Living room

Baxter Italia: protagonists of interior design Made in Italy

Baxter Italia is the search for innovative solutions, a passion for design and the use of the highest quality materials. Leather is the main protagonist. These creations focus on mix and match, i.e. the meeting of different materials to express a precise mood.

Modern living room tables: a guide to choosing the ideal piece of furniture for your needs

Modern living room tables are often the centrepiece of the room’s furniture. The perfect tables are functional, made with a sophisticated design and solid materials. Care must be taken to match not only the table with the chairs, but also with the carpets, the floor and the colour of the walls.

Who are the best luxury interior designers?

the best luxury interior designers, to leave absolutely nothing to chance. These are specialists and the names are obviously endless and as always it depends on personal taste, but there are figures on which everyone is unanimous.

Knoll Saarinen Womb chair, a chair to pamper and amaze

Knoll Saarinen Womb chair, a high design chair that will not disfigure any type of environment. Its purpose is precisely to make the person feel cuddled, enveloped and protected, like a foetus in the womb. The seat legs are made of tubular steel, seamless, while the seat shell is made of moulded fibreglass with foam upholstery.

Chandeliers for beach houses: guide to the right choice

Chandeliers for beach houses is good to give a relaxing lighting. you can decide to decorate the space with elements that recall the marine environment or you can opt for neutral and essential furniture.

Swaroski crystal chandeliers, mystery and fascination to arouse wonder

Swarosky crystal chandeliers represent excellence, luxury, elegance insert. There are several types of crystals depending on their cut and polish. These chandeliers will be the main element of a room and give an invaluable sense of sophistication.

Modern pendant lights for the living room: a guide to choosing them so you don’t go wrong

Modern living room chandeliers can be made of crystal or glass, with a central metal frame or with a lampshade made of fabric, paper or modern plastics. Home automation is also changing the choice of furnishings, favouring the spread of connected chandeliers, which increase the comfort of those in the home.

Crystal drop chandeliers, charm for every type of furnishing

Crystal chandeliers with drops. they are a choice that ensures success. They guarantee romance and sophistication with their soft light that illuminates the room in a delicate and elegant way. they can be combined without any problem with various types of furniture, which is why they are considered versatile. there are also vintage models.

Luxury mirrors: how to choose the right model for you?

Luxury mirrors have so many merits that they are a necessary element of interior design in different home contexts. First and foremost, they reflect, creating a play of perspectives. They illuminate spaces and can match the style chosen for furnishing the house or can be a striking element that stands out from the crowd.

Knoll Saarinen tulip chair, when the chair becomes design. With just one leg!

Knoll Saarinen tulip chair is a point of innovation in the world of seating that brings elegance and modernity to the living area. An element that has almost the same charm as a sculpture. Instead of legs, a pedestal can be rotated or fixed.