Interior architecture

luxury interior design living room: the 3 steps to the ideal project

luxury interior design living room aims to create comfortable and exclusive environments. The primary objective is to select furniture capable of enhancing the space to be furnished and to understand the requests made. Important is the strategic use of lamps and spotlights that will help emphasise certain points in the living room and bring them to the forefront.

Wood veneer on wall, a decoration for every style and every room

Wood veneer on wall is made up of a series of panels that fit perfectly with all styles of furniture. It can cover the whole wall or just part of it. When choosing the cladding, as with the furniture, it is essential to keep in mind the style of the house. It is suitable for all rooms.

Baxter Italia: protagonists of interior design Made in Italy

Baxter Italia is the search for innovative solutions, a passion for design and the use of the highest quality materials. Leather is the main protagonist. These creations focus on mix and match, i.e. the meeting of different materials to express a precise mood.

Luxury interiors: how to make your home truly unique

Luxury interiors are elegant and prestigious, made with high-quality furniture and refined stylistic choices. However, respect for the environment cannot be ignored. Attention is paid to the origin of the materials chosen to respect the environment. Customisation is one of the strengths of the most refined and exclusive luxury interiors.

Interior staircase design: a step-by-step guide to make the right choice

Interior staircase design means making assessments regarding the shape and structure of the staircase. The style chosen for the furnishing of the house is one of the factors that most affects the final appearance. It also means making an in-depth study of the characteristics of the property, but also carefully considering the requests and needs of those who live in the house.

Classic panelling, character and refinement for every room

Classic panelling adds character and sophistication to any room in the house. Their function is to cover ceilings, walls or doors with a covering made of wood panels or other materials. They furnish the interior of your home, combining elegance and functionality, without forgetting the possibility of personalisation.

Modern panelling, from tradition towards innovation for a unique style

Modern paneling gives any room a homely, warm atmosphere that makes people feel good. High paneling is the right option for those who prefer elegance, but it is important to pay attention to the height of the room.

Choose classic luxury furniture for timeless, romantic elegance

Luxury classic furniture means furnishing in a timeless style. They are warm and cosy and use different materials such as wood, stone, marble and wrought iron. The furniture is imposing with lines that can be square or rounded.

How much does a house in Lugano cost? [Guide to house prices in Lugano and useful advice].

How much does a house in Lugano cost? Beyond the long-term real estate investment, guaranteed by the political, social and economic stability of Switzerland. Trust those who know the market and can give you a complete package.

The benefits of a house in Lugano (and of choosing an appropriate furnishing)

Home in Lugano is where you can find the best climate in Switzerland, with many hours of sunshine throughout the year. An ideal place to enjoy every day with fullness and serenity, surrounded by beauty.