From furniture to crockery, how to create the charm of vintage kitchens

Vintage kitchens combine the modern with the traditional, without sacrificing the undeniable conveniences that contemporary appliances and technology bring. A common trait is to bring wooden furniture into one’s kitchen that looks worn and old but in reality is not. A central element of vintage kitchens is undoubtedly the table, either in wood or with a stone top, such as marble, or glass. For the floor, a winning choice is wood, you can also place chequered or encaustic tiles

With balance and good taste, green kitchens speak of sustainability and serenity

Green kitchens speak of sustainability and nature and are increasingly popular. On the other hand, it is an extremely versatile colour with different shades that can be used for both modern and more classic interior designs, together with others or on its own. These kitchens fit perfectly into the trend and are able to bring a deep sense of serenity and tranquillity

From wood and pewter to serving dishes in the china cabinet, the details to create a colonial kitchen

colonial kitchen means reviving years characterised by contrasting interactions between colonialists and colonials. a special and fascinating choice, but one in which the details must be calibrated. The main material is wood using dark, hard variants such as mahogany, cherry and walnut. In contrast to rustic settings, however, metal, especially pewter, made of tin and other metals, should be used rather than marble.

The allure of adventure in a western kitchen: how best to furnish it

western kitchen is a choice that brings an original and different touch. The first objective when opting for that kind of style is to try to recreate the world that populates and forms the backdrop to the adventures of books and films. be both functional and modern, respectful of tradition but capable of incorporating contemporary features. What cannot be missing in western kitchens are the stove, which was once used to cook food and is now more of a stylish detail, and the large and particularly well-finished sink,

From wood to stove, the essentials of farmhouse kitchen

Farmhouse kitchen , warm, cosy, conveying an enormous sense of family. It is all about finding a balance between the characteristic features of country living with its retro, family atmosphere, and modernity with all the conveniences and appliances. Wood dominates in a farmhouse kitchen . If possible, it should be provided untreated, so as to give it a used look, even when new.

Kitchen wardrobe: what is it? How to choose the right model for your furniture?

Kitchen wardrobe plays a crucial role in optimising space and creating a functional environment. Through the kitchen wardrobe you have the opportunity to express your aesthetic taste, even choosing to deviate from the style chosen for the wall units, the island and the other elements of the room’s furnishings. 

A seaside kitchen with a salty flavour. Wood, white and blue to recall the waves

seaside kitchen conjures up Sand, wind, waves, foam and salt water: a seaside holiday home conjures up exactly these images. It has colours such as white and blue of the navy and Mediterranean style. Important and giving an extra touch of design are the accessories such as decorations and furnishings you can choose shells or porcelain.

Energising and with great personality, a red kitchen is unique

Red kitchen This is a choice with great personality, which is not for everyone. In fact, it is not enough to want originality, you need to be dynamic and absolutely convinced of your decision. Red in the kitchen, like orange, serves to give a great charge and stimulate the appetite. If someone likes red but does not want to be daring, they can choose it for details such as accessories, handles, drawers, hood, chairs and tables, while putting the other furniture in wood, white or grey.

Kitchen cupboard: how to make the best choice for your needs?

The kitchen cupboard is a central element of the room and can characterise the room in a truly unique way. it is also important to consider what kind of products you intend to store in the pantry. Obviously, the style chosen for the kitchen has a profound influence not only on the aesthetics of the larder unit, but also on its position and functionality. Discover the most fashionable materials and colours.

From 1950s to country, the various declinations of an antique kitchen

antique kitchen a room that has enormous appeal, because it has to combine reclaimed materials, shapes and colours that characterised antique interior design with modernity. A style that knows how to combine materials taken from tradition, often artfully created to look aged, in a mobile way is shabby chic. Another interior design style that is perfect for an antique kitchen is country style.

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