Interior design lighting is just as important as furniture! Don’t overlook

Designer interior lighting makes lamps, chandeliers and light effects, both natural and artificial, as important a part of the interior as furniture and furnishings. Light can be direct, indirect, filtered, diffused, you have to know what you want to achieve,

The industrial style metal chandelier: guide to choice

Industrial metal chandelier one of the great protagonists of interior design in recent years. one of the principles of this style is to keep some of the structural elements, such as pipes and cables, visible. Thanks to their simple and elegant lines, they can be used both in the living area of the house and in the sleeping area

Large designer chandelier

Large designer chandelier, these are models with a great decorative capacity, which catch the eye and end up being the centre of attention. You have to decide on the height and the light sources it uses. They can reimagine entire rooms and for the style you naturally have to start from the style in which you furnished your home, office, shop or hotel

Classic crystal chandeliers add a touch of elegance to any room. Even modern ones!

Classic crystal chandeliers have not lost their charm and have functionality to a timeless elegance.suitable for every room, they are impressive, detail-oriented, sophisticated. The watchword in choosing them is good taste. The most imposing models, such as teardrop chandeliers or chandeliers with arms, are suitable for large rooms.

Glass bubble chandelier: how to choose the right model?

glass bubble chandelier is one of the trendiest models of the moment. They are extremely versatile and there are vertical and horizontal pendant models. The fascination of glass bewitches today as in the past and conquers fans of every furnishing style.

The timeless art of the Masters for the Murano crystal chandeliers

Murano crystal chandeliers are refined and synonymous with elegance and refinement, suitable to be easily inserted in any type of environment. They are a true expression of style and allow you to enrich the environment with your own personality. Made strictly by hand, they offer a variety of customisation possibilities

Swaroski crystal chandeliers, mystery and fascination to arouse wonder

Swarosky crystal chandeliers represent excellence, luxury, elegance insert. There are several types of crystals depending on their cut and polish. These chandeliers will be the main element of a room and give an invaluable sense of sophistication.

Modern pendant lights for the living room: a guide to choosing them so you don’t go wrong

Modern living room chandeliers can be made of crystal or glass, with a central metal frame or with a lampshade made of fabric, paper or modern plastics. Home automation is also changing the choice of furnishings, favouring the spread of connected chandeliers, which increase the comfort of those in the home.

Crystal drop chandeliers, charm for every type of furnishing

Crystal chandeliers with drops. they are a choice that ensures success. They guarantee romance and sophistication with their soft light that illuminates the room in a delicate and elegant way. they can be combined without any problem with various types of furniture, which is why they are considered versatile. there are also vintage models.

Elegant chandeliers for the dining room: a guide to choosing them

Elegant chandeliers for the dining room have a wide range and. Contemporary ring chandeliers, geometric chandeliers and classic chandeliers. Thanks to them you can define the atmosphere of the dining room more precisely and create a sophisticated yet cosy ambience.