Interior architecture

Tradition, art and a timeless, eco-friendly material explain the success of carpentry interior design

carpentry interior design workshops Wooden furniture is a timeless evergreen, a must for classic and modern flats and also for shops. Carpentry workshops that espouse design are often family-run businesses that have been successful and expanded over the years. Design carpentries are often called upon to make furniture that has the characteristic of using an environmentally sustainable material

Luxury interior design tips? A series of tips for unforgettable luxury

Luxury interior design tips, In one’s own home one seeks an atmosphere of calm and well-being, where one can relax with one’s loved ones. The trend towards environmentally friendly decisions cannot be forgotten either. The sensitivity for nature and our planet has grown exponentially. Don’t forget that luxury rhymes with exclusivity, liking specially designed rooms and furniture that enhance that specific space. One of the main luxury interior design tips concerns appliances.

Furnish home: the step-by-step guide to making all the right choices for your luxury furnishing

Furnish home, whether it is a loft or a villa, is a very complex task that requires the ability to take into account several factors and many different needs. ours is a step-by-step manual that contains useful advice on how to avoid the most common mistakes. the starting idea, you need to study a solid architectural project. Furniture, lighting, custom-made furnishings, colours all help to build a warm and welcoming environment.

Essentialism, rational spaces and peace: minimal interior design has precise rules

Minimal interior design Means quality and not quantity, a few objects and a few pieces of furniture, each in its right place. Furnishing with only what is needed, without anything extra. And there are precise guidelines. Space is studied with great care. attention to the materials used. Glass, concrete and steel can be used in every room, from the kitchen to the bathroom. should lead to a feeling of peace and serenity,

Interior design for luxury shops, the value of furniture and the fascination of designers’ imagination

Interior design for luxury shops must study every detail in the best possible way. interior design for luxury shops must not only highlight the brands and type of merchandise, but also convey the touch and added value of the merchandise. Furniture in interior design for luxury shops cannot be left to chance. Interior design for luxury shops must not, however, skimp on the quality of its furnishings.

Jewellery shop fitting: a guide on how to furnish the best jewellery stores (A to Z manual)

Jewellery shop fitting has a precise task, that of being able to convey all the luxury and prestige of the jewellery on sale in the showcases. It influences customers’ purchasing choices, so the right display furniture must be identified. You will also have to define the decorations on the walls, the flooring to be used and what structure to give to the display cases and showcases. Last but not least, design a lighting system that can enhance all the valuables on sale.

Turnkey funiture: all the steps of furnishing projects in the contract sector

Turnkey funiture is extremely useful in the contract sector. Contract furnishing projects allow shops to be fitted out in a short time and in a customised manner. can also result in cost savings, because the general contractor brings all his experience and knowledge to bear and can select the best partners for the project. The secret of successful Turnkey funiture projects is the search for customised and tailor-made solutions. Through customised furniture, it is indeed possible to create cosy and aesthetically pleasing shops, but also and above all functional

Wood is evergreen and the success of custom carpentry furniture proves it

custom carpentry furniture , unique furniture that makes one’s home (or shop) absolutely different from all others. Wood, as we know, is a material that never fades and could be called evergreen. Wood is suitable for every room in the house and goes well with any style, which is why the success of Bespoke Carpentry Furniture continues and grows more and more

The characteristics of contemporary interior design: simplicity and functionality, without excluding class

characteristics of contemporary interior design is based on the minimalism of lines, which are essential and clean. Simplicity, formal cleanliness and ductility are the main characteristics of interior design. to favour and emphasise large spaces, especially in lofts, and to save space. Shapes, whether rounded or straight and geometric, must be clean and sharp. Decorations should never be excessive.

Contract specialist carpentry: how to make the right choice?

Falegnameria is one of the most important players among all those involved in a contract furniture project. the carpentry is not just the supplier that makes furniture and, more generally, custom-made furniture. Experience and knowledge of the particularities of contract projects are among the most important requirements it must possess. From a professional’s office to a haute couture boutiques, a contract project can be used to realise high quality made-to-measure furniture that is suitable for every situation.