Bright, delicate and elegant, you can never go wrong with white and wood kitchen modern

white and wood kitchen modern For those who want something delicate, serene, elegant and at the same time simple, a winning choice that suits every style. a solution that is well suited to both small and large spaces. White is one of the most commonly used colours and wood is an evergreen. together they create delicate contrasts, creating a luminous ensemble that brings serenity, harmony and geometry.

Idea kitchen: where to get inspiration for designing your dream kitchen?

Idea kitchen. The key to creating an elegant and cosy ambience is to find the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. A good starting point are magazines and websites specialising in interior design. You have to take space into account in its distribution and by adding a few distinctive details here and there, you can turn your idea kitchen into a design masterpiece.

When quality combines with elegance and functionality: modern Italian kitchens

Modern Italian kitchens masterfully combine functionality and aesthetics. High-quality materials, meticulous finishes and organisation are common to all brands that produce kitchens in Italy. Minimalist, clean-lined kitchens are among the most popular, designed to be functional and organised, so they use space-saving solutions, such as retractable pantries, to allow for tidy storage of provisions and utensils.

Kitchen pantry cupboard: what is it, how do I choose it and how do I combine it?

Kitchen pantry cupboard is a key element in optimising the use of space and keeping the room where food is prepared and eaten tidy and organised. One of its main advantages is its ability to offer a considerable amount of storage space. Both the size of the furniture itself and its internal storage capacity must be considered.

Kitchen furnishing: how to choose the ideal furniture and configuration for your needs?

Kitchen furnishinghas to do with both practical evaluations and stylistic and design considerations. The style, space and elements must be assessed. The modern ones are the central islands and peninsulas, which perform both a practical and aesthetic function. Those who wish to combine functionality and technology can consider integrating smart solutions into the kitchen.

How to make your kitchen design with center island unique, from materials to the arrangement of elements

Kitchen design with center island are a much sought-after type of kitchen that can be customised aesthetically, functionally and technologically. The island conformation is a mode that is becoming increasingly popular, suitable for both not very large sizes. they are a solution that meets conviviality while creating a fluid space.

Kitchen cabinets: how to choose the right furniture for the room where food is prepared (and eaten)?

Kitchen cabinets always requires special attention. the starting point is always to assess your specific needs. The quality of the materials can make all the difference in terms of durability, maintenance and the overall appearance of the kitchen. Modern furniture can give the room a fresh style through the use of clean, essential lines. The functionality of furniture also depends on the closing and opening system used.

In kitchen equipment, each style has its own characteristics. Don’t get the details wrong!

kitchen equipment, First of all, the distinction must be made between a classic and a modern type of interior design, which leads to different types of shapes, materials. Contemporary kitchens tend to be single-colour or two-colour. Pastel colours are preferable for classic kitchen equipment. The chosen style will influence every detail

From technology to materials, what are the characteristics of beautiful and functional luxurious modern kitchens

luxurious modern kitchens are no longer just spaces to cook in, but as a part of the home to be lived in dynamically and actively. To accentuate the linear simplicity of the whole, they are suspended, which from a practical point of view makes cleaning easier. Colours in luxury kitchens should be neutral, ranging from white and black to grey, beige and cream.

Clean, harmonious and elegant, some tips on how to create light modern kitchens

Light modern kitchens bring a feeling of brightness and cleanliness It has the virtue of enlarging unimportant space, making it look larger. A winning idea is also to include natural wood parts. When choosing light colours for your kitchens, bear in mind that in modern interior design, pastel colours are generally not part of the palette

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