Pergola, a space to make the most of for relaxation: a guide to materials

Pergola is a structural and decorative element of a garden or vegetable garden, forming a shaded passageway shaped like a gallery and supported by pillars. It can be constructed of various materials, most notably wood, aluminium or iron. It is obvious that being outdoors, aesthetics must be combined with the ability to withstand the elements without being damaged by sun, rain and passing time. As far as colours are concerned, untreated wood brings a sense of warmth; in a modern environment, opt for black or grey.

Wintergarden, extra room and outdoor space: how to make it unique?

Wintergarden, an outdoor space where you can spend some time relaxing, perhaps in the company of your friends. it is an extra room with many functions, and even the furnishing should be decided on the basis of what you choose to favour from the living room to the dining room. Transparent glazing is the solution that makes the wintergarden appear open even when it is not: a closed version with large windows will give the impression of being outdoors. For roofs, aluminium is often used, especially in modern contexts

Garden bench: what is it? How to choose the right model for your garden?

Garden bench can be particularly advantageous when you want to add more seating in one solution. can also be considered as an alternative to traditional chairs or a sofa. When choosing the right one, pay attention to design, robustness and materials. Choosing a designer garden bench can transform even the most anonymous outdoor space into a true oasis of relaxation.

Comfortable, durable but with the right style: how to choose the right daybed outdoor

Daybed outdoor must be able to be moved around in the various outdoor areas.  It must be light and transportable or equipped with wheels. For those who do not have a lot of space, you can think of a folding solution. it must be able to lie comfortably by stretching its legs. You can choose between a slim, linear lounger with legs or for a more enveloping and generously sized one. Wood, aluminium or rattan and many other materials.

How to create an lounge outdoor   for relaxing outdoors

the lounge outdoor   must strike a balance between design and functionality: many companies have taken a stab at the subject, creating outdoor furniture of great prestige, both practical and aesthetic. it is necessary to choose materials that will withstand the outdoors. It is no longer just an outdoor area but a true lounge outdoor   . It is therefore easy to choose sofas, armchairs and coffee tables that reflect and continue the style of the indoor living room.

Outdoor chairs: what features do they have? How to make the right choice for your outdoor space?

Outdoor chairs for your garden or your terrace permit you to create welcoming and refined spaces, in which to enjoy time spent in the open air. Two approaches: opt for functional chairs, with which to create a living/relaxation area outside the home, or choose design chairs, with an original and aesthetically refined style. When choosing outdoor chairs it is a good idea to evaluate the duration and resistance of the various models available. The perfect outdoor chairs should then guarantee a certain coherence with the outdoor environment and with the rest of the furnishings.

Between materials and finishes, luxurious garden furniture has nothing to envy to indoor furniture

luxurious garden furniture, no longer merely functional, but able to offer an oasis where you can relax and spend quality time in the company of your guests. This furniture creates truly breathtaking spaces. The materials must be durable and high-quality, with a focus on sustainable interior design. For those who love to cook, an outdoor kitchen will be needed, which can be concealed or even modular if you want to start with the bare minimum.

Lounge outdoor, when comfort meets design

Lounge outdoor, its definition of a chaiselongue is that of an elongated armchair with a single raised support for the head, designed for lying down and getting comfortable. It can be made of wood, aluminium, iron, metal, and possibly even types of plastic. Many designers have put their hand to the concept of the chaise longue, creating an infinity of models and solutions.

Garden furniture Switzerland: which choice to make? Which design to focus on?

Garden furniture Switzerland, the same attention should be paid to outdoor furniture as to interior decoration. In Switzerland as elsewhere, the first criterion to take into account when making the right choice is the style you want to give your garden. The process of choosing such furniture involves analysing and choosing the right materials for the project. Those who dream of a modern, elegant style garden can achieve splendid results by choosing garden furniture with clean, essential lines.

What are summer kitchens and how to make them a feature of your home

Summer kitchens are an up-to-date and useful concept for those who want to create an area for cooking and eating in holiday homes, cottages or even in the city using a garden. It is a room designed for cooking and eating, detached from the main body of the house, be it a holiday home, a cottage or one’s own main residence, although often connected. When closed, on a practical level, it can be used in any weather. It is a real kitchen so you can focus on technology, even creating a professional environment if you wish.

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