Modern kitchen with fireplace: how to decorate it properly?

Modern kitchen with fireplace serves to warm and decorate the home . important is the style of the home and the relationship with the furniture layout. In ultra-modern kitchens with a minimalist style, you may also decide to insert a bioethanol fireplace. A corner fireplace, open on two sides, on the other hand, is the ideal choice for a large open-plan kitchen

Practical, functional, scratch-resistant and in a variety of colours: why choose Fenix kitchens?

Kitchens in Fenix are innovative and enhance the modern style. This material is the result of the application of nano-technological treatments and acrylic resins. Its surface is scratch-resistant, made innovative by the concept of thermo-repairability. There are many colours and the worktop and sink can also be made.

Cosy kitchens, any style will do, just pay attention to a few details

Cosy kitchens are the most important and popular rooms in the home. The kitchen has become a place of exchange and sharing. The walls must necessarily be in soft, warm colours to give the desired feeling. Every style, in fact, can become cosy from minimal to classic.

Partition wall between kitchen and living room: when to install it and how to do it?

The partition wall between the kitchen and the living room can be masonry but usually made of glass or made of custom-made furniture. As an option you can choose a different floor, different colours and wallpapers.

Unox home oven: innovation and technology to create dishes like a starred chef

Unox home ovens allow you to recreate chef-like dishes whenever you want. They have an essential and intuitive interface that allows you to achieve excellent cooking results and excellent preparations. It has a contemporary style design that fits into any environment.

Modern kitchens without wall cabinets are modern and linear. But pay attention to space

Modern kitchens without wall units have many reasons to be used but the main one is which aesthetic. The main advantage is to make the room get more brightness. To match very practical are the columns and equipped shelves.

Luxury kitchens with island: here is a dynamic and luxurious concept of the kitchen

Luxury kitchens with island have great aesthetic beauty. During the design it is necessary to marry practicality and functionality with aesthetic taste, for a truly stunning effect. The made in Italy is the master in this sector also abroad.

Classic contemporary kitchens, a touch of eternity in a minimalist style

Classic contemporary kitchens must take into account 3 factors: materials, lines and mood. The design is contemporary but decorated or minimalist with classic details. They are unconventional but require an architect to execute well.

With modern open kitchens, food is prepared and lived together, without divisions

In modern open kitchens, there is no longer a real division between rooms, and everything is lived and convivial. It is necessary that the furniture is in harmony with the other rooms. A solution that fits well is the island, which is perfect for the idea of conviviality and optimizes space.

Wine Cellar with 2 temperatures: a real and proper piece of furniture that completes the interior decoration

Wine Cellar with 2 temperatures is a must-have piece of furniture for wine lovers. They reproduce at home the ideal conditions for storing wine and can be free-standing or built-in.