Couches & Sitting

The traditional synonym with the heart of the house, the specific place for aggregation and relax where

guests are received and the closest friends gather, the sitting-room is undoubtedly one of the rooms to be designed and furnished with the utmost care.

First of all, because the sitting-room is place where friends, relatives and guests are received: therefore, the look of this room, which should be decorated tastefully and best reflect the host’s style, cannot be overlooked. Secondly, because the sitting-room is the place where we entertain and relax, often watching TV, reading books, talking or playing with children before dinner. So, our main desire focuses on couches, armchairs and furnishing accessories that provide maximum comfort and use the available space at best.

Whether you must furnish a city loft, a countryside farmhouse or a mountain cottage, sitting-room furniture is an expression of the head of the house and his family: the choice and mix of couches, armchairs, coffee-tables, home entertainment wall units, bookshelves and other furnishing items for the sitting-room are the mirror of your tastes and habits.

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