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Order first, some tips for a small walk-in closet

 small walk-in closet

Walk-in wardrobe, a dream for everyone? Even for small spaces!

That of having a walk-in wardrobe where you can store your clothes and accessories, perhaps openly thanks to transparent doors, making them design objects. It is thought that only those who have large spaces can realise this, but in reality it is possible, for not enormous spaces, to envisage a small walk-in closet.

Where to start when designing your own small walk-in closet

Of course, you will have less space and something will have to be given up, as always when dealing with space-saving solutions, but with the right organisation you can have a functional walk-in closet that is also beautiful to look at, just as you want it.

When it comes to such a piece of furniture, and the same applies to a wardrobe, it is ideal to start with your needs and what will be stored in it: if the space is small, planning is even more important. Thinking about what you want to do with every centimetre will allow you to create a small walk-in closet that precisely and uniquely reflects your personality.

The materials for small or large walk-in wardrobes

When building a small walk-in closet, the same principles apply as for a large one, i.e. the great choice available in terms of styles and materials. Speaking of the latter, the most commonly used are wood, which integrates well in the attics just mentioned or in classic rooms, but also in modern ones, perhaps not unfinished but with lacquer, either solid or solid, and metal.

In recent years, dispelling the myth that it is not suitable for valuable and good-looking furniture, plasterboard is finding more and more space. Plasterboard is extremely light, so it is suitable when you do not want to put too much weight on the floor, and versatile.

 small walk-in closet

Lots of clothes, little space: here are some clever storage ideas for the small walk-in closet

In a small walk-in closet it is essential, even more so than in those that can utilise a lot of space, to organise the interior. If you have a varied wardrobe, you will have to invent a juggling act between shelves, hangers and drawers, in order to be able to store both jackets and shoes and jumpers, or, if it is composed mainly of one type of garment, the interior will be different.

To make the best use of a small walk-in closet, intelligent storage systems can be envisaged, dynamic space-saving solutions such as adjustable shelves that can be moved up and down or sideways to adapt to the size of the various garments, drawers that can be pulled out or that rotate, sliding hangers on rails or sliding bars to optimise vertical space, pull-out rods for trousers, even under a shelf.

Always take care, however, to ensure that each type of garment is easily accessible, perhaps by placing what you use most in the places where it is easiest to access. To save space, the doors can be sliding rather than hinged.

Glass doors for a small walk-in closet? Yes, if…

 small walk-in closet

In a walk-in wardrobe, the very placement of clothes often becomes part of the aesthetic effect. However, when space-saving solutions are used, the risk is having to sacrifice the scenic layout chosen to enhance each individual garment or the richness of the wardrobe. In this case, one has to ask oneself whether it is worthwhile to provide transparent doors or even an open cabin. If you want to show off the interior, you will have to find compromises that allow you to arrange your garments nicely, even if in the smallest possible space.

You can enrich your wardrobe with trimmings and decorations; in the case of a small walk-in closet, however, you must avoid that they are excessive and risk making it look bulky. The contemporary minimalist style, however, calls for clean lines and no frills. In this respect, if there is order inside, as mentioned, glass or crystal are excellent, while light or at least not too dark colours (e.g. some types of rough wood or black or dark grey metals) and the right lighting will give lightness.

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