Luxury outdoor furniture: the guide to get your choices right

Luxury outdoor furniture is gaining more and more importance and must be chosen consistently with the furnishings in the other rooms of the house. The color palette that is going for the most is that of the earth. Their choice can also be affected by the characteristics of the environment surrounding the house

Paola Lenti, everything started with carpets

Paola lenti founded in 1984, Compasso d’Oro award in 2001 and 2004, while the Rope fabric won the wallpaper Award in 2015 as the best fabric of the year. Outdoor design, comfort and quality designed to be timeless and have not only a functional (over time) but also a stylistic durability.

Italy is also in the vanguard when it comes to garden furniture!

Garden furniture is increasingly important in a home. At Roda you can find garden furniture made in Italy and is very careful about using sustainable materials. Among them are different types of certified and environmentally treated woods and recyclable metals.

A dining table for eating together outside is a must today

Outdoor dining table is a must today. it is important that they are weatherproof. The wooden outdoor table, on the other hand, is perfect for bringing warmth to the room, as well as being durable and perfectly adaptable to any style.

RODA outdoor: excellence in outdoor design

Roda outsoor collection is the spokesperson for Made in Italy design and a timeless style, capable of furnishing the most exclusive spaces. The contemporary lines make it possible to transfer the different pieces of furniture from the outside of the house to the inside and vice versa

Designer pool loungers, essential for perfect relaxation

Pool loungers must be chosen with care. They are made of different materials such as aluminium, resin and wood. They are comfortable both for resting and for reading a book. They are easy to maintain and can be equipped with accessories such as covers for the winter, cushions and mini umbrellas for the sun.

How to design a luxury gazebo

The garden can be seen as a real open-air living room, the place to spend pleasant moments alone or in the company of friends and family. Furnishing your garden with a luxury gazebo allows you to create a cosy and classy space where you can spend time outdoors surrounded by beauty.

Transforming your garden into a high design environment

With good planning, the garden can become a functional, high-design space. The outdoor areas of the house are gaining importance in interior design and those who have a house with a garden are increasingly deciding to take action to enhance this space.

With modern outdoor sofas, the garden is part of the house!

Outdoor sofas turn your garden into a living room. They are linear or with a peninsula, made of materials that are easy to maintain and clean. Perfect for spending pleasant moments with family or friends.

Outdoor design funiture, how to choose Them

The design outdoor furniture is increasingly of high quality and comfortable. They are made of natural materials, and they have intense colors shade.