Bathroom Furniture

You can choose your bathroom furniture at Il Piccolo in Lugano: in the Lugano showroom you will find a large assortment and professional staff who are ready to direct you towards the most appropriate solution to your requirements.

Once the business field of few companies specializing in the production of furniture, bathroom furniture, taps, bathtubs, components and accessories, which were kept strictly separated and subdivided into micro-sectors, currently bathroom furniture comes in countless design proposals, whose quality is every bit as good as the rest of the house.

Luxury and refinement meet functionality and comfort: the best bathroom furniture options are offered in the Lugano showroom of Il Piccolo Sagl, the newest venture of an Italian company with over 50 years’ experience.

Bathroom furniture: luxury and design

The room that is most heavily geared to well-being and relax, contemporary bathroom becomes a space for beauty and pleasure, where you can devote yourself to beauty rituals and restore the energy of your body and mind. Hedonism feels authorized to express itself at best in the bathroom, while we take care of our face, body and skin.
And hedonism, you know, loves beautiful things: so, why don’t you transform your bathroom into a sanctuary dedicated to the cult of beauty, through a project that best enhances the space and a selection of designer furniture that amaze with their refinement? For refined and design bathroom furniture, for a bathroom that is every bit as good as the rest of the house, your best option is going to Piccolo Sagl, a reference point for those who want to renovate their house with a full project that includes also exclusively designed bathroom furniture in Lugano or Switzerland/Canton of Ticino.

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