Interior architecture

How to choose the perfect home decorators to turn your dreams into reality?

Home decorators, who to entrust with your interior design project is a very delicate matter. The professionals who are right for you are not only able to draw up an analytical estimate but are also able to formalise an agreement that is just as detailed. The most reliable are precisely those who spend themselves personally, supervising the work and providing clients with timely feedback

Entrance furniture: how to make the right choice?

Entrance furniture should be chosen with great care, as the atmosphere in this area influences the impression that friends, family and guests will have of the house. consistent with the rest of the house. To give a personal touch to the room, you can act in a variety of ways, from choosing made-to-measure furniture to adding complements and accessories

Which fabric for sofa to choose? Guide to the main ones

fabric for sofa is important to give the right effect. In fact, you have to choose something that is aesthetically pleasing to look at, especially if you want the sofa to be the main piece of furniture in the living room, but which is also durable, so that you can keep it for several years, especially if you have children or pets. Linen is suitable for everything silk is elegant but more demanding, there are many options.

Luxury furniture: what features do they have? How to choose them according to your furnishing project?

Luxury furniture not only has a well-kept look and excellent functionality that make every home precious and exclusive, making it a unique and fascinating space. Every detail, every line and every finish is crafted with a dedication to perfection that is reflected in the end result. These furnishings have the power to transform interiors, adding a touch of opulence and timeless style to the rooms in which they are placed.

Furnishing studios functional and complete  is possible, here’s how

Furnishing studios is an interesting and stimulating challenge for interior designers: with the right tricks, it is possible to create genuine gems of design and practicality.  As far as kitchens are concerned, mini kitchens are perfect, organised to occupy very little space and developed as vertically as possible. . Double-sided furniture is an excellent technique for separating areas of the studio apartment. Soft colours, from white to pastel shades, are most suitable

The working environment is important: rules of  office interior design

office interior design should not be overlooked, for style and to help everyone work at their best and at ease. Choose chairs that are adjustable, both in height and tilt, so that everyone can find their best position. Soft colours are usually recommended for offices, such as classic white or beige or cream. There are, however, modern interior design trends for offices that speak of strong colours that give a feeling of energy

Tips for furnishing a modern house, from technology to furniture

modern house They are essential and linear but at the same time have everything they need with an eye on aesthetics. These houses are domotic, which means that a long series of devices are controlled remotely via app or programmed, from the shutters, which can go up and down depending on the sunlight, to the heating. A modern house will have materials that are as sustainable and recyclable as possible, such as wood and steel, which are often combined.

A customised house brings your dreams to life

Customised house, whether large or small, should be your refuge: in the city after a day’s work, at the seaside or in the mountains for relaxation. To be able to build one’s dream home, the one tailor-made to one’s desires, is surely the ambition of many. A customised house gives you the possibility of furnishing the spaces to have everything you need to have the life you love within your own walls. Of course, it is also possible to choose materials, from wood to steel, from glass to stone, perhaps even going outside the schemes dictated by styles

Luxury home: how to furnish a high or very high quality home?

A luxury home surprises with its harmony and charm, and succeeds in making all rooms unique and special. This means selecting the most suitable furniture for each room, but also defining the lighting system, choosing decorative elements, textiles and possible upholstery. is characterised by the presence of furniture that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and has a high design value.

Knowledge of styles and creativity, why turn to an designer for your interior design projects  

interior design projects is increasingly becoming an art and each home is unique, resulting in truly articulate interior design projects . The professional figure in charge of supporting and helping people in this process is the interior designer, even more so than the architect. interior design projects means being able to find a way to make the most of your space by organising your home as you want and need it, without making stylistic mistakes. We at Piccolo Sagl offer consultancy services as well as making made-to-measure furniture and collaborating with the best brands

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