Lacanche: ovens, hobs and accessories for a dream kitchen

Lacanche kitchens is a French company founded in 1796 that is mainly dedicated to the production of professional, high-end kitchens. today it is characterised by its ability to offer an excellent combination of elegant design, advanced functionality and durability. only the highest quality materials are used, such as stainless steel, brass and copper. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and carefully designed in every detail, Lacanche’s products also guarantee excellent performance

Tooy Nabila: the Made in Italy lamp collection that furnishes and excites

Tooy Nabila, These lamps are characterised in particular by a careful choice and selection of materials. designed by Corrado Dotti, is refined, minimalist and essential. These models are among the best-loved of the entire Tooy range, thanks above all to their versatility and ease of use. It is a high quality product, both technologically and aesthetically, an innovative, long-lasting and functional lighting solution.

Modular bookcases, free your imagination to create your perfect piece of furniture

Modular bookcases are definitely a solution that allows you to create the perfect design for all contexts. they can be the ideal piece of furniture for every room. One of the great advantages, moreover, is to create a bookcase that can be modified over time. The bookcase modules themselves do not have to be completely the same. As far as materials are concerned, there are modular types of bookcases in wood, metal, laminate, iron

Strong or light? Questions to ask yourself when choosing your wall bookshelf       

wall bookshelf  are among the most commonly used. they can be taller or shorter pieces of furniture to be leaned against a wall. They can be of the same size, both in height and width, or not. they have a purely functional role, i.e. they must really be able to hold a lot of books. Materials? As always, green light to wood, metal, iron, if desired with glass inserts

From the legs to the material, here is what characterises modern tables

Modern tables often have a single leg supporting them in the middle, which must still be sturdy enough.  There are numerous table models on the market from which one can choose. They are carefully finished and a detail or decoration, either on the legs or on the top, can make all the difference

The importance of Design coffee tables: if you choose wrong, the overall effect changes

Design coffee tables, According to some interior designers it is even they who visually bind all the furniture in the living room, they usually stand in front of the sofa and as well as having an important design role they are functional because they are used to rest the remote control while watching TV, the aperitif glass or what you are munching on. As far as materials are concerned, with wood the concept of domestic warmth is always aimed at, so it is an option that always pleases

Kitchen tips: all the best tips for building the kitchen of your dreams

Kitchen tips.  Optimising space and organisation in this room allows you to work more efficiently, reducing stress and making daily tasks more enjoyable A well-organised kitchen is the heart of a cosy home. Knowing how to balance functionality and style is the secret to creating a kitchen that is pleasant to live in and reflects one’s personal style.

Tooy: when light becomes style and experimentation

Tooy is a company that has managed to distinguish itself in the field of designer lamps. it has managed to create a unique and immediately recognisable stylistic language. Tooy means high quality lighting solutions designed with almost sartorial care. In addition to the fixed solutions, the company offers several models of mobile lamps that can be positioned and moved to various places in the home, to add a point of light where it is needed.

Wooden partition wall, a dynamic solution for modifying and furnishing spaces

Wooden partition walls give you the opportunity to experience the rooms in your home as something that can change over time, adapting to the needs and requirements of the moment. Wood is a material that, due to its many qualities, is used extensively in all types of furniture and styles. The wall is much more dynamic than a wall, because it can be integrated with functional elements such as shelves or shelves, perhaps becoming on one side a simple panel and on the other a bookcase or a space for storing and leaning objects, or even a cupboard

Not just for ‘containing’ books: the new features of a modern design bookcase

modern design bookcase a decidedly more fluid way of understanding furniture often becomes elements that give a room a different feel and divide it. It is necessary to find a compromise between the need for space and utilitarian function and the desire to add an extra touch to the room. And the materials? Wood for classic contexts or metal for more modern ones, or glass for something really unusual

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