Narrow kitchen island: how to choose? What are the best furniture configurations?

Narrow kitchen island is a great help to complete the decor of an elongated room or to complete the layout of a kitchen where there is a large dining table. this configuration is easy to clean and maintain. they can be equipped with many useful features to provide a complete and satisfying cooking and eating experience

Kitchen ideas: 10 tips to make your kitchen unique!

Kitchen ideas, we have collected and selected ten ideas These are very useful suggestions for designing a welcoming and functional space to make it the true heart of the home. Layout , materials , colours and technology , read all the tips.

Kitchen with island seating: how to choose the right model for your needs?

Kitchen with island seating we can refer to all kitchens equipped with a small snack surface or to all those kitchens where the island acts simultaneously as a work surface and as a substitute for the dining table. A careful assessment of the customer’s needs must be made, and then an analysis of the available space must be carried out. Different solutions can be created, choosing the size of the island and the seating arrangement.

Review: Valcucine kitchens, the focus is on man and his well-being

Valcucine is an Italian kitchen manufacturer that produces a range of cabinets, worktops and other kitchen furniture. Valcucine’s cabinets and worktops are designed with ergonomics in mind, with features such as pull-out drawers and adjustable shelves that make it easier to reach and access items in the kitchen. It is worth noting that their products tend to be in the higher price bracket compared to other kitchen manufacturers.

Review: Poliform Kitchens, The Art of Cooking

Poliform Kitchens was founded in 1942 and has since become renowned for its innovative, high-quality design and use of high-quality materials. It offers a range of kitchen cabinets in different materials and finishes, including wood, glass and lacquered finishes. The cabinets are designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing and can be customised to meet the specific needs and preferences of individual customers. The prices of Poliform kitchen products may vary depending on a number of factors, including the specific products chosen, the materials and finishes selected and any customisation options.

Review: Boffi kitchens: design, technology and luxury.

Boffi kitchens is an Italian company that designs and manufactures high-end kitchens. they include advanced technology, such as smart home systems, LED lighting and touch-sensitive controls, which can help make the kitchen more convenient and efficient to use. The cost of a Boffi kitchen can vary significantly depending on a number of factors, including the size and layout of the kitchen, the materials and finishes chosen, the appliances included and the level of customisation required

Essential, clean, modern: why choose a minimal kitchen

minimal kitchen. minimal is not a way of saving space but of occupying what you have available in an intelligent, strategic, modern and well-thought-out way. it is to have something extremely modern, technological and functional, often with the use of islands.

Design kitchen: what is it? What are the reasons for choosing it?

Design kitchens by definition have an elegant and luxurious look. wood is generally used, painted to bring out its natural colouring and grain. When designing a kitchen, great attention must be paid to the so-called work triangle. A big reason in favour of this type of kitchen is that it always looks neat and tidy.

Kitchens with central island: which type to choose according to your needs?

Central island are modern kitchens that are valued, especially, for their clever use of space and ability to perform multiple functions at the same time.They are a popular furniture solution, especially among those who like a modern and contemporary style. They are an excellent choice for furnishing a home that is structured with an open-plan kitchen and dining room

Designer wine cellar: everything you need to know to choose the right model

Designer wine cellar is one of the objects of desire for all wine enthusiasts and is a piece of furniture available in a wide variety of styles. The freestanding models give more freedom to the interior designer, who can construct a furnishing project that fully enhances its beauty. it also allows you to create real wine-tasting experiences. it also has an integrated lighting system, usually LED, which allows you to view the contents of its interior at all times.

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