Living room

TV furniture: how to choose the ideal model depending on the room and furnishing style?

TV furniture can furnish a living room or lounge with personality. it has the added advantage of offering more space to hold film divas and video games, but also other objects such as board games, books or photographs. if suspended, it is always a contemporary solution that enhances the clean design. its choice is closely linked to the style you want to give the room.

Corner TV cabinet: guide to choosing the ideal corner TV cabinet

Corner TV cabinet is the ideal solution for making productive use of a living room space. It gives personality to an area of the living room and has many solutions. Consider the materials, finishes and style to be given . It can be standard, customised or designer.

Sliding doors, a world of possibility for your spaces

Sliding doors is a door that opens by sliding horizontally, typically parallel to a wall. Which typesn and hot to use them . Glass sliding doors let natural light into the space, making it more energy efficient. Glass sliding doors provide separation in a large open room without making it appear smaller. The benefits of sliding doors are their short space requirements for opening and their simplicity of automation.

Class, sobriety and harmony: the results of furnishing a modern classic living rooms

furnishing a modern classic living rooms is not simply the choice of a mixture of styles but a style in itself. mixing classically inspired furniture and accessories with more modern ones: the whole must appear balanced and characterised by sober lines. It is often the details that make the difference. Remember that the whole must be extremely bright, thanks also to a modern lighting system

Decorate living room wall: a storage wall is a dynamic solution. But not the only one…

Decorate living room wall. It is the most versatile system, capable of combining design and utility, for decorating the wall of your living room. How do you create the perfect one for your living room? One must start with the dimensions of the same. There are various solutions, ranging from wood, an evergreen option, to more modern materials such as metal or steel.

The wall unit , heart of the living area: how to choose the right model for your living room?

wall unit, bookcase or whatever: furnishing the room is one of the most demanding challenges for the success of any interior design project. Here again, the recommendation is to preserve the overall compositional harmony. Something that can only be achieved by turning to an interior designer. Discover materials, finishes, colours and functions .

Modern living room furniture: how to make the best choices?

modern living room furniture, it is necessary to make choices that allow you to create a functional, cosy and neat-looking room. Modern designer sofas are a great idea. Clean lines are also expressed by hanging furniture or slender structures Lighting also plays a central role. Choose designer solutions.

The curved corner sofa: how to choose the right piece of furniture according to your decor?

curved corner sofa is the right choice for furnishing a large living room in an original way. it can offer excellent levels of comfort, while maintaining a well-kept and surprising aesthetic. A wide range of alternatives demonstrate the versatility of this furnishing solution, and it can become the central element of the living room interior design. Which model is best to focus on.

Essential, minimalist and technological: this is modern interior design living room

modern interior design living room, A modern living room meets requirements such as practicality, functionality, aesthetic beauty and ease of cleaning. Linear and simple forms are preferred, unlike classicism where almost everything was bulky and opulent. Very suitable for the modern living room concept is a fireplace, which can be part of the wall

Curved sofa: everything you need to know to make the right choice for your home!

A curved sofa is an original design solution that can be used, for example, when furnishing living rooms and open-plan living areas. perfect for furnishing large rooms and open-plan living rooms. Compared to a classic sofa with a linear or corner structure, a curved sofa creates a more cosy and convivial atmosphere. The arrangement of the furniture is crucial to achieve a great result and to make the sofa stand out.