Designer wine cellar: everything you need to know to choose the right model

Designer wine cellar is one of the objects of desire for all wine enthusiasts and is a piece of furniture available in a wide variety of styles. The freestanding models give more freedom to the interior designer, who can construct a furnishing project that fully enhances its beauty. it also allows you to create real wine-tasting experiences. it also has an integrated lighting system, usually LED, which allows you to view the contents of its interior at all times.

Decorating the kitchen: how to make the best furniture choices for your case

Decorating the kitchen. there are mainly three steps to take: analysing the characteristics of the space to be furnished and the needs of the people who will be using the kitchen. Identifying the classic or contemporary style. The last step is to choose the furniture configuration and details that will give the kitchen a unique and personal look. Furnishing a kitchen is a long process that requires special attention to individual details.

Essential, linear and of course ultra high-tech: identikit of super modern kitchens

Super modern kitchens have great attention to the technological part, which must be absolutely state-of-the-art. The shapes that prevail in modern kitchens are essential and linear. Classic materials are often used, which are reinterpreted in a thoroughly contemporary way, and in recent years kitchens with dark colours are becoming popular. appliances, integrated into the home automation system and governed by a single click on an app

Black Fenix kitchens, charm and elegance combine with practicality

Black Fenix Kitchens Very modern, elegant, as well as extremely functional, as well as easy to clean and with a number of features that make them really attractive. ductile, beautiful to look at, easy to maintain and durable. Black gives an invaluable feeling of elegance. keep in mind that you need to focus a lot on light. How to clean it.

Kitchen island with a breakfast bar: how to make the best choice for your case?

A kitchen island with a breakfast bar is one of the best solutions for those who are looking for contemporary furniture that is both functional and stylish. The presence of a snack top can really become the added value of a kitchen. In most cases, island and snack top are closely linked and the configuration of the former influences that of the latter, and vice versa.

Steel kitchens are durable, environmentally friendly and easy to clean

steel kitchens are designer. Resistant, ecological and easy to clean, they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Stainless steel is the only material suitable for contact with food, and its high quality makes it durable over the years.

Between grills, barbecues and time together: modular outdoor kitchens for outdoor living

Modular outdoor kitchens for those who enjoy spending time with family and friends within their own walls and also in gardens and terraces. You can create your own made-to-measure corner based on the use you make of it. The elements to be inserted are therefore not fixed. for the materials, look at resistance first and also ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Modern kitchen with fireplace: how to decorate it properly?

Modern kitchen with fireplace serves to warm and decorate the home . important is the style of the home and the relationship with the furniture layout. In ultra-modern kitchens with a minimalist style, you may also decide to insert a bioethanol fireplace. A corner fireplace, open on two sides, on the other hand, is the ideal choice for a large open-plan kitchen

Practical, functional, scratch-resistant and in a variety of colours: why choose Fenix kitchens?

Kitchens in Fenix are innovative and enhance the modern style. This material is the result of the application of nano-technological treatments and acrylic resins. Its surface is scratch-resistant, made innovative by the concept of thermo-repairability. There are many colours and the worktop and sink can also be made.

Cosy kitchens, any style will do, just pay attention to a few details

Cosy kitchens are the most important and popular rooms in the home. The kitchen has become a place of exchange and sharing. The walls must necessarily be in soft, warm colours to give the desired feeling. Every style, in fact, can become cosy from minimal to classic.