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From philosophy to colours and materials, what you need to know about minimalist modern kitchens

minimalist modern kitchens

Minimalism, less is more

Minimalism, in everyday life and then also applied to furniture, is a philosophy that leads to choosing to have only what is necessary, nothing extra. It stems, in general, from the desire to remove, especially in an age of consumerism, what is superfluous, towards a rediscovery of what is really important and counts and of authenticity. Its motto is ‘less is more’ and this is also the starting point for the furnishing concept of minimalist modern kitchens.

The rational spaces of minimalist modern kitchens

They can be defined as kitchens that focus only on the essentials, concentrating on what is useful and doing away with extra details and frills. They result in extremely rational and organised spaces, where clutter and even any kind of object in sight, be it even just a pot or a plate, are banned. They make the most of every centimetre and are able to convey a feeling of cleanliness and simplicity

Reasons for choosing a minimal modern kitchen

You can choose minimalist modern kitchens either for a question of space or because you like the philosophy of removing what is not strictly necessary, or because you like to have very clean, tidy and essential spaces. As far as the question of space is concerned, it is undeniable that a minimalist kitchen (but in general any room furnished according to this interior design) is particularly useful when you have few centimetres and want to fit as many elements as possible, think of compact kitchens. But a minimalist kitchen is not a prerogative of small rooms, it is also suitable and fits well in larger spaces, to which it will bring a feeling of airiness, cleanliness and order.

minimalist modern kitchens

Away with handles and green light to space-saving solutions, how to create minimalist modern kitchens

In concrete terms, however, what does it mean to opt for minimalism in kitchens? It means favouring the geometry of lines and the absence of certain elements such as handles (to be replaced with push-pull elements or groove cabinets) and exposed objects. Everything, from utensils to dishes to provisions, must find a place in the cupboards, with space-saving solutions such as rotating or pull-out drawers and concealed pantries.

As far as shape is concerned, in minimalist modern kitchens one can choose the simplest, which is linear, or angular or even horseshoe-shaped, depending on whether one prefers to have an island, where the kitchen top or a dining area, or a table. In a modern perspective, the island is very popular, but if you prefer the classic table, this is not a problem, as long as it has simple, geometric lines.

Colours and materials in minimalist modern kitchens

A few colours are usually preferred, even a single colour if liked, or a combination of two. Modern minimal kitchens, to emphasise simplicity and brightness, often focus on neutral colours such as white, grey and beige, even combined with each other. Black can be combined with white, taking care that such kitchens must, by definition, appear airy and bright, and therefore should not be weighed down. It is therefore also important to take care of the lighting.

Modern materials are chosen, such as steel, Fenix or laminates, which are high-performance and very easy and quick to clean (but do not exclude wood, which is evergreen, and materials such as stone or glass to make the whole look elegant). Ease of cleaning and maintenance is basic, which is why you can choose wall-hung furniture.

minimalist modern kitchens

Aim for ergonomic space and modern appliances

Do not forget that when we talk about minimalist modern kitchens we are referring to organised spaces that allow food to be prepared quickly and conveniently. The space must therefore be organised ergonomically, starting with the magic triangle, and must allow everything to be reached without excessive effort. The appliances will be the most modern and useful for your kitchen concept.

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