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Furniture in Switzerland: which are the best brands? Where to find them?

To buy furniture in Switzerland you should choose the experience of a fully reliable manufacturer. The company you choose should be based in Switzerland, and so should its showroom, where you should be able to admire part of the selection of designer furniture in its catalogue. Clients, architects and interior designers increasingly feel the need to decorate spaces in a unique way, taking care that the furniture and accessories meet the specific needs of each person.

The priceless brightness and versatility of glass tables

glass tables for the kitchen, for the living room or even for an office or meeting room are countless. glass is totally recyclable and moreover contains no paint or chemicals. Glass, whether natural or coloured, is not discoloured by the sun, so it is durable, even in a place where it receives direct sunlight or outside.

Design sofas: what are they? How to choose the ideal designer sofa for your living room?

Design sofas allow you to add personality to your living room without having to resort to furniture that is complex and articulated. they stand out because they are designed and planned by expert designers who are recognised internationally. They have been able to follow the evolution of style and reflect the changes that have taken place in society and the way of life.

Italian sofas: how to choose the Made in Italy sofa that makes your living room unique?

Italian sofas are recognised all over the world for their distinctive style and great craftsmanship. Furnishing living rooms with these sofas has many advantages, both from a practical and stylistic point of view. Furnishing living rooms with them has many advantages, both from a practical and stylistic point of view

Durable, elegant, hygienic: all the whys of a ceramic table

Ceramic table This is a choice that suits every type of table, from kitchen tables to outdoor tables, thanks to its structural features as well as its aesthetic ones. The main aesthetic characteristic of a table made of ceramic is its shine. it is easy to clean and sanitise using the most common detergents and will last a long time, because it not only withstands thermal shock and is easy to clean, but will not be scratched.

Living room decor ideas: 7 tips for choosing style and furniture for your living room

Living room decor ideas. We have collected seven different suggestions to help you achieve an optimal result. After the sofa, the second element to consider is the dining table. The accessories such as curtains and matching textiles, lighting and colours in the house. Checking the harmony between the various patterns and decorative motifs in the living room is crucial to achieving an aesthetically pleasing d├ęcor.

Modern living room: what is it? How to furnish a modern living room?

Modern living room, What makes it different from a classic living room? How can it transform the living area of a flat, loft or villa? We’ll follow you through everything: from the choice of table to the choice of chairs, from the preference for armchairs to the choice of wall units. How do you create a modern living room? What furniture should be part of it? Our step-by-step guide to furnishing a modern living room

How to choose the right coffee table, from size to shape

Coffee table if chosen carefully it also becomes a useful design element for many things. It can come in all sizes, shapes and materials. Regarding materials and styles, as mentioned, the starting point is the style of the house.

Decorating living rooms: a guide to furnish living rooms (furniture and accessories)

Decorating living rooms. The first step is to consider the size of the room. The living room is not a place in itself, i.e. it is not separate from the rest of your home. The walls, furnishings and decorations can give the living room a specific character and complete its furnishings by adding a unique touch.

How to decorate the living room? All the best tips for furnishing your living room

How to decorate the living room Together with the kitchen, the living room is the heart of the living area of a flat, a loft or a villa. Choosing the right interior designer is decisive for a successful interior design project in a living room. The styles can be many, Scandinavian, minimal, shabby chic, ornamental, bo chc. These are sometimes complex to do, which is why a professional interior decorator is so indispensable in understanding how to decorate the living room.

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