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Are you looking for a carpentry in Ticino that is serious, reliable and professional? Among the skills of our company, which has a showroom in Lugano, there is also carpentry. So we make all kinds of custom furniture for a house, for an office or for any other domestic environment.

When we refer to a joinery, we are not just talking about a craftsman’s workshop with a couple of machines for making adjustments, but a small industry, with numerically controlled machines and a technical department capable of developing executive drawings. What’s more: whether you are in Ticino or in any other Swiss canton, a true carpentry workshop must study the details of the furnishings, which are so fundamental to the success of the projects to be carried out.

You will find us in Lugano, in Ticino, but the carpentry shop we run is a recognized icon of Made in Italy and was born in the heart of Brianza. In addition to the most innovative machinery, we have the appropriate know-how and experience, absorbed from decades of work in the most important district in the world for furniture.

Our joinery, Ticinese by adoption (if you like), therefore refers to the same property, so it works directly without intermediaries, ensuring the highest quality and the highest service to the final customer.

We offer custom-made furniture and high quality joinery in Ticino. Our services to the customer are always inclusive of installation. However, we also deliver throughout Switzerland (as well as in every corner of the world), thanks to our specialized workers in the transport and assembly of furniture.

Submit your project. We will make you an analytical estimate, to realize your dream of carpentry furniture and guarantee you a result of full satisfaction.

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