer and for their own interest, so as not to spread this nasty disease. In addition, every morning, and for those who stay in companies up to three times a day, a body temperature record is kept to check that all people do not have a fever, one of the first symptoms of Covid 19 with coughing.

Use your employees for the installations: our well-trained employees can also be supported by teams of external fitters but always ordered by our managers who will guarantee the result and the cleanliness of the site and the behaviour that must always be educated professionally and confidentially.

You produce made-to-measure furniture: in addition to selling the best design brands, we also produce made-to-measure and custom-made furniture when designed by your trusted architects.

You make complete Interiors projects: we make complete Interiors projects and coordinate with your building company and the architect responsible for the safety of the building site.

Guaranteed purchases: we certainly guarantee timing, quality of the furniture and as per law we give a 2-year warranty.

After-sales assistance: we assist our customers even after the sale for the registration and tuning of the furniture and for any other need they may have. 

Collaboration with architectural or engineering firms: we collaborate with many firms specialising in the structures and architecture of buildings, offering services and collaboration for interior design in all its aspects and coordinating with them and the companies, in order to obtain the best possible result while respecting the deadlines for the common objective of customer satisfaction. This is how we create winning and long-lasting teams 

Receive on Saturday: absolutely yes, just write or call us and we will be at your disposal.

Receive by appointment: yes, we recommend it if you need to discuss a complex project or if you want specific advice.

Do surveys on site: we do surveys on site wherever it is and we think it is very important to do so because we will always be the last ones responsible for ensuring the success of a project.

Supply only the brands represented or also others: we supply and sell any type of furniture and brand, indoor and outdoor, even if not directly represented through a network of collaboration between companies.

Collect goods for large projects: it is part of our work to collect all the furniture for small and large projects, in order to facilitate the customer in sending the goods to destination. We check the goods, photograph them and where necessary we integrate the packaging to make it more robust and safe.  

You have the personal Shopper service: for important projects or simply for those who request it, we provide one of our architects who will accompany the customer, in Milan and its province with one of our cars or a taxi, to visit the best shops and showrooms of design in the choice of all the furniture and all the finishes of the same to get to the drafting of a general estimate and the purchase of the entire supply.

Send samples: we ship and supply samples of every kind but only after being sure that the customer will work with us on the project or on the purchase of the furniture by signing a commitment or giving a deposit on the work to be carried out.

The goods shipped are insured: absolutely yes, the goods are insured with the company that transports the goods but travels ex-Factory, at the client’s risk and peril until destination. Very important, as soon as the goods arrive, check that nothing is damaged or signed with reservation, and then have two or three days to check it and notify us that everything has arrived without damage. Otherwise we should inform the insurance company that damage has occurred during transport and that the customer requests a refund. The insurance company will then open the claim and will first ask you for documents of delivery and photos of the packaging, which are important to prove the damage.

How many locations you have: We are based in two Countries, Italy and Switzerland, with two separate companies. A shop in Lugano and a carpentry shop in Italy, in Brianza. We can store the goods both in Italy and Switzerland and ship nationally and internationally from both Countries.  

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