Elegant wardrobe: what are its characteristics? In what styles can it be made?

Elegant wardrobe can improve not only the functionality of the room in which it is placed, but also its overall appearance. The choice of materials is one of the most important aspects in design. The needs and functions that the wardrobe must fulfil are equally important in guiding the final choice.

A few tips for those who want a bedroom with walk in wardrobe and ensuite

bedroom with walk in wardrobe and ensuite in modern architecture is increasingly moving towards a concept of a multifunctional, dynamic, open space home. The walk-in wardrobe can be equipped with just a few basic elements for storing clothes, or it can be large and include a dressing and make-up area. the purpose of providing both a walk-in wardrobe and an en-suite bathroom is to make a single, large, multifunctional room. there can be separations between the various spaces, mobile or fixed, and not everything has to be visible

Everything in view! The glass wardrobe combines design and elegance with functionality

Glass wardrobe to be placed in any room, with a material of undeniable charm, to make it something aesthetic, elegant and unique. Those who choose to use this material, however, either alone or in combination with others, must bear in mind that they will have to maintain order inside the cabinet. A glass wardrobe can be purchased with steel or metal for a contemporary look.

Bespoke wardrobe: how to choose the right customised wardrobe for your furnishing needs?

A bespoke wardrobe is the best solution for making the most of the space available in your home. it allows you to have a piece of furniture that fits perfectly into all kinds of spaces and that harmonises with the room. it must not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it must also be able to meet the practical and functional needs of those living in the house

The luxurious closet design : how to choose the one that makes the most of your room?

luxurious closet design is where the game of elegant aesthetics and high functionality is played. Finding a closet design that proves to be the ideal one can make all the difference and improve the end result even more. In order to find the ideal closet design, it is essential to understand the practical needs that the closet is to fulfill.

Ladies’ walk-in closet, how to turn a piece of furniture into a pampering space

Ladies’ walk-in closet becoming an enrichment not only for the room but also for the lady herself and her well-being . It is necessary, as always, to start with a rigorous organisation and then think about the dressing and make-up area. Fundamental to a walk-in wardrobe that knows how to be a pampering for the woman is the lighting.

Ambience, insulation, design, warmth: some of the many reasons to choose a wooden headboard

wooden headboard is an element to increase the comfort of one’s bed, a comfortable support for reading or watching TV while seated, which adds a decorative and original touch.wood is an ecological and environmentally friendly material, both when the furniture is made and when it is disposed of. It adapts to every type of interior design, precisely because of the versatility of both the complement itself and the material

Organised, personalised, luxurious: who is the walk-in wardrobe in bedroom for?

a walk-in wardrobe in bedroom can, like no other piece of furniture, ensure that every outfit has its place and can become a design element. it presupposes a precise choice of what is to be stored there, where and how. It can include a dressing corner and even a make-up corner. There are walk-in wardrobes in all kinds of materials and styles, making it a piece of furniture that fits into any bedroom interior design.

Headboard: Classic,modern, romantic or essential, how to choose it

headboard It can be made of various materials, its main task is to provide support for the head, so that you can sit or stand slightly elevated. It is possible to choose different combinations of materials and colours, always starting from the style of the room, with particular attention to the finish. The modern one is essential, often square, minimalist even in the details. A very comfortable and at the same time design element is the upholstery.

Order first, some tips for a small walk-in closet

small walk-in closet, something will have to be given up, as always when dealing with space-saving solutions, but with the right organisation you can have a walk-in wardrobe that is both functional and beautiful to look at, just as you want it. The same principles apply for designing it as for a large one, i.e. the wide choice available in terms of styles and materials. Avoid decorations that are excessive and risk making it look bulky.

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