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A sofa classic design has fine finishes and materials

sofa classic design , refined and imposing, go in the direction of a room that is the perfect calling card for the entire home while allowing the family to relax. Opting for something that is designer and follows classic lines means bringing home a piece of furniture that is important, with attention to detail and beautiful to look at. it is symmetrical, whatever the number of seats, it has armrests and a high back, in short, the elements that were associated with this piece of furniture before various realities varied and broke it down, in the search for comfort and originality

Attic house interior design is a game of balancing heights

Attic house interior design is in fact one of the most difficult tasks, mainly due to the irregular spaces. The lowest parts will become the most intimate areas, where for example the TV can be placed. Attic house interior designcan be complicated because the measurements are not standard. Fundamental in an attic, even more so than in another type of flat, is the lighting

Modern kitchen with fireplace: how to decorate it properly?

Modern kitchen with fireplace serves to warm and decorate the home . important is the style of the home and the relationship with the furniture layout. In ultra-modern kitchens with a minimalist style, you may also decide to insert a bioethanol fireplace. A corner fireplace, open on two sides, on the other hand, is the ideal choice for a large open-plan kitchen

Sleeping is an art for Treca: from the mattress to the bed, everything is personalised

Treca, sleep is “savoir dormir” in the French language, meaning one must know how to sleep, a way of life. It is inspired by the great Parisian palaces, as well as renowned designers and the best craftsmen, focusing on tradition.

Modern home decoration means choosing functionality and practicality

Modern furniture wants little decoration, the use of white colour practicality and functionality. Spaces are easily adaptable and simple to clean. Multifunctionality is one of its additional advantages.

What furniture for a designer living room

The living room is the room around which a large part of domestic life revolves. It is the space where you meet at the end of the day and relax watching TV, but it is also the place where you welcome guests for lunch or a party.

Design beds in wood, a practical and pleasant solution for every need

The design bed in wood today is central to the interior design and is a symbol of relaxation and intimacy. In solid wood of great quality and timeless or canopy, with container or recyclable made with pallets.

Outdoor design funiture, how to choose Them

The design outdoor furniture is increasingly of high quality and comfortable. They are made of natural materials, and they have intense colors shade.

Outdoor kitchens, stainless steel kitchens guarantee resistance and comfort

Outdoor spaces experienced in different ways, cooking in the garden or on the terrace Outdoor kitchens respond to changing living needs. There is a trend towards making more and more use of outdoor spaces as places to share time with friends and family, thus increasing the importance of terraces and gardens. The Coronavirus pandemic that

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