From chandeliers to lighting type: what to choose for luxury lighting?

Luxury Lighting is something structural, which should therefore be thought about very carefully when also deciding on furnishings and more generally on the style of interior design. The ideal light of a luxury interior should be a combination of natural light, coming in through the windows, and artificial light As for the colors of the lights, it should not be overlooked that warm ones are better for some rooms and cool ones for others.

Garden lighting: how to choose and position outdoor lights?

Garden lighting, is important for three reasons: safety, functionality and scenic. you can create beautiful effects that will leave your guests speechless. Lights can be recessed in the ground or lamps placed on the ground. Everyone can choose the garden lighting solution that is closest to their own style.

Metal pendant light: how to make the right choice?

Metal pendant light is a trendy choice, especially in furnishing projects that focus on contemporary and designer creations. models with a more creative and sophisticated look are transformed into furnishing objects that enhance the room and work in synergy with the furniture and other accessories present. . The right model can enhance the look of the room and completely change the perception of the space.

Lighting for entryway of a venue has its importance

lighting for entryway is the first calling card for guests. Brightness is in fact a basic requirement in many homes and cannot be ignored. it is imperative that it is as aesthetically pleasing as possible: small, but a real jewel, perhaps in crystal, with Swarosky or Murano crystals. When it comes to a classical ambience with muted colours, a soft, warm light is better.

Classical chandeliers for prestigious dining rooms

Classical chandeliers, to be placed in an elegant setting, must not only illuminate but also be seen. The materials are opulent like gold, silver and crystals. They must be elaborate, with attention to detail and fine finishes that really add an extra touch. They must absolutely not be camouflaged but rather be noticed.

Chalet or cabin, mountain modern chandeliers preserve the charm of the environment

mountain modern chandeliers must be furnished and cared for down to the smallest detail If, for example, you live in a large, classic and elegant home, illuminated with crystal chandeliers, Bohemian crystal, Swarosky, Murano crystals or even teardrop chandeliers, As always, you must take into account the size of the room when choosing chandeliers

The modern entrance chandelier: how to make the right choice?

Modern entrance chandelier is an important theme and there are many proposals from minimal to real sculptures. The type of home to be furnished greatly influences the choice process. Selecting the right materials is the first step towards identifying the perfect model for your home. great attention is also paid to the topic of energy efficiency

Interior design lighting is just as important as furniture! Don’t overlook

Designer interior lighting makes lamps, chandeliers and light effects, both natural and artificial, as important a part of the interior as furniture and furnishings. Light can be direct, indirect, filtered, diffused, you have to know what you want to achieve,

The industrial style metal chandelier: guide to choice

Industrial metal chandelier one of the great protagonists of interior design in recent years. one of the principles of this style is to keep some of the structural elements, such as pipes and cables, visible. Thanks to their simple and elegant lines, they can be used both in the living area of the house and in the sleeping area

Large designer chandelier

Large designer chandelier, these are models with a great decorative capacity, which catch the eye and end up being the centre of attention. You have to decide on the height and the light sources it uses. They can reimagine entire rooms and for the style you naturally have to start from the style in which you furnished your home, office, shop or hotel

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