Expensive beds: what are they and how to choose them according to your sleeping needs?

Expensive beds make rest a caress, luxury objects that literally make interior design lovers dream. What all popular expensive beds have in common is the use of premium materials, both in mattresses and frames. The mattress must then be accompanied by a bed base that offers adequate support and a piece of furniture whose structure must communicate the quality of the sleeping system

The cherry kitchen: a guide to the ideal choice for your home

A cherry kitchen is one of the most commonly used luxury kitchens. Cherry wood is particularly valuable, and a kitchen made from this essence appears naturally elegant and solid. Both classic and contemporary styles are realised.

Modern contemporary kitchens, where essentiality meets cosiness

Modern contemporary kitchens where cooking and living. You can distinguish various styles and materials such as steel, wood, or fenix to be original. For colours, the choice is wide, although light shades are very popular, from the ever-popular white, which takes centre stage, to cream, brown and beige. Cabinets and spaces in modern kitchens are designed to be functional.

Classic wooden kitchens, warmth and harmony without sacrificing modernity

Classic wooden kitchens are a type of kitchen that gives an invaluable sense of home warmth. Light colours certainly help the kitchen itself to be bright. The perfect wood for classic kitchens is walnut or cherry, a symbol of warmth. Excellent furnishing accessories such as copper pots or ceramic services.

Milan Design Week 2022: all the best trends from the Milanese kermesse

Milan Design Week 2022 both designers and participating companies have presented many novelties for home furnishing. They all look at sustainability and are committed to offering truly sustainable materials, from controlled sources and, if possible, trends, new shapes, colours and materials.

Wardrobe with side bookcase

Wardrobe with side bookcase is a modern and versatile solution, perfect for furnishing the bedroom in a functional way. Its presence makes the furniture look more attractive and can help fill empty spaces. A wardrobe with side bookcase makes the side of the furniture functional and makes use of the space.

luxury interior design living room: the 3 steps to the ideal project

luxury interior design living room aims to create comfortable and exclusive environments. The primary objective is to select furniture capable of enhancing the space to be furnished and to understand the requests made. Important is the strategic use of lamps and spotlights that will help emphasise certain points in the living room and bring them to the forefront.

Wood veneer on wall, a decoration for every style and every room

Wood veneer on wall is made up of a series of panels that fit perfectly with all styles of furniture. It can cover the whole wall or just part of it. When choosing the cladding, as with the furniture, it is essential to keep in mind the style of the house. It is suitable for all rooms.

Interior design lighting is just as important as furniture! Don’t overlook

Designer interior lighting makes lamps, chandeliers and light effects, both natural and artificial, as important a part of the interior as furniture and furnishings. Light can be direct, indirect, filtered, diffused, you have to know what you want to achieve,

The industrial style metal chandelier: guide to choice

Industrial metal chandelier one of the great protagonists of interior design in recent years. one of the principles of this style is to keep some of the structural elements, such as pipes and cables, visible. Thanks to their simple and elegant lines, they can be used both in the living area of the house and in the sleeping area