Upscale kitchens: what do they look like? How to design a high-end kitchen?

Upscale kitchens are not only elegant and functional, they also adapt to the individual needs of those who use them in everyday life. The most refined kitchens are also characterised by the presence of fine details and great attention to practicality. For cladding, original solutions such as resin can be embraced, which is ideal in a modern context

Upgraded kitchens: how to renovate your kitchen by totally changing its look and functionality (complete guide)

Upgraded kitchensare the ideal choice for people who love interior design and want to continually make changes to the furnishings in their home. These kitchens can also look very different simply by changing the colour of the furniture or replacing certain elements of its structure. In large kitchens, you can also consider eliminating elements in order to achieve an ambience that is more in line with your daily needs.

Fancy kitchen: what features does it have? How to design an fancy kitchen?

An fancy kitchen is an excellent calling card for welcoming guests and is a space to be lived in as much in everyday life as in special moments. The ways in which it can be declined are varied. There are those who consider solid wood furniture the ultimate and there are those who consider contemporary design simplicity the ultimate. Mixing materials, styles and layouts can best meet the needs of those living in the home and thus achieve an optimal result

From philosophy to colours and materials, what you need to know about minimalist modern kitchens

Minimalist modern kitchens can be defined as kitchens that focus only on the essentials, concentrating on what is useful and doing away with extra details and frills.  Linear, or angular or even horseshoe-shaped, depending on whether you prefer to have an island. modern materials such as steel, Fenix or laminates. Don’t forget that when we talk about these kitchens we are referring to organised rooms that allow food to be prepared quickly and conveniently.

Kosher kitchen layouts  : discover all the possibilities for a kosher kitchen!

Kosher kitchen layouts  . The rule that most influences interior design choices is the one that requires the separation of meat and dairy products. It is very important to provide ample storage space for kosher food in an orderly and accessible manner. Durable and easy-to-clean materials such as stainless steel and smooth surfaces are ideal for any kosher kitchen layout. When it comes to designing Kosher kitchen layouts  , the right choice can make all the difference in functionality and efficient use of space.

Bright, delicate and elegant, you can never go wrong with white and wood kitchen modern

white and wood kitchen modern For those who want something delicate, serene, elegant and at the same time simple, a winning choice that suits every style. a solution that is well suited to both small and large spaces. White is one of the most commonly used colours and wood is an evergreen. together they create delicate contrasts, creating a luminous ensemble that brings serenity, harmony and geometry.

Idea kitchen: where to get inspiration for designing your dream kitchen?

Idea kitchen. The key to creating an elegant and cosy ambience is to find the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. A good starting point are magazines and websites specialising in interior design. You have to take space into account in its distribution and by adding a few distinctive details here and there, you can turn your idea kitchen into a design masterpiece.

When quality combines with elegance and functionality: modern Italian kitchens

Modern Italian kitchens masterfully combine functionality and aesthetics. High-quality materials, meticulous finishes and organisation are common to all brands that produce kitchens in Italy. Minimalist, clean-lined kitchens are among the most popular, designed to be functional and organised, so they use space-saving solutions, such as retractable pantries, to allow for tidy storage of provisions and utensils.

Kitchen pantry cupboard: what is it, how do I choose it and how do I combine it?

Kitchen pantry cupboard is a key element in optimising the use of space and keeping the room where food is prepared and eaten tidy and organised. One of its main advantages is its ability to offer a considerable amount of storage space. Both the size of the furniture itself and its internal storage capacity must be considered.

Kitchen furnishing: how to choose the ideal furniture and configuration for your needs?

Kitchen furnishinghas to do with both practical evaluations and stylistic and design considerations. The style, space and elements must be assessed. The modern ones are the central islands and peninsulas, which perform both a practical and aesthetic function. Those who wish to combine functionality and technology can consider integrating smart solutions into the kitchen.

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