Walk in closet: how to choose the right walk in closet for every furnishing need?

Walk in closet, what and how to choose it. it is a very practical piece of furniture, which makes functionality and spaciousness its strong points. it gives you greater freedom of movement and, what’s more, it allows you to look at yourself full-length or almost full-length. It is possible to make this furniture in multiple formats, sizes, shapes, materials, colours, etc. There are many customisations that can be made,

Classicism combined with modernity: in the contemporary bedroom essentialism and relaxation

contemporary bedroom means making it unique with your own personality, while choosing a few simple pieces of furniture, with clean, essential shapes, without exaggeration. Wooden bed but with fabric headboard. Line guide oc neutral and light colours but more modern are with steel and metal. In particular metal and glass, combined with wood, give a contemporary touch.

Modern bedroom design: what are the most up-to-date choices?

Modern bedroom design. Its purpose is to create a customised and unique result. It essentially concerns three areas: the sleeping area, consisting of the bed and bedside tables, the wardrobe area, consisting of wardrobes and dressers, and the lighting of the room.

Bedrooms ideas for furnishing the bedroom and making it unique!

Bedrooms ideas and unusual solutions to take inspiration from. Between furniture with unusual shapes, unique arrangements and creative solutions, you can realise truly amazing designs that combine design, functionality and a touch of originality.

Wardrobes without doors: a step-by-step guide to choosing the most suitable model for your bedroom

Wardrobes without doors are a type of furniture that guarantees maximum flexibility and allows you to optimise the space available in the bedroom. they are also perfect for those who wish to have a walk-in wardrobe. Customisation also involves the choice of materials and finishes of the open wardrobe. Furniture manufacturers offer various types of wardrobes without doors.

Minimalist interior design bedroom, few furnishings and soft colours for a peaceful rest

Minimalist interior design bedroom has a kind of renewed focus on what really matters beyond the prevailing consumerism. bedroom an oasis of relaxation and serenity, where you can rest at your best. It lends itself to beds that are simple yet elegant and refined in their essentiality. Soft, light colours. The light points in a minimal chic room should preferably be placed on the ceiling and be few and strategic.

Treca Paris, excellence in rest and quality.

Treca Paris, mattresses of excellence of the highest value. Sleeping well and resting is essential to cope with busy days and live life to the full. High example of the French “art of sleeping”, Craftsmanship and “savoir-faire” at the highest level, Use of fine materials, Historicity of the brand, Collaboration with famous designers The Treca Paris brand will change the way you live and rest.

Open closet: guide to the ideal choice for your bedroom

An open closet is a modern and functional alternative to the classic wardrobe with doors. it can give personality and style to a bedroom with contemporary furnishings that needs a touch of originality. the open closet offers enough space to store clothing and accessories. In most cases, the doorless wardrobe has a structure made entirely of wood.

Wardrobe with built-in TV: a guide to choosing the ideal model according to your decor

Wardrobe with built-in TV is a furnishing solution that balances design with functionality. The most immediate advantage is the intelligent use of available space. Wardrobes with a built-in TV are an excellent solution to complete the furnishing of contemporary, tech-style homes. Whenever possible, it is always preferable to select modular and sectional furniture for your home.

Open wardrobe: guide to choosing the ideal open cabinet for your room

Open wardrobes are a trend that is becoming more and more popular. thanks to their more essential and contemporary design, they are an excellent idea for furnishing a bedroom or walk-in wardrobe. The absence of doors offers two important immediate benefits. there is no need for space to open the doors, and great freedom of organisation. as well as allowing simple and rational organisation of your wardrobe, it also becomes an important furnishing element in the room.