Elegant wardrobe: what are its characteristics? In what styles can it be made?

Elegant wardrobe can improve not only the functionality of the room in which it is placed, but also its overall appearance. The choice of materials is one of the most important aspects in design. The needs and functions that the wardrobe must fulfil are equally important in guiding the final choice.

A few tips for those who want a bedroom with walk in wardrobe and ensuite

bedroom with walk in wardrobe and ensuite in modern architecture is increasingly moving towards a concept of a multifunctional, dynamic, open space home. The walk-in wardrobe can be equipped with just a few basic elements for storing clothes, or it can be large and include a dressing and make-up area. the purpose of providing both a walk-in wardrobe and an en-suite bathroom is to make a single, large, multifunctional room. there can be separations between the various spaces, mobile or fixed, and not everything has to be visible

Upscale kitchens: what do they look like? How to design a high-end kitchen?

Upscale kitchens are not only elegant and functional, they also adapt to the individual needs of those who use them in everyday life. The most refined kitchens are also characterised by the presence of fine details and great attention to practicality. For cladding, original solutions such as resin can be embraced, which is ideal in a modern context

Pocket door kitchen: what is it? How to choose the right model for you?

A pocket door kitchen is a solution whose most obvious advantage is therefore the ability to hide what you do not want on the first floor. When designing the kitchen, it is essential to consider where to place the doors and therefore which elements to hide. The use of a kitchen of this type is particularly appropriate in open-plan rooms and in all cases where the kitchen is visible from other parts of the house and you want to keep it closed when you are not using it.

Glass cabinets: tips on how to use one or more glass cabinets to furnish rooms in your home

Glass cabinets are a type of traditional furniture that is making a strong comeback. they are used to display utensils and household items. Modern style glass cabinets have a structure made entirely of glass or crystal while traditional ones have a wooden structure. When evaluating different models of glass cabinets, it is always worth considering the convenience of cabinets with integrated lighting.

Upgraded kitchens: how to renovate your kitchen by totally changing its look and functionality (complete guide)

Upgraded kitchensare the ideal choice for people who love interior design and want to continually make changes to the furnishings in their home. These kitchens can also look very different simply by changing the colour of the furniture or replacing certain elements of its structure. In large kitchens, you can also consider eliminating elements in order to achieve an ambience that is more in line with your daily needs.

Everything in view! The glass wardrobe combines design and elegance with functionality

Glass wardrobe to be placed in any room, with a material of undeniable charm, to make it something aesthetic, elegant and unique. Those who choose to use this material, however, either alone or in combination with others, must bear in mind that they will have to maintain order inside the cabinet. A glass wardrobe can be purchased with steel or metal for a contemporary look.

Bespoke wardrobe: how to choose the right customised wardrobe for your furnishing needs?

A bespoke wardrobe is the best solution for making the most of the space available in your home. it allows you to have a piece of furniture that fits perfectly into all kinds of spaces and that harmonises with the room. it must not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it must also be able to meet the practical and functional needs of those living in the house

Elegant, light, resistant, bright: some reasons to choose a glass coffee table

glass coffee table . A choice capable of lending an extra touch to any environment and which suits every interior design. Thanks to its characteristic of being pierced by light, glass brings brightness to every context, giving the visual impression of enlarging space. . It must be of the correct height according to the sofa itself or the armchair, so that it can be easily reached, positioned at the right distance but in a way that does not cause discomfort.

The luxurious closet design : how to choose the one that makes the most of your room?

luxurious closet design is where the game of elegant aesthetics and high functionality is played. Finding a closet design that proves to be the ideal one can make all the difference and improve the end result even more. In order to find the ideal closet design, it is essential to understand the practical needs that the closet is to fulfill.

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