Living room

How to give personality to the living room with fancy sofas

Fancy sofas one of the most frequently reproduced pieces of furniture in different versions, designs, materials, fabrics, shapes by various furniture companies. Colours and patterns, but leather is a decisive and elegant option that gives a refined touch to any room and is perfect for those looking for decisive and unique traits. Speaking of shapes, since there is something for every taste on the market, you can make your choice of sofa extravagant with this very detail.

Attractive design and comfort, why swinging chairs  are increasingly popular

swinging chairs  comes from tradition, but is becoming especially popular in modern interior design. It is a type of chair that is characterised by having a seat supported only at the front and not at the back. From a practical point of view, the rocking movement adapts to that of the body, thus making the person sitting there feel extremely comfortable and not constrained by the rigid shapes of the seat. Protagonists of the room or camouflage them and make them discreet

Luxury sofas: what do they look like? How to make the right choice for your home?

Luxury sofas are in fact not just a piece of furniture, but represent a real investment that can greatly enhance the comfort and elegance of the environment. they are appreciated not only for their refined aesthetics, but also for their unbeatable comfort and durability. In modern or classic leather or fabric, the room where it is most common to find a luxury sofa is the living room.

Rocking chairs: how to choose the rocking chair that matches your interior design?

Rocking chairs are a very distinctive piece of furniture that can also become the centrepiece of one’s interior design. they often take centre stage and become the focal point of the room. Common materials include wood, metal and rattan, with the latter being ideal for rocking chairs for outdoor use. Wooden rocking chairs, with their natural and rustic appeal, fit perfectly into homes with rustic or country style furniture.

The extending wooden table is the versatile solution for every environment, from classic to modern

extending wooden tablefor those who want something that is linked to tradition but at the same time fits well into a modern context. This table guarantees flexibility and functional dynamism. It fits into any environment and wood goes well with classic furnishings, where it is usually dominant, and also with modern ones

Baxter Italia: protagonists of interior design Made in Italy

Baxter Italia one of the companies that symbolise Made in Italy design. Furnishings that are capable of improving the quality of living and that always guarantee a harmonious result. The company focuses on the encounter between different materials, which are combined to express a precise state of mind.  The aim is to find the perfect balance between creative ideas, simple and functional lines and materials of exceptional quality

The Sofa U form: how to choose the right model for your furnishing style?

Sofa U form is not only comfortable, but at the same time creates a sense of closeness and cohesion between the people sitting on it. This type of seating fills the room visually and creates a naturally collected relaxation area. A designer coffee table can be placed in front of the sofa to reinforce the elegance of the sofa. For best results, it is also a good idea to combine the Sofa U form with other surrounding furniture elements such as armchairs and a rug.

Space-saving and intimate 2 seater sofas 

2 seater sofas   create a romantic and intimate atmosphere that one with several seats with a lot of space does not allow. It is not just furniture for the living room, but can be placed in other rooms to create an intimate relaxation area. These sofas can be placed in a bedroom, and as with other larger sofas, comfort is one of the first criteria to consider. One must be able to sit or lie down in perfect relaxation!

Sofa or small armchairs? Sometimes both! A guide to what to choose

small armchairs come in various styles, sizes, colours and materials. They are a smaller version of armchairs, but no less comfortable and convenient. one next to the other allows greater freedom of movement for everyone, and a more dynamic and mobile positioning.

Entrance furniture: how to make the right choice?

Entrance furniture should be chosen with great care, as the atmosphere in this area influences the impression that friends, family and guests will have of the house. consistent with the rest of the house. To give a personal touch to the room, you can act in a variety of ways, from choosing made-to-measure furniture to adding complements and accessories

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