Headboard: Classic,modern, romantic or essential, how to choose it

headboard It can be made of various materials, its main task is to provide support for the head, so that you can sit or stand slightly elevated. It is possible to choose different combinations of materials and colours, always starting from the style of the room, with particular attention to the finish. The modern one is essential, often square, minimalist even in the details. A very comfortable and at the same time design element is the upholstery.

Order first, some tips for a small walk-in closet

small walk-in closet, something will have to be given up, as always when dealing with space-saving solutions, but with the right organisation you can have a walk-in wardrobe that is both functional and beautiful to look at, just as you want it. The same principles apply for designing it as for a large one, i.e. the wide choice available in terms of styles and materials. Avoid decorations that are excessive and risk making it look bulky.

Bathroom design tiles: how to make the right choice?

bathroom design tiles should not only look elegant and distinctive, but should also reflect the overall style you want to give the room and blend harmoniously with the overall design of the house. the choice of materials plays a key role in creating an aesthetically appealing and functional space. The method of installation is equally important.

Roomy and practical, here’s what to consider when designing corner wardrobes

Corner wardrobes  are a popular solution for every room. Certainly, on an aesthetic level, this type of wardrobe favours the feeling of a warm embrace, for example when using wood, the cosy material by exception. Consider, especially when considering a walk-in wardrobe, good lighting, especially for the deeper areas.

Custom walk in closet: how to make the right choice according to your room?

A custom walk in closet is a smart solution for optimising the space available in the home and for meeting the specific needs of the person living there. When designing, specific storage needs must be taken into account and sufficient storage space must be provided. It is essential to consider the dimensions of the cabinet and the characteristics of the surrounding space.

Sliding door cabinet: what does it look like? How to choose the right model?

Sliding door cabinet is among the favourite furnishing solutions for those who prefer a modern and essential style. One of the main advantages of this type of wardrobe is its small size compared to traditional wardrobes with hinged doors. This wardrobe also has a clean and essential look, which fits perfectly into modern contexts. very interesting is the one with mirrored doors, this solution is advantageous above all because it makes the room appear immediately more spacious.

Baxter Italia: protagonists of interior design Made in Italy

Baxter Italia one of the companies that symbolise Made in Italy design. Furnishings that are capable of improving the quality of living and that always guarantee a harmonious result. The company focuses on the encounter between different materials, which are combined to express a precise state of mind.  The aim is to find the perfect balance between creative ideas, simple and functional lines and materials of exceptional quality

Wardrobe cabinet: what is it? How to choose the best model for your interior design project?

Wardrobe cabinet is very practical and just as versatile, and are advantageous in many contexts. wide range of sizes, materials and styles, it is also possible to resort to made-to-measure solutions, so as to find the perfect model for each room in the house. Modern, classic or minimalist in style, the choices are many

Closed walk in closet: what is it? How does it fit into a furnishing scheme?

Closed walk in closet is a smart choice for those who want to keep their wardrobe tidy. It is the perfect solution for having a wardrobe room that always looks tidy. It is important to define what materials to use. Glass, crystal and plastic, with transparent or semi-transparent finishes, and pay attention to the lighting.

Walk in closet: how to choose the right walk in closet for every furnishing need?

Walk in closet, what and how to choose it. it is a very practical piece of furniture, which makes functionality and spaciousness its strong points. it gives you greater freedom of movement and, what’s more, it allows you to look at yourself full-length or almost full-length. It is possible to make this furniture in multiple formats, sizes, shapes, materials, colours, etc. There are many customisations that can be made,

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