Fine materials, craftsmanship, innovation: the traits of luxury Italian interior design

luxury Italian interior design is a professional who designs interiors, i.e. the choice, combination and arrangement of furniture, lighting and decoration elements. A careful eye is also paid to the eco-sustainability of the products used, which means exalting natural materials, such as the aforementioned wood and stone, but also recycling and reuse.

Mario Botta, from Ticino to the… world. The architect who loves stone

Mario Botta is an architect in Ticino who likes to think and design different buildings. His choice of clear, square volumes with imposing dimensions is also a lecturer at the Mendrisio Academy, which he helped to found.

Herzog & De Meuron, excellence made in Switzerland

Herzog & De Meuron, the firm founded in 1978, is located in Basel and is a Swiss excellence in the field of architecture, with a maniacal attention to detail, materials and textures. Their works are between architecture, archaeology and art.

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