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Exclusive kitchens: how do you furnish your kitchen to make it worthy of a furniture magazine?

Exclusive kitchens

Exclusive kitchens stand out for certain characteristics. For example, for the presence of designer furniture, for the refinement of the furnishings and for the careful design of the spaces dedicated to people and cooking.

Specifically, if we look at the best examples of exclusive kitchens, we can see a nice mix of original elements and solutions and fine furniture. As a final result, we obtain an environment that is very pleasant to live in, with a cosy atmosphere and a very well-kept aesthetic.

Through customised solutions and designs that are best suited to the available space, it is always possible to recreate, even in your own home, a room that is worthy of appearing in the world’s best furniture magazines . And now we will give you tips on how to succeed in this!

How to design an exclusive kitchen?

Achieving an elegant and refined result requires balancing various design aspects. On the one hand, you need to know how to select the right materials to use for the construction of the kitchen. On the other hand, one must correctly distribute the different elements in the available space.

The aesthetics of the furniture and furnishings used in the kitchen contribute greatly to giving the room an exclusive and sophisticated look. The colour of the furniture, the material in which it is made and the finish chosen are all aspects to be considered carefully. Exclusive kitchens are born out of this obsessive attention to detail.

For the most elegant kitchens, solid wood is generally opted for, which is often varnished to enhance the natural grain of the wood. Alternatively, solid wood is covered with a uniform coloured paint.

The choice of materials to be used for worktops depends very much on the furnishing style chosen. Let us also give a few examples here. In some configurations, marble worktops can be used if you want to give the kitchen an elegant and traditional look. In other cases, exclusive kitchens include technical ceramic worktops, because you want to focus on a simple, modern style.

Another tip. In order to design an exclusive kitchen that catches the eye from the first glance, it is advisable to choose custom-made furniture or adopt a modular solution. Both options ensure optimal utilisation of the available space and allow the furniture to be neatly arranged in the room.

Exclusive kitchens

What are the distinguishing features of an exclusive modern kitchen?

In modern exclusive kitchens, there is a fresh atmosphere. Specifically, the furniture has elegant, clean lines and, in general, there are references to the minimalist style. Both kitchens with a linear layout and those with a central island or peninsula have furniture with simple lines. Such furniture also has design details.

Colour plays a very important role in a modern kitchen. Indeed, the choice of colour determines the character of the room and defines the atmosphere in it. As a general rule, light colours are preferred for modern kitchens because they give the room an elegant look and because they are able to bring out its brightness.

Those who want to give an even more original touch to the space can choose bright colours, to be distributed among the furniture, walls, textiles and floors.

Modern kitchens also allow great freedom when it comes to choosing the most suitable composition to bring out the room’s strengths. Depending on one’s taste and how one wants to use the kitchen, one can consider a simple linear layout or a kitchen with an island. While the first solution emphasises the more functional aspects of the space, the second option focuses on the more social and convivial side of the room.

Exclusive kitchens

Which elements should be included in the furnishing of exclusive kitchens of traditional-style?

Those who want to recreate an exclusive kitchen with a more traditional flavour in their home can focus on wooden furniture with a classic design and high quality materials, such as marble, to be used for the floors and worktops, and leather, to be used for the upholstery of chairs and stools.

For this kind of kitchen, there is a tendency to use warmer colours than in modern kitchens. The natural tones of wood, red and blue give the room a cosy and stately atmosphere at the same time.

In exclusive kitchens, classically styled, wood panelling is a must. Such decorations, made of wood or stucco, embellish the walls of the room and give it a timeless look, which is immediately striking in its elegance and refinement.

However, the most important challenge for those who have to design exclusive kitchens in the traditional style is to balance tradition and modernity very well. With this in mind, one may decide to install built-in appliances in the room so that they are invisible.

For small appliances to be placed on the kitchen worktop, you can opt for models with a retro design. However, this is not the only option to consider. You can also make the opposite choice and decide to install appliances with ultra-contemporary lines. It is a decision that helps emphasise the contrast between the classic lines of the furniture and the exclusivity of modern technology.

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