Headboard: Classic,modern, romantic or essential, how to choose it

headboard It can be made of various materials, its main task is to provide support for the head, so that you can sit or stand slightly elevated. It is possible to choose different combinations of materials and colours, always starting from the style of the room, with particular attention to the finish. The modern one is essential, often square, minimalist even in the details. A very comfortable and at the same time design element is the upholstery.

Order first, some tips for a small walk-in closet

small walk-in closet, something will have to be given up, as always when dealing with space-saving solutions, but with the right organisation you can have a walk-in wardrobe that is both functional and beautiful to look at, just as you want it. The same principles apply for designing it as for a large one, i.e. the wide choice available in terms of styles and materials. Avoid decorations that are excessive and risk making it look bulky.

Contemporary terrace: how to compose it? How best to furnish it with the right furniture and accessories?

Contemporary terrace requires careful planning and an accurate assessment of the size, exposure and objectives of the furnishing project. Its furnishings should blend harmoniously with the architecture of the house and reflect one’s personal taste. As far as furniture is concerned, it is important to select pieces that fit the dimensions of the contemporary terrace. Finally, adding plants and flowers can help create a more natural and relaxing ambience on the contemporary terrace.

Black and wood kitchen, where the original and refined contrast is played out

Black and wood kitchen are original kitchens that are created through choices of materials, colours and fine or unusual details. For wood, one must calculate that the possible nuances for wood are almost infinite. The only limitation is that a particularly veined and dark wood, when juxtaposed with black, the dark colour by definition, is heavy and not very bright. Skillfully juggling the contrast, finding the right balance between the different tones, is the winning strategy!

Outdoor beds: what are they? How to choose the right model for you?

Outdoor beds are a good idea for carving out a corner to relax outdoors and for furnishing the space in an original way. they can be used as a surface on which to stretch out and read a book in the open air, as a sun lounger or as an outdoor mattress on which to rest a while surrounded by nature. they are easy to handle and can be moved easily. They come in various shapes and designs.

Small TV furniture: the complete choice guide and all the best tips

Small tv furniture are the perfect solution when you need to furnish spaces that are small in size. they impress above all with their functionality. Despite their small size, these pieces of furniture are very practical and often also incorporate shelves and drawers.  Furniture that is a versatile and functional resource for furnishing several types of homes

Bathroom cabinet: how to choose the right cabinet for the style of your bathroom?

bathroom cabinet play a crucial role in interior design projects, especially those that have a distinctly modern character. they allow for storage space, orderly organisation and having everything needed for personal care in the family within easy reach. Once you have decided what the maximum cabinet size is and where to place the bathroom cabinet, you can move on to choosing the right model.

With visible elements and fine finishes, how to make the most of a designer sideboard

designer sideboard represents a perfect combination of practicality, tradition and aesthetics. thanks to its characteristics, open compartments or closed by transparent doors can be provided for elements that you want to be seen. A piece of furniture with attention to detail, where nothing is left to chance, from the lines to the shapes, from the placement of the objects that will take their place to the lights.

Narrow tables: what do they look like? How to choose the right type for your kitchen or living room?

Narrow tables are an ingenious and versatile solution for furnishing the home and are especially useful when one has special needs, for a question of space or for interior design decisions made. a great solution for optimising space without sacrificing style.

What does it mean to have a large dining table?

large dining table seems to encapsulate the premise of dinners with lots of guests, in cheerfulness and conviviality. the size and space required vary greatly. Large can be understood to mean a table that is large because it seats so many people or because it leaves plenty of room for everyone. rectangular and oval solutions are often indicated, due to a question of space requirements.

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