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For tailor-made pampering, choose a relaxation sofa

relaxation sofa

Total relaxation at home, sofa included

In an increasingly hectic and stressful life, where people have little time to indulge in certain luxuries such as a spa or health spa getaway, and where they love, after often being away from home all day, to pamper themselves at home, the furniture world is increasingly turning towards products and even entire locations, such as home saunas, that allow total and complete relaxation within their own walls. One piece of furniture that goes in that direction, increasingly in demand among all segments of the population, is the relaxation sofa  , suitable for the living room or bedroom

The Relaxation sofa  is for everyone!

Similarly to recliners, for a long time it was thought that they were only suitable for elderly people with some motor difficulties or those suffering from back problems, but this is not the case. It has to be said that, sitting for long periods of time, posture-related pain affects more and more people.

 However, everyone, including young people, has realised how nice it is to be able to rest in total comfort, adapting the position to one’s needs, even allowing oneself to vary it from time to time.

From backrest to massage, the characteristics of a relaxation sofa

relaxation sofa

A sofa with a relaxation mechanism allows the backrest to tilt to assume even semi-reclining positions. It also provides a comfortable footrest where you can rest your feet, and the headrest is also adjustable, ideal for neck or neck pain.

The combined action of all the elements makes it possible to find ideal comfort. Some models also have an integrated lumbar support, a panacea for the back, especially for those who have discomfort or a sedentary lifestyle or stay on the sofa for long periods of time; others, if you prefer, just some of the listed features. To go even further, thanks to technology, there are relaxation sofas with integrated massage or adjustable heating mechanism.

Relaxation sofa is also space-saving solution

In addition, the multi-seat relaxation sofa, which can be two, three or even extra-large, gives everyone the option of choosing whether or not to use the mechanism, thus customising the position, making each seat unique. It is also a space-saving solution, useful for those who do not have a very large living room and would be hindered in their movements by an ottoman or footstool. Having a pull-out footrest to be taken out when relaxing and to be closed when not needed saves centimetres for when it is not useful and avoids having fixed furniture in addition to the sofa.

You could perhaps, in any case, place a small table, always valuable for placing the remote control, glasses and telephone. Keep in mind, however, that space is needed for the ‘open’ sofa! Useful for those who have little space is the zero wall mechanism, which allows a relaxation sofa   leaning against the wall to recline without having to detach it from the wall, thanks to the rear part that tilts back while keeping the lower part close to the wall.

An extra pampering, the right materials for a relaxation sofa 

relaxation sofa

Materials are certainly important, because they contribute to an even more comfortable feeling if they are of quality and soft to the touch, making one feel more enveloped. So, the sofa for relaxing can have soft padding and upholstery in fabrics such as linen, cotton or microfibre, which are hypoallergenic, breathable, environmentally friendly and durable.

These are choices that suit both a classic and a contemporary interior design; for a more elegant solution that fits into any style with class, one can opt for leather. As for the structure, they range from various types of wood to metal.

The evolution of mechanisms that allow the sofa to become a relaxer

In the early days when the relaxation sofa  was widespread on the market it worked manually, i.e. it reclined by operating a lever or a button, now the more modern models use a push-button panel, which is much more convenient. Some can be reclined by back pressure.

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