Baxter Italia: protagonists of interior design Made in Italy

Baxter Italia one of the companies that symbolise Made in Italy design. Furnishings that are capable of improving the quality of living and that always guarantee a harmonious result. The company focuses on the encounter between different materials, which are combined to express a precise state of mind.  The aim is to find the perfect balance between creative ideas, simple and functional lines and materials of exceptional quality

Wardrobe cabinet: what is it? How to choose the best model for your interior design project?

Wardrobe cabinet is very practical and just as versatile, and are advantageous in many contexts. wide range of sizes, materials and styles, it is also possible to resort to made-to-measure solutions, so as to find the perfect model for each room in the house. Modern, classic or minimalist in style, the choices are many

Closed walk in closet: what is it? How does it fit into a furnishing scheme?

Closed walk in closet is a smart choice for those who want to keep their wardrobe tidy. It is the perfect solution for having a wardrobe room that always looks tidy. It is important to define what materials to use. Glass, crystal and plastic, with transparent or semi-transparent finishes, and pay attention to the lighting.

Walk in closet: how to choose the right walk in closet for every furnishing need?

Walk in closet, what and how to choose it. it is a very practical piece of furniture, which makes functionality and spaciousness its strong points. it gives you greater freedom of movement and, what’s more, it allows you to look at yourself full-length or almost full-length. It is possible to make this furniture in multiple formats, sizes, shapes, materials, colours, etc. There are many customisations that can be made,

Bedroom armchair: how to make the right choice for your furnishing needs?

Bedroom armchair, . In addition to enhancing the aesthetics of the room, such furniture offers great comfort and makes it easy to customise the space. creates a quiet corner in which to stop and read or listen to your favourite music, you may consider placing the armchair near the desk area. The choice of armchair material is crucial for comfort and style.

Functional and discreet, this is how the bed bench completes the room decor

bed bench is suitable for every style of bedroom and combines a purely practical function with an aesthetic one, being an elegant addition. It is placed, as the term implies, at the foot of the bed, adding a touch of design without being intrusive. It can also become a container by providing a top that closes it like a trunk-type piece of furniture.

Mirrored closets: what are they? How to choose the ideal model for the individual room?

Mirrored closets offer a number of advantages that make them an absolute must-have choice in many cases. They have the ability to create the illusion of being in a larger room and are both beautiful and functional. They can furnish different areas of the home in an elegant and functional manner.

The built in wardrobe is versatile, space-saving and suitable for any environment

built in wardrobe is a solution that combines practical and aesthetic issues, representing a versatile piece of furniture suitable for all environments. It is a piece of furniture built into the wall, consisting of a rectangular box with two side panels, an upper lid, a lower bottom and a back panel at the rear. As far as the interior of the wardrobe is concerned, one has enormous freedom of choice on how to organise it, and wood is certainly the main one used in wardrobes

Classic or modern, because the bedroom wardrobe wood fits every style

Bedroom wardrobe wood is the solution you always win with, in any type of environment. there are a long series of wood types that can be used for a bedroom wardrobe wood, differing in characteristics, cost, workmanship and even final appearance. There are some that are harder, such as pear, oak, walnut, boxwood and cherry, and others that are softer, such as fir, lime, poplar and pine. A wooden wardrobe designed for one’s bedroom is undoubtedly an extremely versatile piece of furniture. Wood adapts to all styles.

Custom-built wardrobe, you choose measurements and design

Custom-built wardrobes to stand out with completely original flats and interior designs designed to fit your personality. With the solutions found on the market, as much as modular furniture allows for a lot of customisation, you can only go so far. Potentially, a custom-designed and made-to-measure wardrobe is a valid option for anyone and is not only perfect for the bedroom but also for the hallway for the living room or entrance hall.

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