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Wooden partition wall, a dynamic solution for modifying and furnishing spaces

Wooden partition walls give you the opportunity to experience the rooms in your home as something that can change over time, adapting to the needs and requirements of the moment. Wood is a material that, due to its many qualities, is used extensively in all types of furniture and styles. The wall is much more dynamic than a wall, because it can be integrated with functional elements such as shelves or shelves, perhaps becoming on one side a simple panel and on the other a bookcase or a space for storing and leaning objects, or even a cupboard

Versatile and designer, here’s why a bookcase furniture  is a useful piece of furniture that people like

bookcase furniture, not only holds books and knick-knacks but also furnishes and is able, especially when it comes to large spaces, to divide. As a partition wall, it is often useful and design-oriented to create it double-sided, so that it can be used and decorated on both sides. The bookcase must be something pleasing to the eye that at the same time fits into the interior design of the home,

How to exploit every inch of a attic room thanks to a wardrobe sloping roof

wardrobe sloping roof has taste and functionality.  It is necessary to study their height well, in order to be able to reach as high as possible with regular measurements. Bear in mind that if the room dimensions are not immense, it is a good idea to envisage space-saving solutions, such as sliding rather than hinged doors.  As far as materials are concerned, for a romantic and cosy attic room, the use of wood, especially in classic settings, is ideal for a wardrobe sloping roof

Slanted ceiling furniture: how to make the right choice? [Complete guide].

Slanted ceiling furniture can be complex and custom-made solutions are often necessary. Through the choice of sizes, shapes and materials of shelves and niches, an original and attractive look can be given to this space.

Entrance wardrobe: which model to choose? [Step-by-step guide].

Entrance wardrobe is the first area in the home that guests come into contact with. It must be functional and elegant, optimising the available space. If you wish to completely conceal the wardrobe, you can opt for a cabinet with doors or a dividing panel. Thanks to the many design solutions available, it is possible to create a very original wardrobe.

The undeniable advantages of an interior design consulting: clarity and precision of ideas!

Interior design consulting: the real extra touch in any home is knowing how to reflect the personality of the person living in it. Qualified professionals will not replace the client’s taste, but will help decide how to realise what they have in mind. An interior design consultingwill help, first of all, to focus on what you want and what is suitable for your space. The help of an expert will then be very useful in understanding how to make the best use of the space, starting with sockets, plumbing and elements already present or to be added

Salone del Mobile 2023: the top 15 trends of Milan Design Week 2023

Salone del Mobile 2023 the most important event in the world to determine what will be the interior design trends that everyone will adapt to in the coming months. Il Piccolo was once again present to record the most significant impulses for the sector. The show reaffirmed the centrality of the Milanese kermesse, which once again had the ability to synthesise the fashions, trends and novelties revolving around furniture and furnishing accessories.

Luxury furniture switzerland, a trend that goes beyond style

Luxury furniture switzerland means focusing on fine objects, carefully finished, made of the best materials and with details that are themselves a design complement, where nothing is left to chance. Every detail must be meticulously cared for, even those considered most trivial. Custom-made furniture created ad hoc, precious marbles and sustainable materials.

Where to buy furniture in Switzerland? Where style meets personal taste!

Where to buy furniture in Switzerland is not just a technical question but becomes something more, a decision of the heart. At Piccolo Sagl, we will be able to help and guide you through the entire process, thanks to our experience gained in over 40 years of work in the field. We believe that every space must be unique and represent those who live in it; we also move in the field of interior decoration and art. We propose, in collaboration with art galleries, unique pieces that act as a trait d’union between the worlds

Swiss luxury apartments: how to furnish a flat, loft or villa luxuriously?

Swiss luxury apartments have a few things in common: they range from the great care taken in selecting furniture, materials, finishes and coverings, to the presence of custom-made furniture and design pieces that give an original and unique look to the different rooms of the house. Furnishing them requires a combination of the interior design trends that characterise the Swiss market and the demand for made-in-Italy furniture. The latter are indeed indispensable to guarantee a superior aesthetic result and functionality

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