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Italian furniture switzerland: what are the reasons for such great success?

Italian furniture switzerland. The furniture market is one of the spearheads of Italian industrial production. it is particularly recommended for those who want luxurious and exclusive furniture. They are furniture that is very solid and, therefore, destined to last over time. they can satisfy even the most particular requests of consumers and can also provide made-to-measure or customised items.

Luxury home: how to furnish a high or very high quality home?

A luxury home surprises with its harmony and charm, and succeeds in making all rooms unique and special. This means selecting the most suitable furniture for each room, but also defining the lighting system, choosing decorative elements, textiles and possible upholstery. is characterised by the presence of furniture that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and has a high design value.

Tips for entrance decoration for home: simple and functional

Entrance decoration for home. is only passed through to get to the other rooms, but it is a sort of business card, the first impression that guests will have, so it is necessary to take care of it in the same way as other spaces. It is good to choose the material of the furniture as a consequence of the material most frequently used in the house. A nice mirror and lights are also important.

Eclectic interior design, a choice for strong personalities!

Eclectic interior design are able to combine good taste, elegance, different styles and inspirations. good taste is always the key word in interior design. they give you the opportunity to express your need for freedom and your personal passions, with unique touches such as prints, special pieces, works of art.

Zen design interior, calm in every detail

Zen design interior is a trend that is very popular. The result of a flat or a space that wants to be furnished Zen must necessarily lead to a balance, visual, ideal and abstract. n oriental houses, wood, a very light material such as bamboo, is used a lot. As far as fabrics are concerned, they should be light and if possible of organic origin. in a home that follows this philosophy, neutrals and earthy tones will abound, winking at the colours of nature, such as moss greens.

Vademecum for furnishing a flat: soul, functionality and style

furnishing a flat is knowing how to bring out the owner’s soul and what matters to him. We at Piccolo Sagl put our expertise and experience at the service of those who turn to us. We bring the value of the brands we represent and the possibility of custom-made furniture,.

Home improvement: A complete guide to renovating your home (flat, loft, villa, etc.)

Home improvement is a complex operation. First a technical expertise is recommended for structural work and the division of space. Then interior and exterior furnishings. The choice of interior designers is crucial as they will have to know how to safely govern the various works and bureaucracy. Renovation means taking care of the individual rooms – the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, the bedrooms, etc. – in order to give an identity to the house. -, to give an identity to the home, in accordance with the interior design project.

Japanese interior design is to choose relaxation. In a word: Zen!

Japanese interior designfor the search for serenity and calm in one’s own home. An ideal Japanese home has very large windows and an outlet like a balcony in every room. One of the key points of the Japanese and oriental furnishing philosophy is in fact the air that circulates. modernity and essentiality. Soothing, neutral colours with plants in every room

Eco friendly decorating is a philosophy of life!

Eco friendly decorating means using eco-friendly materials, respecting the environment and making sure not to damage it, but also using renewable energy and arming oneself against waste. Being careful that wood from certified forests is used, where it is certain to come from groups of trees planted specifically to maintain and respect the balance of nature. You want to achieve a relaxed, airy and very green atmosphere.

What is sustainable interior design? A question of materials, philosophy and behaviourwhat is sustainable interior design

What is sustainable interior design. Sustainable interior design means using objects or products that are themselves sustainable, economically, socially and ecologically. It means using materials, which must be reusable, biodegradable, recyclable, non-toxic, designed with a long product life in mind. Sustainability means reducing energy consumption, for example by making the best use of natural light. The entire indoor environment must be designed to be as healthy as possible

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