The mission of Arper, a Treviso-based company, leader in designing and manufacturing design chairs and tables, is innovating the market of furnishing accessories

Not only innovation in shapes and colors, but a larger vision of the design concept, which updates through unique and original creations and becomes the expression of a long and deep reflection on the subject of 21st century creativity, when everything seems to have been already discovered, created and innovated. According to Arper, design becomes a balanced mix of techniques, materials, function, taste and sensibility: the factors behind a design item must surface through a natural, simple and harmonious shape. Hence, the design and manufacturing of unique furnishing items, icons of the best contemporary design.

Il Piccolo, an authorized dealer of the Arper brand in Lugano and Switzerland – Canton of Ticino, presents the best collections of this innovative brand in order to offer its customers the top selection of made-in-Italy creativity applied to furnishings.

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