Modern luxury bedrooms, relaxation and refinement for unique rooms

modern luxury bedrooms are the room where you can really relax. Essential protagonists are the bed and the wardrobe. If you like to show off your wardrobe, walk-in wardrobes will become a favourite. But any walk-in wardrobe, wooden or metal, small or large, in any shape, will fit best into the room.

Expensive beds: what are they and how to choose them according to your sleeping needs?

Expensive beds make rest a caress, luxury objects that literally make interior design lovers dream. What all popular expensive beds have in common is the use of premium materials, both in mattresses and frames. The mattress must then be accompanied by a bed base that offers adequate support and a piece of furniture whose structure must communicate the quality of the sleeping system

Wardrobe with side bookcase

Wardrobe with side bookcase is a modern and versatile solution, perfect for furnishing the bedroom in a functional way. Its presence makes the furniture look more attractive and can help fill empty spaces. A wardrobe with side bookcase makes the side of the furniture functional and makes use of the space.

Hinged door wardrobes: a guide to choosing the right solution for your home

Hinged door wardrobes have many advantages and the main one is their versatility. Compared to the past, today’s wardrobes are on average larger and there are more options to choose from in terms of materials and design. They are also the most suitable solution for furnishing unconventional spaces in the home.

For those who want to rest with class, luxury classic double beds are a must

Luxury classic double beds will bring elegance and exclusivity to your room. They are made of precious materials such as solid wood and in colours such as blue, pink, grey or green. There are many models, floor-standing with or without storage or with a canopy.

Modern sliding closets: how to choose the right model for your needs?

Modern sliding closets represent a flexible furniture solution, which is able to adapt to different realities. Wood remains the main material used in the manufacture of closets. The most modern structures also combine wood with other materials such as metal or glass.

Modern luxury double beds: a guide to choosing for your room’s needs

Modern luxury double beds have a design that makes simplicity its strong point. They are the fulcrum around which the entire bedroom furniture moves. There are many types such as four-poster, floor-standing or suspended.

Increasingly popular and also… refined. How to create an elegant and unique walk-in closet

Elegant walk-in closet are a mix between glamour and comfort because it allows you to have all your clothes, but also shoes and accessories and even make-up Another key word of this kind of walk-in closet is “versatility”. The sliding glass doors are the strong point, symbol of elegance, of this kind of walk-in closet.

Don’t overlook style in a walk-in closet with a makeup corner. Details make the difference

Walk-in closet with make-up corner it is dedicated to the modern woman, who has to fix her make-up . Details can make a difference, allowing you to customize the space according to your needs and tastes. Take into account some essential furniture elements such as artificial lights, shelf or mirror.

The walk-in closet at sightis is not for everyone

walk-in closet at sight , is an open wardrobe, the content of which, therefore, is in front of everyone’s eyes. It can be inserted even in small rooms, as long as you choose a model without doors. The aesthetic aspect is one of the most important. For example, you can combine boiserie